Leather Shoes For Men

When it comes to mandatory items inside a man’s closet, leather shoes are without a doubt a must-have.

Don´t get me wrong, I do enjoy wearing my J´s, Asics, boost sneakers etc. But I´ve recently come to appreciate the look and feel of leather shoes. And when I say leather shoes, I mean shoes made from REAL leather, not that synthetic stuff.

That’s why today I’ve partnered up with a website called Moralcode.com that offers different kinds of leather shoes. And I’m going to present 4 different types of shoes that I think are the best ones out there.

While I still intend to judge these shoes by my regular list of criteria that I think most consumers have in mind before doing a purchase. I should mention that we today are looking at a small leather goods company, and not a big commercial retail giant so keep that in mind throughout this article.

My criteria list are as follows

1. The Shoe must be widely available

2. Must be easy to wear

3. The shoes must offer a relatively good amount of options

4. The shoe must be relatively affordable

As a disclaimer, I would also like to note that moralcode.com and I are in an affiliate partnership, which means that portions of the revenue generated from a sale go to me.

Whether you have 50 pairs of leather shoes or whether you´ve never owned one in your life. I hope you will find this article interesting, but that enough staling lets into some good looking choices when it comes to leather shoes for men!


The Derby “Brice”

When it comes to the most common model that most men use when it comes to leather shoes for men, I think its safe to say that the Derby model is that shoe.

The Derby shoe and the Oxford shoe are two great embodiments of the word classic. These shoes have been around for who knows how long, and they are still being used today by fortunate 500 CEO´s and regular office workers alike.

Granted there are different companies who want to create their own takes on the classic model, and it’s therefor the smaller things that separate the competitors part.

The Brice model from Moral code is a great example of the derby model done right. Coming in a handcrafted leather upper, with leather laces and a leather constructed footbed, alongside a leather outsole. The Brice is one of Moral Code´s most popular shoes and it is easy to see why.

The simple silhouette combined with a light esthetical design choice, in the form of the holes around the shoes. Makes it an easy to wear shoe that you can match with a bunch of different styles, whether you plan on going fancy or more casual.

The colour options of the Brice are not lacking, but it is missing a vital colour in my opinion. That one is black. The Brice comes in a dark blue, brown and oak leather colourway. I can overlook vital requirements, such as offering a black option for a shoe model that is primarily black. As long as the colours which are present are done right. And I can safely say that it certainly is the case with the Brice.

When it comes to the availability of the Brice I think it is safe to say that, just like most leather shoe companies. You will only be able to purchase this shoe from their own site. Now, many other companies who produce derby shoes, oxford shoes etc. like to use another platform to reach consumers. But then there are those who only distribute through their own. And Moral code is one of them.

Just like I mentioned in some of my other articles, while the Brice isn´t “limited” persé, it is only available through Moral Code´s own website. This also goes for the other shoes on this list. But I’m happy to say that while you can only buy the shoe from them directly, they are available in a rather big size run and the stock is plentiful.

When it comes to price, Moral Code likes to pride themselves in the philosophy of “luxury, shouldn´t be a luxury” a philosophy that I think most can get behind.

The retail price of the Brice comes in at 198$ which is a good amount of money. But considering that new releases from Nike can go as far as 220$ and for that price, you won´t even get real leather.

Asking 198$ for a good pair of leather shoes is fair considering that these are meant to last you a long time and as most people will tell you, quality and price, for the most part, go hand in hand in the world of leather.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of derby shoes or your very first. I would suggest checking out the Brice. It’s a great looking shoe that will last you a long time and is also a must in any man’s closet.



The High Top Sneaker “Aiden”

When it comes to sneakers, the high tops are my favourite. I’m not sure why but there is just something about the look and when it is done right, the shoe itself almost becomes like a piece of art to me.

That’s why it was a no-brainer that I should include a high top leather sneaker on this list, and the name of this shoe is the “Aiden”

If you are a traditional sneakerhead and want both the high quality feel leather can provide, but at the same time you don´t like lower cut shoes. Then don´t worry because The “Aiden” has got you covered.

Coming in a full-on leather upper with leather lining, a leather footbed and an all classic EVA sole. The Aiden is for the person who wants something that blends the world of streetwear with the world of high fashion.

As I mentioned before, Moral Codes products are only available on their website but if you see past that, the Aiden offers a lot in terms of availability.

Being fully stocked at the time of writing this, and also being available in a typical high top sneaker size run. I don´t think The Aiden comes off as a hard to obtain shoe.

The Aiden is a bit limited when it comes to colour options though, being only available in two different colours, those being dark blue and oak.

I don´t know why Moral Code won´t make this shoe available in black because I think it would look jaw-dropping in black leather, but that may just be my opinion.

Never the less, the colours which are offered here are done well and are easy to wear with most outfits. And as long as the few colours are done right then that’s fine with me.

When it comes to price the “Aiden” had me surprised, coming in at 178$ for retail. Granted that is a lot of money, but considering that its only 18$ more than a pair of retail Air Jordan 1´s and significantly lower than an Air Jordan 1 when buying resell. I would say that the “Aiden” is a perfect sneaker for someone who wants the best of both worlds.

So if you´re that kind of person who wants to wear a high top sneaker that feels truly premium, then I would suggest looking into the Aiden.


The Chukka Boot “Rupert”

Talking about boots is a rather difficult task for me, mostly because I’m not a huge boot guy.

I honestly don´t understand the appeal of Chelsea boots or Chukkas for that matter, but I see a lot of people who do and sometimes I also see people in pairs that make me reconsider my stance on boots, and those people have always worn Chukkas.

It’s not because I hate Chelsea Boots but they just have a more “stiff” look in my opinion. Whereas Chukkas have a more laid-back look, I’m not sure how to describe it more accurately.

Never the less, The Chukka boot IS seen as another must have alongside the Derby or the Oxford. It’s a stylish boot I will give it that, and Moral Code has their own version called the “Rupert”

Coming in a premium leather upper alongside leather laces and lining. And to finish it off a distressed rubber outsole for enhanced grip and durability. The Rupert is a great example of a Chukka boot done right. And while I may not be head over heels for this kind of shoe, I can at least appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it.

The availability of the Rupert is just like the other shoes on this list. Only available on Moral Codes own website. But then again once you are on there, they do have a good size run and also a good amount of stock despite the Rupert being one of Moral Codes most popular shoes.

The amount of options you get with the Rupert is questionable. Again we don´t get to see the shoe in a black colourway. Instead, we get a sand, blue and olive colourway. Although I would like to point out that when in the right light the olive does look a little bit black. But only a little bit.

I would also like to point out that the Rupert comes in different materials, those being suede and leather. So if you are considering purchase a pair, please keep that in mind when looking at the different colours.

Despite the colour options not being that broad. The Rupert itself is pretty easy to wear. As I´ve stated before, many people consider the Chukka to be an essential part of a man’s wardrobe and while I may disagree on that. I have to admit that the design of the Chukka and therefore the Ruppert is simple enough that you can wear them with almost anything.

When it comes to price the Rupert takes the spot as the most expensive shoes out of all the four mentioned here. Coming in at a retail price of 228$.

Considering a good quality chukka boot can easily run you between 200$-300$. Paying a little over what a new hyped Nike release will cost you isn’t that bad. And considering what you get for your money, I would say that its a good price for a premium shoe.

So if you are looking for a Chukka boot for your collection or maybe want to buy your first one. Consider giving the Rupert a look.


The Moccasins “Brayson”

Another shoe that I really don´t get is the Moccasin.

Taken from what I can understand is Indian culture. The Moccasin became another great classic in the world of leather shoes, and especially leather shoes for men.

But like the Chukka boot, I can respect the time and energy that goes into the craftsmanship of this kind of shoe. And I have to admit that they look very comfortable.

Like any of the other classics mentioned here, Moral Code has their own take on the classic Mocassin and its called the “Brayson”

The Brayson comes in a premium calfskin leather upper alongside leather lining, a comfortable footbed and a durable outsole.

When it comes to the availability of the Brayson its just like you guessed it. The shoe is only available on the Moral Code website but its available in a good amount of sizes and there seems to be plenty of stock.

The colour options of the Brayson actually surprised me. We actually have a shoe on this list that is available in black! And what a beautiful black it is, makes me wonder why Moral Code don´t offer their other shoes on the list in that colour.

Besides black, the Brayson is also available in burgundy and cognac brown, with the latter being available in suede leather.

Despite the shoe looking like a leather slipper. The moccasins have proven themselves to be easy to wear with most casual and business casual outfits.

Now personally I wouldn’t show up on my first day at my new job in moccasins. But if you give it some time and the dress code isn´t too strict, then I personally think that you can use these at work as well as in your everyday life.

The price of the Brayson comes in at 198$ for retail, which is the same price as the Brice. Unless you are really into moccasins I would suggest spending that money on a Brice model. I say this because I think you will get more out of the Brice than the Brayson.

If you are looking for a great pair of Moccasins then I would suggest looking further into the Brayson. I’m not a moccasin person myself. But from what I´ve read, it looks like you are getting a good amount of bang for your buck.

And if they are just half as comfortable as they look, I can understand why people love these type of shoes so much.


And there you have it. 4 great classic leather shoes for men from Moral Code.

I hope this article helped you ease your decision making, and if not. Then I at least hope you found my article enjoyable.

Please leave your suggestions on what I should write about next in a comment down below!

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