4 Ways To Protect Your Shoes

You know the feeling. you´ve just gotten out of the store with your new shoes and can´t wait to get home. You get home, you open the box and the smell of leather and rubber hits your nostrils and while it may be bad for you all you can think of is “god I love this smell” you take them out and then you decide to take them for a walk down to your local grocery store and on the way you encounter 5 dog poos, 2 people scuffing them and on kid who just barfs all over them. Okay maybe not that extreme but you know what I mean. The moment you take those nice and clean shoes out, they become susceptible to the terrible dangers of the outside world. But you can´t just keep them in the box how else are you going to show your new kicks or heels off to your friends? in this article I´m going to talk about 4 different ways you can protect your shoes from the higher powers.

Spray protectors

One of If not the most annoying thing that can happened to your shoes is that they get dirty or wet. Even if you live in the cleanest city in the world you are bound to at some point run into some dirt or other kind of stains that sits on the out sole or god forbid the shoe itself. you could take the time to wash and clean your shoes after every walk but who really got time for that. I mean they are my babies but come on I´m not superman. Spray protectors from brands like Crep, Reshoevn8r, Kiwi etc. are protective sprays that coat your shoes in a way so that stains and also water stays of them. Because I bet you´ve also tried to come out of class or your job and while it was sunny when you went in it is now pouring down like Niagara Falls and your shoes are about to go out for a swim. Personally I always have a can of Crep protect lying around because where I live it rains all the time and when I say all the time I really mean all the time so it’s a very handy product to have.

The good thing about Protective sprays is also that they are fairly cheap and lasts for a good long time since you only really need to spray your shoes every 2 weeks or so. So if you are just as jumpy like me when it comes to keeping dirt off your shoes and also keeping them dry I would suggest investing in some protective spray. There are also different sprays for different materials so you are bound to find at least one that matches your favorite shoe

Sneaker Bags

Now granted this particular product is mostly for people who are looking to protect their sneakers so people who might have a giant heel collection might not have so much use for this thing. But if you are a traveler, or just on the go and also have an asphyxiation for sneakers. Then maybe you should consider investing in a sneaker bag. The ones that I´ve seen come with space for 4, 6 or 8 pairs. I´m not sure if there are bags with more space for your sneakers but I think the different bags with enough space for up to 8 sneakers should suffice. There is usually also space for your laptop and also some clothes so it a very convenient thing to have if you are on the road a lot and would like to have your sweet sweet sneakers around you as you travel

Shoe Wax

Shoe wax is a brilliant tool to use if you want to protect you leather shoes. It’s widely used by people who like to go hiking and whant to prepare their boots for the long trips. The wax usually comes in a plastic container and is then rubbed on the dry boots itself assuring the protection from the different elements you may encounter on such a trip like mud and water. It also maintains the boot itself so that it lasts longer and stays in good condition. But shoe wax is not limited to only boots. While it’s mainly used by hikers many companies create shoe wax for leather shoes in general and I myself have a container of beeswax bought from footlocker that I use on my leather shoes and sneakers. The good thing about Shoe Wax is thats it´s a great product to use on any leather shoe and it’s usually cheaper than protective sprays since the shoe wax market is a more saturated market than the protective spray one, and you also don´t run into the problem of over spraying your shoes. Shoe Wax is also very easy to apply you just open the container, grab a clean piece of cloth and then dip the cloth into the wax and then apply it onto the leather shoe of your choice. It’s really simply and easy but whether you want to go with shoe wax or protective spray depends on the kind of person that you are. Personally I hel more to the sprays but that’s just because it´s just easier to spray you shoes and then let them dry for a while rather than rubbing the wax onto the shoe and making sure that you got every last spot

Shoe Insoles

Shoe insoles at first glance may not be an important thing when it comes to protecting your shoes. But you are wrong. The more you wear your shoe the more pressure you put on the shoe sole itself and with time depending on the way you walk you risk damaging the very sole your feet is standing on. And when there is a way to not only protect your out sole but at the same time make your walks more comfortable, why risk it? shoe insoles come in many varieties like cork, leather, foam, gel etc. Personally I own a pair of gel insoles and the reason why I do is that, I once saw a pair of converse All-Stars in a color that I just had to buy. But when I asked for the shoe, the store clerk told me that they only had it in a 13 and I´m a size 12. I said I didn´t care and wanted to try it on anyway since it was a cool shoe and I had just been paid so what can you do?

I tried it on and just as I feared, it was to big for me. I considered just going with a double sock but the clerk actually suggested that I buy and insole so that I can fill out the extra space and it was only 10$ so it wouldn´t break my bank account. I aggreed and he then took a pair of gel insoles of the rack and slipped them into my All-Stars and not only did they fit perfectly but they were the most comfortable shoes I had ever worn. Those insoles or at least those gel insoles I bought, really made a difference and for 10$ it was a steal. That was 3 years ago and they still hold up today. I even bought myself another pair of insoles as an impulse buy because I saw them on sale on amazon. When they arrived they had to be cut to fit the pair of shoes I wanted them to fit inside but it’s just a small hassle nothing a pair of scissors and 5 minutes of our time can´t handle. so if you want to fit a pair of nice looking shoes that are just a bit too big, protect the out sole of your favorite shoe or maybe just want to walk bit more comfortable I would suggest looking into insoles. There are different insoles for different needs whether you want a pair for your running trips, hiking trips or just for your day to day walking trips, there definitely exists a pair that fits your needs

hopes these tips helped you find a new way to protect your favorite pair of shoes. Look out for more ways to protect you beloved footwear in the near future





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