About Me


About Me

I’m a normal college student who studies commercial Law and at the same time, I have a BIG love for shoes. I mostly deal with sneakers and that’s my passion. I love collecting them, talking about them and watching videos about them whether its news on the future releases or just some guy who is doing an unboxing or review of a shoe. My love for shoes began in 2016 after I broke up with my girlfriend. I was in a strange state but I coped with it and one day I just stumbled across a pair of shoes I´ve never seen before. they were rather pricey so I looked up the model of the shoe on YouTube and then I found a whole community dedicated to the love of shoes and sneakers in particular. With time, I began accumulating a big collection I now own about 50 pair shoes, most of them being sneakers. I while I love talking about them many of my friends don´t get my strange hobby and that’s why I thought I would take my interest to where it all began. the internet


Why Create Boxesforshoes.com?

In my years of collecting sneakers, I always found it hard to store them away. I would at first just keep them in the box but with time the box itself would get worn out and the more boxes I had and placed on one another the worse the bottom box got. that’s when I discovered the great world of plastic front drop shoeboxes and how much they helped my storing need and at the same time, they looked nice. unfortunately while searching the internet I couldn´t really find a site that talked about shoe boxes when it came to price and quality so i figured i wanted to start that kind of site myself. I also wanted to share the love for the shoe game by posting articles and through that maybe create a community where people can not only get their fix for their shoe needs. Put also talk about their interest with other people. I know I missed having someone to talk to who understood my hobby as well as I did and I wished there was a place I could go visit with level minded people like me.


The Goal Of Boxesforshoes.com

To create a site that is easily accesible by people who want information on which shoeboxes best fit their needs and maybe at the same time to create a community for people whos interest is shoes

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best



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