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I love Nike. It´s is one of my favourite brands to shop, when I’m on the lookout for some new shoes. Their dedication to design and technology has turned them into a powerhouse in their respective market. But They are by no means the only big player in the business. Alongside Nike, you have their German competitor Adidas.

Adidas is a magnificent brand. Having created some of the most iconic and classic shoe models the world has ever seen, makes them beloved by shoe enthusiasts and common folk alike.

The same approach that Nike takes to push for technology and design is also seen at Adidas. And just like with Nike, this approach has been proven quite lucrative for Adidas.

Today we are going to look at some of Adidas´s best releases you should check out if are on the lookout to buy some new shoes from Adidas.

Just like my Nike article I´ve come up with 4 great shoe models from Adidas that meet the following requirements.

  • It must be highly available to the average consumer
  • It must come in a variety of options
  • its price point has to be relatively cheap
  • It has to be easy to wear

But enough staling lets look at some great options if you are looking to buy Adidas shoe for men.


The Ultraboost

By now everyone and their mother have heard about Adidas´s new flagship shoe the Ultraboost. What Flyknit did to Nike is exactly what boost technology has done to Adidas. Creating the all new and prone to be classic that is the Ultraboost.

Coming in a Primeknit upper with simple caging on the sides that displays the iconic 3 stripes of Adidas, alongside a plastic back tab that shows the name and to finish it all of you have the almighty Boost sole.

From afar, it looks like somebody cut out an outsole out of Styrofoam and slapped it on the bottom of the Primeknit upper. But it is this sole that turned the Ultraboost from just another running shoe into one of Adidas most successful shoes to date.

And It is this technology that has gotten people praising like it was the second coming of Christ. But what is Boost technology you might ask?

The styrofoam looking midsole consist of a material called “Thermoplastic Polyurethane” or TPU. This material has been steamed up and then cut out into the sole shapes that you see on the Ultraboost. This technology allows any shoe that uses boost technology to achieve the highest rate of energy return possible, which in turn makes the Ultraboost or any boost shoe for that matter. One of the best-suited shoes for running.

But the real reason the Adidas boost shoes are so popular today is the unmatched comfort you get with a shoe that utilizes boost technology.

I´ve owned a lot of shoes throughout my time and I can honestly say that Boost shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I´ve ever owned. Even shoes that utilizes insoles would have a hard time competing with the comfort you get from a shoe with boost in them.

If you are looking to buy some of the most comfortable shoes on the market right now I would suggest you go out and look for any Adidas shoe that uses the boost technology: Its comfort is truly unmatched.

Even though the Ultraboosts are comfy to wear. What kind of options do you have with the shoes? Well since the Ultraboost is Adidas´s new Flagship shoe. they´ve made sure to mass produce it to infinity.

Coming in almost every colour imaginable. Adidas made sure the Ultraboost includes everyone’s favourite colour.

I should note that the ultraboost is also highly used in limited collaborations that Adidas puts out, so it is possible that the unique looking Ultraboost you are eying may not be available to you because its numbers are limited.

but most ordinary colours like black, white, blue etc. are easy to find, either online or in retail stores. And as if the colour of options weren´t enough Adidas also created the Ultraboost in an “uncaged” version without the plastic caging to those who prefer this look.

I personally don´t like it but I it´s still nice having this option though.

The ultraboost is as you can see also a simple looking shoe, so it will easily blend in with whatever you are wearing.

So far the ultraboost sounds like the perfect shoe. But how does it fare when it comes to price?

Due to the overall quality of the shoe and the rising demand. The ultraboost is rather expensive, coming in at an average price of 200$ or 149.95£.

It is an expensive shoe, there is no denying that. BUT with some luck and some searching around. It is possible to find this shoe at a lower price

Since it is a massively produced shoe, most retailers put them on sales racks to make space. So make sure to keep a lookout for shoe sales at retailers and online.

I myself managed to buy a pair for around 120$ so it is possible to find Ultraboosts at prices that won´t break the bank. And if you are impatient, you may have some luck finding them used on second-hand shoe groups online. Just type in “sneaker market” on Facebook and there should be a bunch of groups popping up.

NOTE: if you intend to buy Ultraboosts or NMD´s I suggest you go a size up. since the shot might otherwise prove to be too snug for your foot.


The Stan Smith

I dare you to name a more iconic shoe model from Adidas that isn´t the Stan Smith.

It’s okay if you can´t, because it doesn’t exist.

The Stan Smith is the crown jewel of Adidas. No other shoe in their line up has managed to keep this kind recognition going quite like the Stan Smith. Even if you don´t know the name of the shoe you would recognize the model the moment you see it.

Ever since the shoe saw its first release back in the late 70´s. the Stan smith has almost become synonymous with Adidas and has only become more popular with each passing year.

Not only is this shoe the definition of a classic. But it´s story about how one man became a shoe is also rather interesting.

Did you know for example that the Stan Smith is actually a tennis shoe that is named after one of the biggest tennis stars after the same name? or that despite the shoe having achieved more than 40 million sales worleide the man who it is named after is not even portayed right on his own shoe?

The history behind the Stan Smith is admittedly great. And if you would like to hear more about the history of the shoe. You can click on the link right here.

The Stan Smith comes come in a full leather upper with a coloured back tab and tongue alongside Adidas branding on stans face on the tongue itself. Unlike most Adidas shoe you won´t find the traditional 3-stripes anywhere on the shoe, except for the punctuation holes that suggest them.

While it may not be the most innovative or complex shoe on the market. Its strengths lie in its simplicity. The Stan Smith is a simple yet fashionable shoe. Because of the minimalistic design, the Stan Smith is a shoe that is able to wear with almost anything in anyone’s closet.

The amount of options you have with the Stan smiths also speaks to the consumer, since not only do you have the option to switch out the leather materials altogether. But you can also find the Stan Smith in different colors that affect the whole shoe or just the color of the back tab and tongue.

Adidas´s decicison to mass produce the Stan Smith. Makes It one of the easiest shoes to find, at any retailer that sells Adidas´s products. I guarentee you that if the store has an Adias shelf the Stan Smith will undoubtley be there.

Even though the Stan Smith doesn’t excel in revolutionary innovate technology like other Adidas shoes. It’s good to know that this fact is also reflected in the overall price point.

The Stan smith comes in at an average retail price of 75$ or 69,95£ which makes it one of the best shoes you can buy if you are looking to save money on casual footwear.

And as if the already low price wasen´t enough. Due to its high production numbers, the shoe also frequently hits sales racks, which is a huge plus for the average consumer


The NMD_R1

The little brother to the almighty Ultraboost is called the Adidas NMD and just likes its big brother. Its use of boost technology makes it one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

The NMD takes a lot of its looks from the Ultraboost and if you were to strip both shoes down to their core componetns. They would most likely look the same.

But the NMD´s strengths, in my opinion, comes to its attention to detail.

First off the official NMD dosen´t use primeknit as its upper, it uses texture mesh ( even though its is possible to buy the shoe with a primeknit uppepr).

It has no caging on the sides of the upper. And displays its 3 stripes in a reflective material. It also has a different sockliner than the Ultraboost, a backtab that displays the Adidas branding, a strap used to better slip on the shoe, and also different tabs on the sides of the outsole, which are cut into the boost itself.

These details make the NMD a slightly louder shoe to wear. But I personally think these small changes add to the shoe overall shoe and makes it unique.

But I also understand that taste is subjevtive so i can see why you may prefer the simplicity of the Ultraboost over the Different looking NMD.

The NMD comes in the same amount of color options as the Ultraboost with the option to switch out the texture mesh upper for Primeknite.

Despite some models being limited due to them being special releases. The Adidas NMD is a massively produced shoe. And even though retailers stock this shoe less than its Ultraboost counterpart. You are still most likelky to find it at any retailer that stocks Addias shoes.

One of the areas where the NMD knocks the ultraboost out of the park is its pricing.

an original NMD_R1 that uses the texture mesh as its upper, comes in at a price of 130$ or 109,95£ its worth to note that this price is for the one that has a TEXTURE MESH UPPER if you want a pair that utilizes Primeknit as its upper.

The price will crawl up to 170$ or 149,95£. Finding a pair with a texture mesh upper may prove difficult as Adidas heavily leans towards their Primeknit technology. So the Primeknit pairs are more likely to be the ones you see at a retailer.

But even if you are faced with only the Primeknit option they are still the cheaper alternative if you want an Ultraboost looking shoe. although I’m not quite sure why The Ultraboost and NMD are priced the same in the UK though.

Granted these prices are still rather high. But as with the other shoes on this list. NMD´s are produced in high numbers so they are prone to be found at a shoe sale.

Due to its lower popularity compared to its big brother. They are hit with heavier discounts and are also really cheap if bought second hand.

I have at the time of writing this bought myself 3 pairs of NMD´s. All priced at 100$ and in almost unused condition. All 3 I got eBay, so if you really want to save money and aren´t swayed away by used shoes. I would suggest you go and look there.


The EQT Support 93/17

To finish off this list I thought it would be nice to list a shoe that is severely underrated and deserves more love than it has. The EQT Support 97 /17 is a reimagening of an old running classic from the 90´s that was merged together with Adidas´s boost technology.

Coming in a mesh upper with caging representing the 3 stripes and the obligatory boost sole. The EQT is a fresh take on an old classic.

The EQT comes in a varierty of colors. But it is definetly the shoe with the most limited options out of all the shoes in this article.

Coming in both loud and more subtle colors. The EQT lets the consumer decide which way they want to go.

While newer Adidas´s shoe doesn´t give you this option is nice to know that it is there for those who want a boost shoe with a more 90´s feel to it

One of the more confusing things you have to be awere of when looking for EQT´s is the name.

Since the EQT is only a new version of the original and not a new shoe. It may be confusing because of the different names that are used such as. EQT adv., EQT support, EQT cushion etc.

Its good to know the originals are still there for those who want them. But I can imagine people getting confused by the different names.

If you want to buy the model with a boost outsole. The model you are looking for is “EQT Support 93/17”. 93/17 being the years that the original realsed and the year it was released with boost technology.

Like the rest of the above mentioned shoes. The EQT Support 93/17 is a shoe with high production numbers. But despite this, they are definitely harder to find due to their lower popularity

The pricing of the shoe averages at around 180$ and 139,95£ making it one of the cheaper alternatives if you re looking for a shoe with a boost sole.

Due to other Adidas shoes being way more popular. Just like the Nike Huaraches. The EQT´s are the first shoes to hit sales racks. It is also the shoe with the heaviest discounts. So remember to keep that in mind if you intend to shop for EQT´s


I hope my article showed you some good viable options if you considering buying some Adidas shoes for men.

And if not then I hope you atleast had an interesing read.

If you have any questions regarding anything that has to do with Adidas shoes or just shoes in general then please leave a comment with your question down below and i will hapily get back to you!

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