4 Great Sneaker Accessories – How To Spoil Your Sneaks

I love to take care of my sneakers. Making sure that they stay clean and well painted can sometimes be a hassle but then I take a look at them, and I am reminded that it is all worth it.

One of the biggest things about sneaker culture is to find your own personal way to stand out.

Its all about individuality. Having the choice to buy any shoe you like, and rock it as hard as you can, is what sneaker culture is all about. I Don´t worry too much about buying the hottest and most popular sneakers. I worry more about if my favourite shoe model has another cool colourway which I haven´t seen yet.

If you´re that kind of person who solely buys a pair of sneakers because you know they are popular, then more power to you. And if you are like me and buy sneakers because you love the model whether it’s popular or not, Then that’s okay as well.

We are all part of the same community, and that’s what most important. At least that’s what most important to me.

But lets put the culture talk aside for a moment and talk about one of the things that I personally love to buy. Sneaker accessories.

I’m not talking about giving your sneakers a diamond finish or attaching rings to your lace holes (even though that would be cool though) no I’m talking about small things that you can buy to make your sneakers stand out from the rest of the crowd.

That’s right, here are 4 great sneaker accessories that you can buy to make your hot sneakers look even hotter!


One of the things many people don´t think about when they buy sneakers are the laces that come with the shoes, and to be honest its pretty understandable. I don´t think anyone would change their minds about a pair of sneakers just because they thought the laces were ugly.

Some sneakers come with extra laces to give you some options on how you want them to look. And even though I appreciate the thought.

I´ve never switched out the laces in my shoes with the extra ones that came with them. The reason for this is that I think that almost all extra laces just looks bad. I mean it’s nice that they want to give me free stuff, but if I don´t want to use it, then it’s pretty much a waste of materials.

Luckily there exist people out there who think the same way that I do. And who have created better options when it comes to choosing laces for your shoes.

There are many options for custom shoelaces on the internet whether you want a pair that is rainbow coloured or if you want a pair which has a more premium look to it.

I personally tend to sway more to the premium side of things, mainly because my rainbow coloured days are unfortunately over.

The laces that I´ve bought for some of my beloved Jordan 1´s. Are some black waxed shoelaces. They are relatively cheap and give my shoes a more premium look that I really enjoy.



I´ve talked about insoles before but I thought I would mention them again.

Insoles are a prime example of an accessory done right. I can not stress how happy I am that I decided to follow a footlocker employees recommendation on buying some insoles for a pair of shoes that were a size too big for me.

Not only did the shoe now fit me. But it felt as if I was walking on clouds when I wore them. Insoles have never let me down and the pair that I´ve got right now, have actually saved me here not too long ago.

I recently had a job interview at a law firm that required me to at least be dressed in a business casual manner. And for that, I needed some leather shoes.

I ordered a pair of fake leather shoes the week before my interview, on a site where they had a sale going on business type clothing, including leather shoes.

I found a good looking cheap pair for 15£ that only had a few sizes left available. One of the pairs being in a size bigger than what I usually wear. I ordered them anyway since they were on sale for 15£ and thought that I would just wear two pairs of socks at the same time to fill out the extra space.

When they arrived I found out that I would need to use at least 3 pairs of socks to fill them out and when I looked myself in the mirror. It was rather noticeable and just looked weird.

Then I remembered my pair of insoles that I use for a pair of sneakers that I own, which are also a size that is too big for me, and decided to use them in my leather shoes. I slid them into the shoes and lord and behold, I could now wear my leather shoes while only wearing one pair of socks.

If you won´t buy a pair of insoles because you think the comfort won´t be worth the money. Then at least buy a pair so that you have a backup plan in case you find a great pair of shoes, which are only available in a size that’s bigger than yours.

If you want a review on a good pair of shoe insoles. Then click here to read my review on the Scholl Gel Insoles. And to those of you who are wondering. Yes, I got the job.


Shoe Trees

If you were to ask me what the most underrated item people tend to overlook when it comes to shoe care. Then I would say that it is shoe tree.

Shoe trees are an incredible item when it comes to the overall care of your shoes.

They look nice, they are easy to use and most importantly they keep the shape of your shoe intact.

Ask anyone who buys expensive leather shoes and they will all tell you that shoe trees are an essential part of any leather shoes lifespan.

It doesn’t matter how shiny and well polished your leather shoes look if the shape is wrinkled to the point where it looks like the skin of an elephant.

But the benefit of shoe trees don´t only extend to leather shoes, they also benefit sneakers as well.

Like with leather shoes. Shoe trees also help sneakers keep their form after continuous use and especially if they are wet since that’s when they are most exposed to damage. They also help dry out the sweat that you produce from your feet, so that your shoes won´t smell as much.

It’s also nice to have your sneakers filled out if you intend to have them displayed in your room somewhere.

It is Indeed a little thing. But having your shoes filled out rather than empty when displayed, just makes the shoe look 10x better.


Sneaker Bags

Backpacks and bags are definitely useful and thanks to their simple design concept. Many brands have created their own take on how it should look and what it should include.

Some brands have even decided to include space for people who like to carry their shoes around. And while many might look at this concept in confusion. I can tell you that not having dedicated space for your shoes in your bag is a real problem.

Granted this may only concern vloggers and other shoe enthusiasts who feel the need to have space for shoes in their bag while travelling. But apparently, there is a big enough demand that the market feels a need to respond.

Now, I don´t personally own one of these “sneaker bags” because I don´t have that kind of need. Even though I own A LOT of shoes. They don´t get to travel that much. Besides most sneaker bags are really expensive and as of now, I can´t really justify paying for one.

But I still think it’s a cool concept to include shoe space in bags if you´re that kind of person who wants to travel around with and an extra pair of shoes that you can swap into.

One of the things that are unfortunately true about ” sneaker bags” or “sneaker backpacks” is that they are usually really expensive and the quality usually doesn’t add up with the asking price.

If you are looking for a sneaker bag though and don´t want to pay 100$s of dollars for it then I would recommend looking into the SNKR bag by sneaker myth.

They produce functional a good looking sneaker bags for the price, and if you are that kind of person who travels around a lot, and wants to carry more sneakers with you. Then I would suggest looking into this one.

Final words

And there you have it. 4 great sneaker accessories that you might want to consider. And if you aren´t that much into sneakers then that’s okay. Some of the examples that I´ve mentioned can be applied to other kinds of shoes as well. Sneakers are just the kind of shoes that I predominantly wear.

If you have any other good examples of great shoe accessories or just a question in general. Then leave down in the comments below and I will happily get back to you!

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