3 Simple Ways On How To Store Your Shoes

One of the greatest things about my morning routine is the moment right before I leave my home where ti get to choose which shoes I’m going to show off to the rest of the world today.

Walking around in your favourite shoes, knowing full well that everyone who sees you are so jealous of your awesome kicks because you look so good in them. Is one of the best feelings in the world.

They might pretend to not look at all and pretend that they have places to go to like “work” or “class”. And while they do act as if they don´t care. You and I both know that they wished they owned your shoes so that the looked just half as good as you do.

But as with any great thing, nothing is perfect. (except you, of course, you are flawless)

One of the many hassles of owning that many pairs of neck twisting footwear, is storage.

Storage is another word for, that one place you put your shoes until you are ready to stun the world again with their presence.

It is here that they are susceptible to one of its greatest enemies: Dust.

And while you would love to have them placed around your room to spike jealousy in every visitor that enters your door.

You have to accept that there is only so much room to go around when you are a college student who is renting a 15 m2 room.

I mean I love my shoes but I love my amazing fridge with an adequate freezing space and my amazing tower speakers even more. How else am I going to enjoy a PB&J sandwich while annoying my neighbours by blasting necessarily high volumed gangster raps at the same time?

But fear not because I´ve compiled 3 ways to show YOU how to store your shoes.


The Closet

Even though it’s amazing to have your shoe laying around your room so that you can continuously admire their glory.

They take up space and one of the most common ways to store them would be to make space at the bottom of your closet to make sure that your shoes are hidden away safely so that you won´t accidentally stumble over a pair while entering your room and hitting your head so hard on your desk that you need to lay down And while you are lying there you consider calling an ambulance because you think that you might have a concussion.

You might think that I’m just being your mom right now telling you that you should pack away your shoes to make your room look cleaner but there are some great benefits of storing your shoes in your closet.

Aside from keeping your brain cells happy. having your shoes in your closet might prove useful when picking out your outfit for the day.

Having a tall closet with your t-shirts folded on one side and maybe having your shirts hanging on the other side makes an excellent use of the closes space but what about the bottom? using that extra space at the bottom will make a perfect place that your shoes can call home since its just being wasted anyway.

And maybe if you installed a mirror on your closet door. You will easily be able to see how well everything fits together so that you can go out and stun the world with your presence.

A closet is truly a magnificent thing.


Shoe Racks

Even though closets are amazing. Shoe racks are truly an underrated item when you are talking about the necessary things you NEED in your room

While closets are great for storing you won´t be able to look at your truly amazing collection of shoes and think to yourself “wow I truly have an amazing collection of shoes” and this is where the necessity of a shoe rack comes in.

Some shoe rack tends to be ineffective due to the holding/space ratio. The space they take is not worth if you can only but 5-6 shoes on them.

But luckily we´ve come along way in shoe rack technology since those horrible dark ages.

Most shoe racks of today adopt the same concept that Lego. Which means that they give you the parts and lets you decide how it should look.

And while I haven´t yet met at a company that sells a shoe rack with extra materials so that I can cut out wings and glue them to my shoe rack to make it look cool.

They do ship with enough materials to let you decide how tall you want to build it

This is a cool feature since you can just add more layers to the rack after you´ve just filled out another layer because you saw that Nike had a 50% on their website

One of the shoe racks that I personally like is the ones from Songmics. They are stylish, easy to assemble and doesn’t take up that much space. If you can allocate about on step in length and one shoe in depth you can fit a Songmics shoe rack in your room. And the height of the thing is up to you since it lets YOU decide how tall you want to build it.

One tier holds about 3-4 pairs of shoes depending on what size you use and how much space you prefer between them. And for the price of 16£ or 30$ on amazon depending on where you live. They are well worth the price of admission.

If you are interested in the shoe rack from Songmics then click here

Shoe Boxes

When it comes to shoe boxes there are a couple things to be aware of.

1. Most of them are ridiculously expensive.

2. If your shoes are completely sealed inside one of them, they might damage your shoe.

3. I can not state how true rule number 1 holds up.

One of the most annoying things about having your shoes stored in the closet or on a shoe rack is that

they are susceptible to dust.

This is annoying and exhausting since you will most likely have to give them a clean if the dust leaves marks on your shoe.

This problem may seem small to some people but I assure you it´s a shoe lovers worst nightmare.

One of the things shoe enthusiasts do however to combat this problem. Is storing your their shoes in plastic shoe boxes.

This solution makes sure that the dust stays off the beloved footwear in question. And at the same time gives the person the ability to admire their babies from afar.

While this solution seems viable. there are some serious problems with this solution.

The first one being air.

Shoes need to breathe due to us humans sweating a good amount through our feet. If they don´t get to have a little bit of a breather from time to time. They will begin to acquire that wonderful smell of skunk fragrance topped together with a little hint of battery acid.

Most plastic shoe boxes don´t let your shoes breathe since the shoe box is completely locked up without ventilation holes and this is a problem.

It becomes even worse if you use this kind of container to store a shoe that you like to use from time to time, that might have something nasty sticking to its bottom.

Couple that with a closed plastic container at room temperature and congratulations. You´ve just gotten fungus growing out of your shoe.

Don´t believe me? well, go google “shoe fungus” then. I would´ve included a picture here but I honestly don´t want to risk scarring you for life. You have been warned.

But luckily, thanks to the country in the world who has given is so much in the form of affordable minimalistic furniture and amazing meatballs. Also brings us the best solution for shoe boxes in the form of the SKUBB shoe box

The SKUBB shoe box is IKEA´s take on how to solve shoe boxing problems.

The box itself comes in a canvas like material that also includes ventilation holes so that your shoes can breathe while being well protected from the outside world. all of this in an easy on the eyes box.

Coming in at around 14.50£ or 18.50$ for a pack of 4 on Amazon.

This is one of the best solutions for your shoe box needs since ONE good plastic shoe box costs the same. and with SKUBB you not only get 4 boxes. But you get 4 boxes that do the job better.

The only thing I need to mention about the SKUBB is this.

Depending on how much your shoes weigh you won´t be able to stack more than 3 boxes on top of each other. The material itself begins to bend and its just not a good idea.

If you are interested in these cool shoe boxes then click here


Final Words

I hope I´ve helped you discover some ways on how to store your shoes and if not. Then I at least hope gave you a good read.

If you have any question regarding this article then feel free to leave them in a comment below and I will happily get back to you!


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