High Top Sneakers For Women

“She wears high heels, I wear sneakers” – Taylor Swift

Those were the famous words spoken by Taylor Swift back in 2008. And while that may have been a decade ago, my personal preference for what I like to see on women’s feet haven’t changed. Sneakers will always beat high heels.

When it comes to sneakers for women, one of the things that I find lacking when I walk around and look at their shoes are high tops.

This may just be my personal preference, but I would take a pair of high top sneakers over a low pair any day. And if it was not for the fact that I can´t wear high tops with shorts, I would wear high top sneakers every day of the year.

But this article isn´t about me, its about high top sneakers for women. And I will now list the 4 best looking options I´ve seen women wear so that I can spread the love for the underappreciated high top and maybe inspire some people to try them out.

For this list like any other, I have chosen to display 4 great options when it comes to high top sneakers for women. And also taken the time to list some criteria for each individual shoe, they are as follows.

1. They must be relatively widely available

2. They must come in a satisfying amount of options

3. They must be affordable

4. They must, of course, be available in women sizing

With these 4 criteria in mind, I´ve found 4 great options for the high top curious woman. But enough talk, let’s dig into some of the best high top sneakers for women.


The Air Jordan 1

like I´ve said in my previous articles, it wouldn´t be a Boxesforshoes article if I didn´t at least try to sneak in an Air Jordan and what better model to sneak in than my all time favourite, The Air Jordan 1

Whether you are a dude or a chick the Air Jordan 1 does not discriminate and I personally feel that it looks good on anyone.

With its simple and yet high cut design, the Air Jordan 1 comes in full leather upper with the iconic Nike swoosh on the side, as well as the old school Air Jordan wings logo on the top, alongside a durable rubber sole.

While I love this shoe with all my heart, I wouldn´t say its the best example of a shoe fitting all my listed criteria above.

For one the Air Jordan 1´s availability is questionable. While some models do experience shelf time due to the lack of interest, other models sell out on their release day.

This is more a question of being up to date about how many pairs of shoes are going to get released and also how the vocal Jordan community feels about it.

But don´t worry because Jordans weren´t meant to be sold at retail. They were meant to be resold on the second-hand market. This is the place where you are going to find the best deals for Air Jordan 1´s and I highly recommend going through your local sneaker facebooks groups or browse through eBay to look for a pair.

Options, on the other hand, goes a bit hand in hand with the above-mentioned availability. Jordan brand does release a bunch of great colourways there is no denying that. But the best looking ones usually sell out quickly but again, that’s why we have the second-hand market.

You might have more luck finding a pair of Air Jordan mids in a colour you like if you are shopping retail.

Next, on the list, you got the price. And the Air Jordan 1 is properly the most expensive shoe on here, coming in at a retail price of 160$/ 130£

Getting your hands on a good looking pair of Air Jordan 1´s for retail as a woman is definitely easier than for a man. But I would still argue that the best deals for 1 are to be found online if you don´t mind buying shoes second hand.


The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

When talking about iconic sneakers the Chuck Taylor should always be on your mind.

The shoe itself is over 100 years old and it is most likely the longest running shoe silhouette to date and yet it looks like it was created yesterday.

The Chuck Taylor comes in a full-on canvas upper with the converse and Chuck Taylor name stitched on the top alongside a great looking rubber sole.

This is the most popular high top sneaker I´ve seen women wear and it is easy to see why.

The Chuck Taylor has a look that is easy to dress with almost anything. And the fact that it is Converse´s most popular shoes, means that it is highly available in any store that has Converse products.

The amount of options you get with the Chuck Taylor is also phenomenal since the Chuck Taylors are Converse´s flagship shoe. They made sure to make this shoe available in every colour of the rainbow and at the same time create frequent cool looking and unique collabs that utilizes the Chuck Taylor silhouette to the best of its ability.

It’s also worth to note that the canvas upper is also possible to switch out for another material like leather if you happen to not like canvas.

The price of the shoe itself is also great, coming in at only 55$/55£ for a pair in women’s sizing.

If you haven’t already bought yourself a pair of Chuck Taylors, you owe it to yourself to get a pair of the most iconic sneaker ever made.


The Nike Blazer

moving away from basketball to old school to Skateboarding the Nike Blazer is one of those shoes that women seem to be able to pull off better than men.

I don´t know why but it just seems to fit women better. The Nike Blazer comes in a synthetic leather upper and a great looking traction sole.

The Nike Blazer makes you stand out and it is also of my favourite high top sneakers of all time.

The availability of the Blaze is also pretty good. With the Blazer being one of Nike’s main shoes when it comes to skateboarding. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a pair of Blazers at a retail store that sells Nike products.

The amount of options you have with the Blazer is also pretty great. Since the Blazer is a skateboarding shoe and also at the same time a general release shoe. Nike has made sure to have a good amount of different colours available to the general public.

If you do however find yourself liking the shoe model but not being able to find it in a particular colourway that you like then don´t worry, because Nike also has the shoe available as a NikeID silhouette so that you are able to customize it, to make it look exactly how you want it to look. At an extra cost, of course.

The price of the Blazer is also rather low considering that it is a Nike product, coming in at 100$/105£ for retail. Like most Nike shoes they are more expensive but at least you get that quality swoosh to remind you that you are buying a quality product.


The Vans Sk8-Hi

The Vans Sk8-Hi is also an iconic shoe but this time it’s from the skateboarding brand Vans.

While most people may know Vans as that company that who created the Old Skools. They also created the Sk8-Hi, a high top sneaker that is basically the Old Skool but with more ankle support.

Just like the Old Skool, the Sk8-Hi is one of Vans´s flagship shoes and because of this it is easy to find in any store that sells Vans products

Vans has also made sure that the Sk8-Hi will please as many people as possible because it is also made available in almost any colour imaginable, just like the Chuck Taylor.

And if you don´t like monochrome models, then don’t worry because you are also able to buy a bunch of unique looking Sk8-Hi´s due to the fact that they are frequently used for collaborations.

And if you want a pair that is REALLY unique. Vans also gives you the options to design a pair yourself on their website. This, of course, comes at an extra added cost.

The shoe itself is also highly affordable, coming in at a retail price of 65$/65£ for a retail pair in women’s sizing.

If you´ve never owned a pair of Vans and want to try out the brand for yourself I would highly recommend looking into a pair of Sk8-Hi`s.


Final Words

Hope you liked my article about high top sneaker for women. If you yourself have a pair of kicks that you wanted to see me talk about but I didn´t cover then leave the name of the shoe in a comment down below and I might include it in another article in the future.

If you have any suggestions on what topic I should cover next. Then feel free to leave that in a comment down below as well.

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