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When it comes to countries who pride themselves in high-quality products, names like Switzerland, France, and Italy easily spring to mind. But amongst those names and many more, there is one name that is easily looked over. And that name is Denmark.

From the country who gave you Lego and Lurpak. Denmark is also the birthplace of a special shoe company that I didn´t know was Danish until I did research for this article.

ECCO is a Danish shoe company that specializes in leather shoes and also bags. Unlike other companies, they don´t pride themselves in creating the most technologically advanced shoes on the market.

But instead focuses on creating good-looking, high-quality products that not only looks good. But which will also last you a long time.

Unlike the other articles that I write about different shoes and what a brand has to offer. This time I’m going to do things a little bit differently.

Since ECCO isn´t a hyped up brand like Nike or Adidas, and due to the way they do business. ECCO does not have a huge selection to choose from. Now don´t get me wrong, ECCO does provide enough variety in term of different shoes. But just not near the scale like other shoe companies in the industry.

While some people may look at this in confusion, this is the true Danish approach to manufacturing.

Provide a limited amount of options, but make sure that every single product is of high quality.

But enough talk lets see what this Danish company can present when it comes to ECCO shoes for men.


The ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker

One of the things that you are going to notice about ECCO products is that they all use leather. And we are not talking about that synthetic stuff. No, we are talking REAL leather.

The ECCO Soft 7 is ECCO´s flagship sneaker. If ECCO were to create an Air Jordan this would be it, and while it may not have a high top cut. The Soft 7 does have a simple and yet great look that makes it easy to wear. A great example of minimalistic Scandinavian design.

As I mentioned, every ECCO shoe is made of leather, and the Soft 7 is no exception.

Coming in a full-on leather upper, with a double PU/TPU bottom sole that is very comfortable, and which is going to last you a long time.

One of the things that surprised me about ECCO is that they actually provide a good amount of options when it comes to the color of the leather.

ECCO provides a handful of great color options when it comes to the Soft 7. It should, of course, be noted that it is of course leather and you will therefore only find the shoe it tanned leather colors. But these range from completely light tanned colors like mahogany all the way to darker colors like licorice and black.

The price, however, is a more unsurprising matter. like all good quality leather goods, the price of this one is rather high, coming in at 150$ for a retail pair.

While 150$ is not an outrages price for a pair of new sneakers these days, it is rather high considering that you could switch this out for maybe a pair of Vans Old Skools or an Adidas Stand Smith, and just buy a leather version instead of the original. But I would bet that it won´t be as comfortable as The Soft 7 and won´t defiently last as long.

If you are interested in seeing what a pair of high-quality danish sneakers feel like, and if you are on the lookout for sneakers that have a premium look. Then I would suggest looking into a pair of Soft 7´s.


The ECCO Track Low II

The ECCO Track Low is one of those shoes that really makes me gawk for a few seconds.

When you first look at it. It looks like the Hulk of leather shoes. But at the same time, it gives off a Nokia 3310 “I’m gonna last forever” kind of vibe.

The ECCO Track Low II is one of ECCO´s classics and they describe it as an all year/weather around kind of shoe and when I look at the Track Low I believe it.

Coming in a full-on leather upper and also with ECCO´s GORE-TEX membrane technology. Makes this shoe not only really durable but also extremely waterproof. Which is nice if you want to use this all year round.

The shoe also comes with a thick shock absorption sole and also good traction to make the Track Low ideal for outdoor use.

When it comes to colors however it’s a bit more disappointing, with only black and dark brown being your available options. But to be honest I don´t think people buy this shoe to be fashionable.

This shoe more or less appeals to those who want a reliable, durable and comfortable shoe for the outdoors or for those who just want a simple shoe that is going to last them for a long time. And for that, you honestly only need either black or brown.

The price of the Track Low II does, however, reflect the picture that it is trying to paint. Coming in at 230$ for a retail pair.

Granted it is a lot of money for a pair of shoes but after reading online about the Track Low people seem to agree that this shoe is meant to be seen as a shoe that will last you more than a couple of years.

And considering that a pair of Nike shoes at the same price will at max last 1-1,5 years it would say that its money well spent.

If you are looking at a pair of shoes that you want to use for everything, whether it be hiking outdoors or just taking a nice walk down to the supermarket. Then I would suggest looking into a pair of Track Lows.


The ECCO Vitrus II

When talking about leather shoes you can´t skip the ideal dress shoe that most people think of when you mention shoes made out of leather.

ECCO has their own take on this particular kind of shoe, and they call it the Vitrus II

The Vitrus II is their own take on the classic Derby model and it’s safe to say that ECCO has done the classic model justice.

The Vitrus II comes in a full leather upper with an ECCO FLUIDFORM heel. The Vitrus is an ideal shoe for the guy who is looking for a good pair of dress shoes that will last him a long time. I personally know the struggle of trying to find a pair of cheap dress shoes due to the line of work that I am in.

And trust me when I say that buying a cheap pair of dress shoes is a real risk. I´ve had models that looked great but then only lasted me 2 weeks. I also had a single instance where I bought a pair that smelled like gasoline, which I had to return.

Trust me when I say that it’s better to spend that extra money on a pair that you know is quality made, rather than trying to buy the cheapest pair possible

The Vitrus is just like the Track low in the sense that it is one of those shoes that doesn’t offer much in the way of colors.

Like The Track Low, you´ve got your black and brown pair. However, with the Vitrus, you get the options of a light brown. Which may at first seem rather limited until you remember that you really don´t need any other colors for dress shoes unless you’re really trying to stand out.

The price of the Vitrus is also right up there alongside the other ECCO shoes on this list. Coming in at a retail price of 200$.

As I mentioned before, buying a pair of cheap dress shoes might be a good idea if you only tend to use them for prom or a maybe a wedding. But if you like me, have to wear a pair of nice looking dress shoes due to work, multiple times a week. Then it’s a good idea to invest in a pair that will last you a couple of years.

And why not choose one that also got your back when it comes to comfort?


The ECCO BIOM Fjuel Train

If you follow sneaker fashion or if you´ve read a couple of my past articles. You will know that the most sought-after sneaker models right now are the so-called “dad shoes”

Fila Disruptors and Yeezy Wave Runners are only two examples of some of the most talked about sneakers in recent years.

Personally, I’m not that much into this kind of sneaker. But that’s mainly because I’m a Jordan type of guy. Although I must admit that the Puma Thunder series looks really tempting.

But like most brands nowadays, ECCO has their own take on the dad shoe concept, and while it may not be an Air Monarch, I would say that this is an example of a dad shoe done right.

Coming in a full-on leather upper with an ECCO midsole which utilizes BIOM technology. The Fjuel Train not only has an awesome name but at the same time delivers a comfort that any dad deserves.

Coming in either a black or Silver grey colorway. The Fjul Train provides a great example of how to do a dad shoe right.

You don´t need a bulky design to make it look retro. All you need is a slick silhouette that comes in good looking leather and which also provides great comfort.

The price point of the Fjul Train is surprisingly on par with most newer dad shoe releases, coming in at 200$ for a retail pair.

As I´ve mentioned before the Fjul Train is a great example of what happens when a high-quality brand takes a try on a popular concept and that’s something very well deserving of its praise


Final Words

If you haven´t noticed I´ve been rather positive in this article about ECCO.

This is mainly because that while I do enjoy writing about big brands who make popular and good looking shoes. It Nice sometime to shed some light on the little guy, and especially when they make high-quality products.

Also, I´m Danish myself, so there is possibly some personal bias there as well.

I hope you enjoyed my article, if you have any comments or suggestions for a future post then please feel free to leave it in a comment below!

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