Nike VS Adidas Shoes – What´s Best For You?

I recently had somebody tell me that, while he had owned Nike shoes for almost all of his life. He recently wanted to branch out into shoes from Adidas due to all the talk about how amazing their Boost technology feels on feet.

I told him that I thought it was great that he wanted to try out new things. But he also told me that due to both brands releasing shoes that were very expensive. He wanted to know if there were really any differences in both brands and if a Boost shoe was worth it.

He inspired me to make this article, listing both brands strengths and weakness to help both him and others alike choose which shoe from which brand they want to spend their hard earned money on.

Before I dig down into both brands. I have to state that this is solely based on my opinion and that this is a subjective view of both brands. I am not picking a side or telling you where you should go and buy your shoes.

I’m only listing both brands strengths and weaknesses, so YOU the consumer can go and choose which side deserves YOUR money the most.

After all, YOU are the most important and powerful person in this discussion. Because YOU possess the most desired and powerful thing that makes companies want to please you. The one thing that makes the world go around. Money

Okay now, let’s see which company speaks best to you in this Nike vs Adidas shoe comparison.



Strengths – The Power Of Design

Even though Adidas has existed for longer. Nike is the undisputed top dog in the market. Their focus on creating technology-heavy athletic shoes infused with an appealing design. Has in time proven to be a very successful business strategy. This turned them into the top dog, in a pound filled with vicious competitors Like Adidas, Under Armor, Skechers etc.

The reason why they still have this spot. Is because Nike created some of the biggest classics the world of shoes has ever seen such as the Air Max series, their Air Jordan line, the Air Force 1´s and many more.

Due to their focus on infusing amazing performance technology with great designs from talented designers such as Tinker Hatfield and Fylan Rassch. Nike created a legacy of classics that will go on to be re-released until the end of time. And that’s Nike biggest strength if you ask me.

Nike has so many great timeless shoes under their belt that in reality, they could just stop innovating altogether. And just stick to re-releasing shoes that dominated the 80´s and 90´s adding maybe a few small touches here and I bet they would still make loads of money.

These shoes look just as new today as they did 30 years ago and that’s no easy thing to achieve considering how fast the world of fashion moves today.

Adidas has some great and classic shoes there is no denying that. But when compared to Nike they just can´t keep up.

And really how could you?

when you name is Nike and you not only own a great number of classic silhouettes yourself but also the silhouettes of classic shoes from brands like Air Jordan and Converse, which stashed away in your vault. it’s understandable that nobody can even come close.

When it comes to shoes looking good Nikes wins by a landslide even if you don´t like their newer releases. You are almost certain to find your favorite classics out there. Shoes that are easy to wear, comfortable and all at the same time very durable.

Nikes biggest strength lies in their shoe design.


Weakness – All Looks But No Bite

As I mentioned earlier there are two main reasons why both Nike and Adidas are so popular.

Those reasons being that both companies strive to create shoes that not only looks good. But are technologically driven as well.

Great design infused with amazing performance technology is a recipe for success. Sadly it is here that Nike had fallen behind

It’s not because Nike hasn’t managed to create incredible innovative tech in recent years. Their Flyknit technology is a prime example of the companies efforts to push the standards of the industry. But aside from this marvel. There hasn’t been any great improvements in the performance department.

As of now the newer technological performance-driven shoes that Nike has put out like the Vapormax, the new Air Max 270 series and the even newer Nike react shoes.

Shows Adidas has overtaken Nike in this department.

Even their amazing Flyknit technology is again, mostly looks. And it doesn’t do much to push the performance aspect of their shoes forward. At least not to the average consumer.

I bet you can make the argument that when it comes to high-performance athletes. Nike has the upper hand. But we are not talking athletes here. We are talking consumers. And what most consumers want in a shoe is comfort and looks.

It is here that Nike has seen them being overtaken by Adidas.

The worst thing about all this is that. For some reason, Nike has chosen to follow in Adidas´s footsteps. And implement their current technology onto their classic shoes. On paper, this may sound like a good idea. But in execution, this looks horrible. This approach has then turned into a sure way to butcher and discredits some of the greatest shoes that got you to where you are today.

I mean look at this and tell me that you honestly prefer the hybrid over the classic

As of writing this Nike still hasn’t put out anything that rivals Adidas´s boost technology. But let’s hope they do so that we consumers can reap the benefits of this healthy competition.

But as of now, I see this lack of technology to be Nikes biggest weakness.



Strenght – The power Of Boosting An Ego

It has almost been six years since Adidas first introduced their Boost technology. And if you are reading this and asking yourself “Boost? what is Boost?” then I suggest you go back and read my last article on some good options if you are on the lookout for Adidas shoes for men, or you can just click the link right here.

In those six years, the Ultraboost has not only become really popular with the masses. It has turned out to become Adidas’s´s best selling shoe in the companies history. And this is no coincidence.

The technology that is Boost really paid off for Adidas. Not only did they create a shoe that pushed forward the brands’ power on what they could offer in athletic performance.

But at the same time Boost, shoes offer a comfort that is unmatched by any shoe on the market.

Couple that together with a simple and easy design. And you´ve got yourself a product that will last you until the end of time.

Granted it’s popularity not only due to the technical aspects, that made a shoe like the Ultrabost popular. Collaborating with one of the music industries biggest loudmouths (That being Kanye West) Really helped push the shoe forward into the mainstream.

Signing Kanye to their brand. And releasing shoes carrying both his name and the Boost technology.

Turned out be a very smart decision on Adidas´s part. Because this move resulted in the Boost technology being pushed so hard into the mainstream that everyone was being exposed to it and soon enough everyone was buying Boost shoes.

Adidas has truly stumbled upon gold here. It is thanks to shoes like the Ultraboost and the NMD series. That helped Adidas become the 2nd biggest sportswear brand on the market. And helped knock down the Air Jordan brand down to the 3rd spot.

It’s really amazing that a single creation can have such a big impact on such a huge brand. And that’s the reason why Adidas´s biggest strength as of right now is their Boost technology.


Weakness – A One Trick Pony?

The Boot technology has carried Adidas a great deal forward. Not only is the tech itself amazing on its own.

But the simple look of it can replace any outsole on any of Adidas´s classic shoes, making them feel more comfortable. While at the same time still maintaining the looks of the original.

This has then lead to them to implementing the boost technology into every single great shoe that they have ever released. And their results are miles better than Nikes attempt to implement any of their newer technologies onto their old classic silhouettes (i refer you back to the 97 Vapormax example)

But despite them managing to keep this momentum going. what is Adidas´s next move?

The hardest thing about being at the top is not getting there but staying there.

And even though Nike has yet to release any kind of new technology that caries just as much weight as Adidas´s Boost technology.

The popularity of the boost technology will not last forever.

As of now, the market is experiencing Boost fatigue due to saturation, since Adidas has pushed the technology onto every shoe imaginable. And that is a problem.

Adidas does not have as many classic shoes in their catalog when compared to Nike. And as of now, they have infused Boost technology into every classic shoe models that they have.

If Nike, where to present a new and better technology that is more comfortable and which can easily be implemented into any shoe in their line up. Adidas would be knocked out of the park.

You may think this is easier said than done, and I agree. But Nike has done this before and looking at their track record. They are going to do it again.

If Nike released some technology like this Adidas would be screwed. Because Nike has a better backlog of shoes than Adidas. And if they implemented this theoretical new technology into their old classic shoes. it would undoubtedly successful and Adidas would be in trouble.

That’s properly Adidas´s biggest weakness right now. The fact that, despite having the most popular shoes on the market right now thanks to their Boost technology

It would only take Nike one new successful idea that can be implemented into their backlog of iconic shoes To regain the market power that was lost to Adidas.

Because in the end Nike just has more timeless shoe models than Adidas. and this fact is Adidas´s biggest weakness.


Final words

If you were to ask me which brand is better and which one deserves your next purchase I would say that in the end, it is really up to you.

Having spent countless hours learning what both brands have to offer.

And being able to name almost every big shoes from both brands. I can tell you that they both have amazing things to offer for the average consumer and what it really comes down to is your preferences.

If you like good looking shoes that are simple, timeless and are just the embodiment of classic.

I would say that you should look for shoes at Nike. They have truly have created a legacy like no other brand.

It really amazes me that even if they were to release a new technology that turned out to prove a financial failure.

They could just recuperate those loses by releasing a classic from their vault of treasures. Knowing full well that this shoe will sell out.

As for Adidas. I would say that if you like comfort and want to experience one of today’s most innovative and revolutionary pieces of technology, that gives you the kind of comfort unmatched by anything else on the market right now. I would suggest you go with Adidas and more specifically their Boost shoes.

I’m not saying that Adidas doesn’t have classic shoes, because they do. Unfortunately, their list is not even close to reaching the numbers of classics that Nike has put out. And that’s just a hard cold fact.

But in the end, it all comes down to what YOU like. YOU are the consumer here. And YOU get to decide where your money is the best spend on pricing is not really an area where the two companies like to compete.

If I were to give you any advice on what to buy. I would suggest you do your research on what both brands have to offer.

The shoes that you see at retail shelves and on the front page of both companies websites are not their whole catalog.

They both have hidden gems that may have you reconsider what shoe you want to buy. And it is this aspect that I love about shoes.

Even if you spend years looking at what different companies have to offer. You still sometimes stumble upon a model you never knew existed and yet fall in love with at first sight.

And if you just want a simple answer on what shoe you should buy. If you just want a simple, easy to wear shoe that is comfortable.

Then go out and buy yourself an Ultraboost or NMD_R1 if you have the money.

They are without a doubt the most comfortable shoe on the market right now and is the best choice if the things listed above are what you are looking for.

I hope my article helped answer some questions you might´ve had about what both brands have to offer. And if not then I hope you at least enjoyed reading this.

If you have any questions or comments about this article. Then feel free to leave them in a comment down below and I will happily get back to you!

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