4 Shoe Cleaning Tips – A Mothers Guide To Keeping Your Shoes Happy!

A Quick Story About My Mom

I´ve always been told ever since I was little that I had to take care of my shoes. My Family and I grew up rather poor so we had to make sure that everything we owned lasted as long as possible and shoes were no exception. My mom always kept nagging me to take care of my shoes.

“don´t get them dirty” and “do not ruin them, they are brand new!” were some of her favourite phrases.

I remember one day in sixth grade where I was walking home from school and the weather change drastically.

It went from a little cloudy to dark and grim in a heartbeat. It slowly began pouring down and I knew that it would only get worse from here, luckily I was almost home but I knew I only had a little bit of time before I would get completely soaked.

I knew I could get home faster by taking a shortcut through a football field but I also knew that I would risk getting my shoes dirty but I didn´t care.

I crossed the field and as I made it to the middle the sky decided that this would be a good time to release all of the rain at once.

I began to run through the rest of the field and then the rest of the way home. luckily I only got a little bit wet. But anyone who knows how muddy a football field gets even when it is just a little bit wet. Can imagine what my shoes looked like.

My mom was of course at home waiting for me and the moment she saw my shoes I knew I was in for a scolding. She wasn’t as harsh as she used to be because even though she was thought she was also fair and knew that it wasn’t easy keeping your shoes completely clean when you are outside in the rain.

She then took a plastic bowl filled it with water and soap and told me to begin cleaning my shoes. My mother holds a lot of wisdom when it comes to taking care of your shoes and over the years she has nagged me to death with different tips and tricks to make sure my shoes stayed in top shape. Some of which I will share today.

So without further do here are some shoes cleaning tips that my mother taught me when I was growing up!


Reducing Odour

One of the problems that I face regularly with my favourite shoes and one that became more frequent the older I got was the annoyance that is shoe odour. This is one of the most common problems when you only own one pair of shoe and when I was little owning multiple pairs didn’t make sense to me.

Why would anyone own more than one pair of shoes for casual wear?

Well, one of the benefits of having multiple pairs of shoes in a rotation is that every pair gets to “breathe” a little. And even though we all know you look so jaw-dropping in your favourite shoes, it’s also good to give them a break so that they can breathe a little bit.

And if you are one of those people who only like one type of shoe in a specific colour, then why not buy 2 pairs? then you also have a back up just in case.

But let’s say you just want to have that one pair, then what are your options? well, one of the things you can do to reduce odor is to buy shoe spray. It’s easy to use, relatively cheap and made specifically for that purpose.

One spray that I would recommend is the spray made by FullCircle Lifestyle. I use it my self and it´s really effective to get the sweaty and funky smell off my favorite Jordans. It has a more pleasant smell when you compare it to other shop bought sprays and it is made with all natural ingredients


Removing Creases

The thing about leather shoes and especially leather sneakers is that they will with time crease. this is unavoidable and to some people, it’s a real pain.

Personally, I don´t mind it as much as creasing to me just adds to the overall aesthetic of the shoe but my mom hated it. She hated it so much because in her eyes it just ruins the shoe and makes it look old. But like with most problems she had a great solution for solving the problem.

She would put old newspapers in her shoes to fill them out and straighten the creases out.

She would use this as a preventive method and it worked wonders for her. Nowadays most people would use shoe trees to help fill out their shoes to prevent creases and while my mother’s solutions would definitely be the cheaper alternative.

I would suggest you go out and buy shoe trees if you are one of those people who really can´t stand creases on your shoes.

But let’s say that the damage is already done how do you remove the creases? well, what my mom would do was, she would fill up the toe cap of her shoe with newspapers, take a damped towel, put it over the toe cap area and then begin to iron it out.

This method was really effective and it is also widely used by many sneaker enthusiasts to help get rid of their creases. If you intend to do this I would highly recommend you go on youtube and watch a tutorial video first just to be safe.


Cleaning Suede

The thing about suede, and nubuck for that matter. Is that it is very sensitive. It looks and feels great but my oh my can it be a pain to take care of. I remember my mom having a favorite pair of suede boots and she took care of them like it was he her baby And to be honest, I think she loved them more than me.

One of the things that she told me when it came to suede is that you can´t use a regular shoe brush for them, you need a speical suede brush if you want to make sure that the material itself stays nice and clean not to mention that a regular brush can completely harm the suede and leave your shoes ruined.

Suede is also one of those materials you can´t allow to get wet. It ruins them and that’s the reason why many people buy water repellent sprays when it comes to suede shoes.

But let’s say that you have a pair and you manage them to get wet and they don´t have any repellant spayed on. Do you just call it quits and throw them out? well not neccesarily.

One of the things that you can do is fill them up with newspaper to make sure that they don´t lose their form and also DO NOT put them near a heater to make them dry faster, as this will heavily damage the shoe. Put them in a dry place without direct sunlight or direct heat.

Do this and your suede shoes will come out fine. But if you really want to take care them I would suggest you get yourelf some water reppelant spay or some other kind of suede protecter since suede is one of the easiest shoes to ruin but I guess thats the risk you take when looking good


Leather Shoes

One of my fondest memories, when I was in high school, was going to my countries equivelant to prom. While it may not have been the “best nigh of my life” it was pretty great. And one of the things that were required by all of the guys in my school was that we had to dress appropiatly.

To a guy whos closet mostly consists of t-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers you could say that I wasn’t really prepared for an evening of fine dining and classical music. And my friends weren´t either so we took a ride around my city to look for a place that sold the clothes we needed

We found a shop that belonged to a tailor and he fixed us up with everything we needed, and even at a great price.

When I came home, my mom took one look at the dressing shoes that I had bought and asked me if I was serious.

The pair I had bought was used and while I admitted they weren´t in the best shape. They were only gooing to be used for one night so it didn´t realy matter. My mom looked at me like I was stupid and took them out of my hands and told me that she was going to teach me how to fix my dress shoes.

Over the years I have acquired more leather and dressing shoes since my workplace has an environment that requires it. But to this day i still use the wisdom that my mom teached me when i was i high school

One of the things that really restores leather shoes to that shinning almost new look is shoe polish. It´s not something new, it’s a well-known fact that to keep leather shoes looking góod you need to apply shoe polish to them. The approach my mother used for my dressing shoes back then and one that i still use to this day is as follows

  1. Give your shoes a good clean first to remove any dirt or dust that may be imbedded in the shoe itself.
  2. Remove the laces so that your shoe polish dosen´t touch the laces in question.
  3. Take a piece of cloth that you have lying around and that you can allow getting dirty.
  4. Dap the cloth into the polish and begin to spread it evenly all over the shoe.
  5. Give it time to dry completly.
  6. After you are done spray protective spray on the shoe to make it reppelent and fill it with a shoe tree or old newspaper to help keep its overall form.

One of the questions that I would ask my self would be which polish should io use? there are great ones from brands such as Kiwi and Lincoln.

But one that I use my self is Shoe polish from Angelus. i´ve already mentioned how great their acrylic leather paint is for painting your sneakers and their shoe polish works wonders for your leather shoes. So if this is your first time looking at shoe polish I would suggest going with Angelus.


I hope some of you found my information useful and can implement the shoe cleaning tips to your own shoes!

If you have any questions you can leave them in a comment below and i will get back to you!

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