Crep Protect Review – The Best Solution For Your Shoes?

What Is Crep Protect?

Shoes are expensive. There is no other way of putting it. I’m not sure if it was always been this way or if the world of shoe prices suddenly changed. But going out and buying a pair of shoes for everyday wear from brands like Nike or Adidas will easily make up costing you at least 150$ at retail.

But let’s say you get a pair of great shoes for retail. How do you make sure they last as long as possible so you don´t have to go out and buy another pair anytime soon?

One of the many solutions of today is to apply protective sprays to make sure that water, dirt, and stains stay off your favourite shoes.

One Spray that has taken the market by storm and is used by many people is Crep Protect.

Crep Protect is so-called “Super-hydrophobic spray” its supposed to create an invisible coating which repels liquids and prevents stains. And while many people use it, how well does it really hold up? is it really the next revolution in shoe protection? and does it have any downsides?

If you want to skip directly to my verdict you can find it at the bottom of the page.

The Pros

Does it work?

Well yes, yes it does. Crep Protect does what it says on the can. The coat itself does protect your shoes from water and also makes it easy to wash of harder stains that you have acquired on your favourite shoes.

The Coating itself is also invisible so it doesn’t alter or change the colour of your shoe. As long as you spray it on the materials that are mentioned on the spray can.



One of the things that Crep Protect does well when it comes to the average consumer is making sure that they are visible. If you go into any store that has anything to do with either sports or sneakers in general like a Footlocker, JD Sports, Sportsmaster etc.

You are likely to find Crep Protect products on the counter or at least somewhere in the store.

Crep Protect focuses a lot on making itself easily to spot for the consumer so that they might consider buying a can of Crep Protect on their way out.

While similar brands might focus on selling their products through their websites. Crep Protects invests heavily in making their products available to the physical retail consumer and thus making their products almost synonymous with sneakers and shoes in general.



One of the things that Crep Protect has going for it is that it is a relatively cheap product. A normal spray can of 5 oz or 200ml will set you back about 15-18$ or 10£ depending on where you buy it. Meanwhile, other brands in the same market might charge you double for the same amount.


But now that we have gotten the positives out of the way, we can get down to the points that you are really interested in. Are there any downsides to Crep Protect? And in short yes. Yes there is

The Cons

Marketing Over Technology

Crep Protect has a really great marketing team, there is no denying that. If you go to their website the first thing you will see is big white letters that encourage you to “Join The Movement”.

This wish to become almost synonymous with sneaker culture, which has seen a rather big rise in the last couple of years, is great for enforcing and strengthing their brand power.

But this brand power does not represent the strength of their product.

I´ve used Crep Protect multiple times myself. I once bought a pair of used shoes where the seller himself was kind enough to throw in a spray can of Crep together with the shoes.

I used it on the shoes I bought from him which were a pair of Nike Flyknit Racers and I was amazed at how they actually managed to stay clean.

I also read that this effect would last for a month so you can understand I was even more ecstatic at the time. That last part sadly wasn’t true as my Flyknits got really dirty after a day with heavy rain 1,5 weeks after I had sprayed them.

After that, I continued to use the spray a few more times but eventually stopped because the effect of the spray usually didn´t last for very long and in the end, I couldn´t be bothered anymore.

While Crep Protect loves to market themselves heavily, they seem to at some point have stopped trying to improve their product and instead keep spending their money on marketing the brand. While the Spray may be cheap and does what it says. The results are rather average.


It CAN Ruin Your Shoes

The thing about Crep Protect is that it has the potential to create damaging results depending on what shoe you use it on and how well you read the instructions.

While the can itself does state, that the spray goes on materials such as canvas, nubuck, and suede. And on their website, it says that it is effective on nubuck, suede, canvas, nylon, mesh, Flyknit and fleece.

Nowhere on the can or website does it say anything about synthetic leather and that is a problem.

One of the more infamous examples are the marks that it leaves on the Air Jordan 1 as shown in pictures below.








This problem doesn’t end with the Air Jordan 1. Many consumers claim that Crep protect does tend to leave white stains or marks and at times alter the colour of their shoe altogether.





Many people who like to defend Crep Protect tend to reply with two answers to this problem.

1. You´ve followed the instructions wrong and either sprayed to close or too much.

2. It doesn’t at any point state that you can use this on synthetic leather.

While the 1st one can be blamed on the consumer I wouldn´t accept the 2nd one. Synthetic leather is a frequent enough material used in the sneaker industry that Crep Protect should be aware that some people are going to use this on their synthetic leather sneakers.

Crep Protect should either label the accepted materials on their cans better or at least make it say “WARNING DO NOT USE THIS ON SNEAKERS MADE FROM SYNTHETIC LEATHER”. And the same people who defend Crep Protect say that there is an easy way to fix this problem.

To that, I say it shouldn´t be necessary in the first place.

The average consumer shouldn´t go through the hassle, of look up a guide on how to get rid of white unwanted marks that shouldn´t be there in the first place, if they followed the instructions correctly.

It’s already enough that they have to figure out what materials their shoes are made out of, to make sure they don´t get ruined in the process.

The Final Verdict


Crep Protect is nothing revolutionary its a rather basic product. It does what you can expect and also at a rather good price point.

While there may be better alternatives out there, they are more expensive and would set you back a lot more than if you just bought a one can of Crep Protect.

If you are new to the whole idea of taking care of your shoes and don´t want to spend a whole lot of money on something that you don´t know if you will end up using use.

I would suggest you go out and buy yourself a can of Crep Protect and try it out.

BUT BEWARE! It has the power to ruin your shoes, so make sure that you know the materials of the shoes you want to apply it on BEFORE using the spray.

If you want to buy Crep Protect you can follow the link right here


I hope this review helped you answer some questions you might´ve had about Crep Protect and if you have further questions you can leave them in a comment down below and I will get back to you!

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