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When it comes to my sneakers I’m happy to have been born with feet that ain´t too wide unlike one of my friends that I know. He actually inspired me to write this article. I want help out people who love buying sneakers (or just shoes in general), but who at the same time seems to have a hard time finding some good looking kicks, that fit their wide feet.

I’m not a wide footed person myself so I had to do my research to find what people seem to agree on are the best possible sneaks for a person who has wide feet.

Therefore before I go further I just have to say that these shoes may not be suited FOR EVERY PERSON WHO HAS WIDE FEET.

In my research, I learned that there are multiple levels of width when it comes to shoes. It goes from standard D to 2E and all the way up to 6E. Some of these shoes do not cover all the way up to 6E but these shoes who are going to be listed have been mutually agreed upon to be some good choices if you are looking for some shoes that will fit you wide feet.

Today I’m going to list 5 different shoes, which may be some of the best shoes for people with wide feet. And I hope that this will help you in your search of some comfortable and good looking footwear but enough talk lets get into some of the best wide shoes for men!


The New Balance 990

I’ve recently talked about the 990 in my “New Balance Shoes For Men” article which lists some of the best shoes that New Balance has to offer. If you are interested in reading about that click here.

But for those of you who don´t know. The New Balance 990 is one the crown jewels of New Balance. The slick and yet chunky look gives off a unique grounded look that most athletic brands can´t seem to capture.

This kind of look combined with New Balances philosophy about providing the best possible comfort. Makes this shoe an easy buy for anyone who wants to experience true comfort and that goes for wide footed people as well.

New Balance is one of those brands who recognize that the options for people who have wide feet are rather limited, therefor New Balance chose that sizing wasn’t going to be one of the reason not to choose the 990.

On New Balances website you can see that not only do you get to choose sizing all the way up to size 16.

But they have an option for width as well and that goes all the way up to 6E. Granted they may not have everything in stock at all times. But shoes restock and at least its nice to know that they give you the option if you can time it right.

The New Balance 990 retails for 174.99$. A hefty price tag that is for sure. But believe me when I say, that a New Balance shoe will last you almost twice as long as any shoe from any other brand.


The Adidas Pureboost

One of the best things that Adidas has done in recent memory was to invent Boost technology and then go on to implement it in every single shoe that they could. Boost is Adidases new take on how comfortable footwear should feel and from someone who owns 4 Boost shoes. I can honestly say that they did a good job.

If you want to read more about what Adidas has to offer as a company. Then click here.

While Adidas hit it home with the comfort. Width is a totally different case. While Adidas utilizes Primeknit on for their uppers on most, if not all Boost shoes.

The caging on the side of the shoes that they choose to implement as well. seems to literally cause pain to people with wide feet. But that’s why you have the Pureboost.

The Pureboost uses the Boost technology but it gets rid of the awful caging. The Ultraboost uncaged is also a good example of a Boost shoe without caging.

But I personally like the look of the Pureboost better, and it also tends to be cheaper.

People who have wide feet and who´ve bought the Pureboost says to go about a half size up with these.

And I would also like to note that. Even though they may not have caging and even though they are stretchy because of the Primeknit. I would not recommend the Purebost for people with extremely wide feet.

The Pureboost retails for 120$, a fair price considering the fact that you are getting a true Boost product.


The Nike Air Monarch

If someone asked you to make a sketch of a sneaker for your dad, chances are that the Air Monarch would be your result.

The Air Monarch has been crowned as the dad shoe to end all dad shoes and its easy to see why.

But all jokes aside, despite it being a rather chunky and funky looking shoe. The Air Monarch still has some character to it. And is without a doubt one of the most popular comfortable shoes out there.

Anyone who owns a pair can tell you that the shoe is just as comfortable as it looks.

And the Flex Groove technology that the upper uses, provides a stretchy and durable material with every step.

They also got you covered if you got wide feet.

Through Nikes site, you are able to order the Air Monarch in an “extra wide” option. While they don´t show the number I would imagine that they are talking about width size 2E. So bad news if you have feet wider than that.

The retail price of The Monarch is amazing coming in at only 65$ for both wide and regular sizes.

If you like what you see then I suggest that you definitely check this shoe out.


The New Balance 574

When talking about the best sneakers for wide feet. You can not just add one New balance sneaker into the mix.

If you didn´t like the dad shoe look of the 990 then the 574 may just be up your alley.

Combining a simple and yet classic look. Together with New Balance comfort. The 574 comes off as a great choice of footwear for anyone who wants a comfortable, good looking sneaker at a cheap price. And that saying goes for people with wide feet as well.

While the 574 may not have to size all the way up to 6E, it does have a 2E option, alongside a wide range of shoe sizes as well.

The retail price of the 574 is only 79.99$ and that goes for both regular and wide sizes.


The Air Jordan 6

This wouldn´t be an article by me if I didn´t at least try to include a Jordan.

Now I know that Air Jordans have a tendency to be expensive and a lot harder to get when compared to the rest of the shoes on this list.

But if you are looking for a Jordan that will fit your wide feet, then I would suggest looking for an Air Jordan 6 in a colourway that you like.

I´ve read through a lot of suggestions. But the Air Jordan 6 keeps coming up as the best choice people who have wide feet. But at the same time wants to wear an Air Jordan.

The timeless design of the 6 is amazing and with that design comes a bit more room for your feet.

Now I’m not saying that this shoe is ideal. And it is definitely not ideal for someone with very wide feet. But what I am saying, is that the 6 is the ideal choice for someone who has feet on the wider side. And who wants to wear one of the greatest shoes of all time.

The retail price for an air Jordan 6 ranges from 190-220$ and they are usually sold out unless you buy them on release day.

But if you want an Air Jordan 6 I suggest looking on eBay or through 2nd hand sneaker groups in your area. I would also recommend going half a size up in these.


Final words

I hope this article helped some of you find some sneaker for your wide feet and if not, then I at least hope you had a good read.

If you yourself have some good shoe suggestions for people with wide feet then leave it in a comment below and also tell me which shoes you are wearing right now!


  1. Hey Nikolas,
    Wow I’ve seen a lot of people wearing the Adidas Pureboost. At first I thought it looked ugly but after a few months since it’s out and everyone’s wearing it, I thought that it wouldn’t be that bad if I were to wear it too.

    I have a question though, a shelf fell on to my toe so it’s terribly swollen and my doctor said I need a show that is airy, soft and not at all tight, do you have anything like that?

    1. These are just my two cents since I´m, not a doctor. But I would recommend looking into the Nike Air Monarch or The New Balance 990v4 respectively.

      Both shoes are very comfortable and provide enough room for your feet so they shouldn’t experience tightening. Although they are dad shoes so the look may put you off a bit. If you are really into Boost shoes.

      I wouldn’t recommend any Boost shoe since despite their flexibility and comfort. They do tighten up and I don´t think that would be the best choice for someone in your situation.   

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