Angelus Paint Review – The Best Paint For Your Sneakers?

As someone who did sneaker repainting for a year as a hobby, I know about the importance of quality painting when it comes to your sneakers.

You can have the best painting technique in the world and you can have done the best shoe preparations possible. But if your paint is garbage then your whole paint job is going to be just that. Garbage.

Angelus Direct is the name of the company that produces Angelus Paint. the no. 1 critically acclaimed acrylic leather paint on the market.

Acrylic leather paint is what people use to either repair or customize their sneakers. And as the sneaker community has grown rapidely over the last few years so has the interest for painting your sneakers.

Because of this many comapnies have been storming forward to meet this newly created demand for sneaker painting and among those Angelus shines the brightest.

But how true does their reputation hold up? is it all a show or is there real quality behind the brand?

Today i will be reviewing the product that is Angelus Acrylic leather paint from Angelus Direct. And also talk to you about what you can expect from this product.

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The Good

The Selection

One of the things that any paint brand needs is variety.

It doesn’t matter if your paint is the best on the market if it only comes in a chrome blue colour. The paint is not going to satisfy customers if they can even use it because they are on the look out for yellow or black paint.

luckily Angelus offers an enormous variety of different colours from your typical black and white colour to more interesting colours like perlescent red and also paint that glows in the dark.

At the time of writing, this Angelus Provides around 80+ different colours and that number may even be well over 100 if you count the colours that they only have availbe for a limited time.

If you can think of a colour that you want to paint your sneakers with, chances are that you can buy it from Angelus.

And even if thats not the case. Then you can atleast be sure that they can provide two other colours that you can mix into the one that you sepcifialy want.


Angelus gives you the option to either buy your paint bottle in a 1 oz or 4 oz option.

This is a pretty nice option to give your customers since they don´t have to go out and keep buying the same 1 oz bottle due to their current bottle being empty

I can only imagine that this stretegy would be an easy way for them to make money. But giving the consumer the option to buy a bigger bottle that doesn’t cost 4 times as much.

Never the less It’s a very nice gesture from Angelus, which brings me to my next point.



Even though Angelus has the reputation of having the best sneaker paint on the market. The price that they ask for their paint is not over the top.

One bottle containing 1 oz of paint will set you back 2.95 $ for people in the US and for UK customers its 5.95£ and for a 4 oz bottle, the price is 5.95$ for people in the US and 9.95£ for people in the UK.

Obviously, the price is cheaper for US customers since Angelus is an American established brand and selling their products in Europe comes with extra costs.

But even though the price may be higher for people living on the other side of the Atlantic. You are definitely guaranteed a quality product when you buy fro Angelus.


The only Angelus products I´ve personally used is the Acrylic leather paint and for me, the results I got was well worth the price I paid.

If you make sure to prepare your shoe properly and buy yourself the right brushes. Then Angelus paint can give you some amazing results.

The paint doesn’t crack easily and the colours also look great. It was Angelus paint that I used to turn a worn down Air Jordan 4 that I bought for 100$. Into a presentable shoe that I sold for 200$.

I have since then stopped painting shoes to make money. And as of now I only paint my own shoes to keep them alive.

Angelus has never let me down and they still continue to amaze me with the results I get from using their paint.

But even though Angelus´s paint is great there one big downside to all of this.


The Bad

Big Difference Between UK and US

As of the time writing this the US-based customers definitely have better options with Angelus than people living in the UK and in the rest of Europe. One of these being Angelus´s starter kits.

If you go to their website you will see that Angelus offers a starter kit to their customers, where you can choose 3 colours and also get a bunch of extra Angelus products thrown in.

Since Angelus doesn’t have an official website for people outside of the US you will have to purchase this kind of kit (and Angelus paint for that matter) through other websites that act as middlemen for Angelus.

And as if the price between the US and UK paint bottles weren´t big enough. the price that these sites ask for a starter kit is almost double of what Angelus asks on their own website. And that is if you can even find a kit in stock, as most sites state that they don´t have any left and that they are sold out.

So buying the necessary items to get your started can easily run you up 50 £. And to me, that’s a lot of money to shell out when you don´t even know if painting sneakers are something that you will end up liking.


The Verdict


Even though Angelus offers an amazing product. The big price difference knocks down its rating. Until they can offer their product here in Europe at the same or almost the same price as in the US. I can´t give it a perfect score.

But besides this problem. Angelus Acrylic leather paint is the best product of its type on the market right now. And if you can afford it I would suggest buying yourself a bottle or a couple and test it out on your own shoes

As they grow bigger and bigger I’m sure that with time. Angelus will be able to offer better deals on their products here in Europe. I´ve already seen more sites offering their products than just a year ago. And as the market grows bigger. I´m sure Angelus will make a move to cut out the middleman. And offer their customers their quality products at a better price point.

Because as of now UK customers and Europeans in general stand to pay 3 times as much as people in the US.

if you would like to buy some Angelus paint. Here are the best sites with the best prices

US: click here

UK and EU: click here

I Hope you enjoyed reading my review and if you have any questions or comments in general. Feel free to leave them down below and I will happily get back to you!

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