Converse Shoes For Men

If someone asked me if I had to name a brand who had experienced success time and time again, despite not changing very much over the years. I would say Converse

Converse is Brand that started all the way back 1908 and is still to this day creating magnificent, classic and cheap footwear that men (and women) can wear.

Even though Converse may just be a shell of their former self here in 2018. They´ve still created a bunch of good-looking, easy to wear shoes that are timeless and at the same time affordable. It is these types of shoes that I want to list for you so that you can get some new and different shoes in your rotation to change things up a bit.

For this list, I have chosen 4 Converse shoes that meet the criteria listed below

  1. They must be widely available to the general public
  2. They must be relatively cheap
  3. They must come in a variety of colour options
  4. They must be easy to wear

Now that we have the criteria listed. Let’s see what Converse can offer as a brand, in this Converse shoes for men list


The Converse Fastbreak Mid

Initially created as a basketball shoe. The converse Fastbreak takes the first spot on this list as one of the better choices of men’s footwear from Converse.

I´ve previously talked about this shoe in my “Top 5 Summer Shoes For Men” article. But I wouldn´t be doing the brand justice if I didn´t also include the shoe on this list. As one of their better choices when it comes to shopping sneakers from Converse

The shoe itself comes in a leather and nylon mixed upper with Converse branding on the sides. While the shoe itself sits on a durable rubber sole. The shoe itself looks great and a mid-top version looks way better than the initial High version. But how well does it stack up against our criteria?

Well first of all the shoe rereleased in 2017 and Converse made sure to make this a General release. Meaning that this shoe is widely available in almost any store that peddles sneakers of athletic footwear. But they are also widely sought after due to their classic look and low price which starts at 90$/75£ so they may prove more difficult to find online.

My best guess on where you have the best chances on finding these shoes. Would be in a physical store or an outlet since general releases tend to land there due to the stores not being able to sell them off fast enough. Plus you will also find them at a lower price! it’s a win-win situation.

The options you get with the fastbreak is also great. Not only did Converse decide to re-release the shoe in its old classic 83 vintage colours. But they also decided to reimagine the shoe with newer materials and different colours like the Fastbreak mid canvas and Fastbreak pro series. So there should be enough options to choose from for the average consumer.


The Chuck Taylor All Star

The next shoe on this list is properly the shoe that first comes to mind whenever someone mentions Converse and that is no coincidence. The Chuck Taylor All Star is the shoe that build Converse’s brand power. And is without a doubt their most popular shoe.

The Chuck Taylor Allstar comes in a canvas upper with a patch on the side that displays the brand, the name of the shoe and the signature from the man it is named after. The shoe itself is iconic and properly the best definition of a timeless classic.

Even though the shoe is without a doubt one of the most popular shoes on the market the price does fortunately not reflect this. Coming in at a price point of only 55$/55£ this shoe is one of the cheapest classics you can buy on the market.

The variety of options you have with the Chuck Taylor All Star is also amazing.

Not only does it come in all of the colours of the rainbow. But the shoe itself is also a prime silhouette for different collaborations and while these are limited the retail price is only a bit above those initial 55$/55£.

As of writing this, the Shoe model has been used in collaborations with Stussy, Comme des Garçons, Nintendo, The Simpsons, DC, Undefeated, Campbell, The NBA and many other brands. Not to mention the numerous collaborations done with different music artists from Miley Cyrus to Black Sabbath.

The shoe itself is also easy to find. If the store sells anything from Converse. I will bet you with a 100% certainty that they have Chuck Taylors in stock. And if you were to find them at an outlet, chances are that you are walking away with a great bargain.

The Converse One Star Pro

The Converse One Star Pro is another great looking low cut shoe from Converse. The one star is Converses take on a skateboarding shoe. And their take is amazing.

The shoe comes in a rubber backed suede upper with Converse branding on the sides, alongside a rubber sole with traction grip to better use them on a skateboard.

You don´t have to be a skateboarder to rock this shoe, however. The simple look makes it easy for anyone to wear it and the low cut makes it a perfect shoe to use in the summertime as well.

The price and options of the One Star are also very pleasing. Coming in at 75$/65£ The One Star gives you a great sneaker, without making a hole in your wallet.

The shoe also comes in various colours that not only changes the upper but also the Converse star as well. And there is enough variation here to ensure that anyone can find a model in a colour that they like.

The One Star Pro has also become one of Converses more profitable models, so the shoes are widely available at any store that pushes Converses products.


The Converse Jack Purcell

The Jack Purcell gets the final spot on this list and the final go to converse shoe for men. The Jack Purcell gets its name from the Famous badminton star of the same name who after winning multiple titles grew tired of the bad quality from the shoes that he played in. He then decided to create his own shoe and the rest is history.

Coming in a rubber-infused canvas upper with a strong traction rubber sole. The Jack Purcell is one of the few Converse shoes who doesn’t showcase any branding what so ever besides on the insole itself.

Its a rather nice shoe if you don´t like shoes with branding and it has a simple and good look that goes well with pretty much any outfit.

The number of colours an options for materials is also rather broad so if you like the model itself there is a good chance that it comes in your favourite colour as well. And if you don´t like the canvas material upper then fear not. Because the shoe also comes in a regular leather version as well.

The price is also rather nice coming in at the same price point os the One Star 75$/65£ makes the Jack Purcells another great shoe from Converse.

Although the shoe is popular. Converse hasn’t been producing regular batches of Jack Purcell like they do their other popular shoes. So finding a pair may prove relatively difficult when compared to the other shoes on this list. But in case you can´t find them in at a regular retailer, chances are that they may be stocked somewhere at an outlet.

Final words

That is all I had on Converse shoes for men. I hope I showed you guys some new shoes from converse that you didn´t know existed. And if you have your own pair of favourite Converse shoes that didn´t make the list then feel free to list them in a comment below.

If you have anything else to say or if you have a question regarding this article. Then leave it down below as well and I will happily get back to you!



  1. Im a big fan of the classic Chuck’s, been through many pairs of the low cuts and have moved to the high tops now, we don’t get a huge range where we live so it’s good to see a few others in the range, and there are a few here that look pretty cool.

    1. i know right? personally it took me some time to discover that Converse is more than just Chucks

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