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Buying shoes is expensive. It´s no secret that buying shoes today is an expensive habit. When most new shoes today have a price point between 160-220$ it is easy to empty your bank account fast if you, like me, are addicted to this wonderful hobby.

If you recognize any of this and you yourself fall into this category of people. I also bet that you´ve asked yourself “WHY DO SHOES HAVE TO BE SO EXPENSIVE?!?!? there has to be a cheaper way of buying them!!”

Well, look no further because I’m here to answer your prayers! In my few years of collecting and acquiring various types of footwear. I´ve learned a lot about how to buy cheap shoes that are both cheap AND carry the name of your favorite brands

Granted some of these methods vary depending on where you live. But I promise you that after you are done reading this. you will be able to apply at least ONE of these methods to help you save money on shoes that you love.

This is my personal guarantee to you!



Outlets are the last stop for any shoe that can´t seem to sell itself on the shelves of retailers. And while this is true to some extent. The Outlet may also include quite a few hidden gems if you know WHEN to look.

Most people would say that an outlet is a place where you only find old shoe models that were released months ago. This is a blatant lie told to you by someone who wants to keep all the good shoe models for themselves.

In recent years outlets have gotten more and more newer releases quickly hitting them, due to brands heavily producing their shoes and charging a lot for them.

One of my friends who is a bigger shoe enthusiast than I am. Recently went to the U. S on vacation. While there he visited a Nike outlet store on the west coast. In there he began talking to one of the employes and asked him when about how long it took for a newer release to hit outlet.

The employee would tell him that it´s not uncommon for newer releases that don´t sell well to hit outlets 2-3 weeks after their initial release date.

He also told him that it’s not due to the shoe itself being ugly because he himself had acquired a lot of cool looking shoes. He thinks it´s mainly due to the price being so high and the number of new shoes being released so frequently.

So if you know that there is an outlet somewhere near you that you haven´t visited in a while. then GO! you may just find a shoe that you first thought was too expensive, being heavily discounted.

The employee also told him that the outlets (or at least the Nike ones) have the best discounts on the weekend. So make sure to keep that in mind next time you plan your next visit.


Facebook Groups

No matter where you live in the world I can almost guarantee you that your country (if not city), has some kind of Facebook group for people looking to sell their shoes second hand.

This is especially if you are on the lookout for sneakers. This is one of the best ways to acquire new shoes or a specific shoe that you desire.

You only have to go to your search bar and type in “sneaker market” and I promise you a bunch of groups will pop up, with hundreds if not THOUSANDS of people looking to sell and buy.

Even if they are labeled as “used” you can easily find people that sell shoes who´ve never been touched or at least is wearable that they want to get rid off.

And it is here that you can find some great deals and also ask for a specific shoe.

Most of these people are either heavy sneakerheads or committed sellers so if you make a post about a shoe model with a picture and size. you are bound to find your desired pair.

One thing to keep in mind though is that if you´ve never bought shoes like this before you have to be aware that this is a buyers market.

Meaning that while your shoe may have had one price at retail.

The price on the groups may be higher, due to the shoe being sold out and they now own the only pairs and thus, the shoe becomes worth whatever the market is willing to pay for it.

To some, this may seem slimy and to some extent, I agree. But this is just the free market powers doing what it does best, so what can you do.

But this only applies to shoes that are limited to some extent so if you go on there to look for regular shoes at a lower price. You are bound to find someone who sells. And sometimes you may even be able to buy sold out shoes to prices below retail.

I mainly use this method to buy shoes from Jordan brand and I can highly recommend it.

Just remember to be careful because people in these groups also tend to sell fakes and replicas so buyers beware.


The Thrift

A yes the thrift. That one place, that one guy sang about all those years ago.

The thrift is truly an underrated place for buying shoes or any kind of clothing for that matter. Especially if you live in the bigger cities in North America.

There are so many hidden gems you can find, that has been put there by people who may want to give it to the lesser fortunate or who might not have known what they were throwing out.

I once saw a video about a guy who was in the process of moving and only had one last box to move from his parents home to his new apartment.

His mom then found the box filled with old shoes that she donated to their nearest Goodwill.

A truly heartbreaking video to watch since the box was filled some great Jordans. A true tragedy to behold indeed.

The thing was that he didn´t discover what had happened until a week after his mother had donated the shoes. So you can imagine someone at the thrift must´ve had quite the day of their life getting Jordans at amazing prices.

Nevertheless, I advise you to go out and look browse your local thrift if you have one in your area. You never know what you kind of shoes may be there. But you can always count on one thing. They are going to be cheap.



This method may be the best one that I personally use.

The thing about eBay is that you can search for ANYTHING on there. And that includes shoes at a great price.

Just like my Facebook group example. These shoes are mostly used and put up at a great price

The great thing about eBay that makes it the best option when it comes to buying used shoes. Is that, you can buy from sellers all around the world and they will most likely ship to you wherever you are located.

My other examples are most viable to people in the US. But using eBay takes that geographical part out of the equation and allows you to buy shoes from all around the world.

Granted if you live in the EU like me and decide to buy shoes from US sellers you are going to be hit with an import tax. And while that may suck, eBay actually lets you know how hard you are going to get hit and handles the import part for you. So you don´t have to deal with your own countries customs services when your package enters the union (trust me I´ve been there and it is an expensive and annoying affair).

Even when you get hit with an extra charge for import. Most times it may still prove to be a way of saving money. Since second-hand shoe prices from US sellers, tend to be low compared to what you may pay for the same second-hand pair in your own European country.

I know that I´ve personally acquired a lot of shoes for my collection through UK and US sellers.

This has resulted in me not only getting some great shoes at some great prices. But I´ve also gotten my hands on shoes that were limited to a US releases only.

Some sellers even give you the options to make an offer which is rather nice and even if you come across someone who is selling something you want to buy. But the items states that it doesn’t ship to your country. You can message the seller and ask if he wants to include your shipping destination as well or if you can strike a personal deal with him. Most times they will say yes, so don´t be afraid to message them.

I will note though that some sellers like in my Facebook example may sell fakes and also may not tell you about it.

One rule of thumb that I have when shopping on eBay is.

If the asking price is too good to be true. There is a good reason why.

I´ve only ever purchased one fake shoe in my life and that was mainly because I saw a low price and immediately pressed the buy without looking at the description or anything. Right there it stated that the seller couldn´t be held responsible for the authenticity since it was his son’s shoes and he didn´t know anything about the shoe in question.

If I had cared enough to not only look at the description but also at the pictures. I would´ve have caught on that this shoe was a fake. In my case, I only paid 20£ for it so I came out rather unscathed.

But remember, if the items seem unbelievable cheap PAY ATTENTION because it may just be fake. Look at the pictures and read the description and even message the seller and ask him if he can assure its authenticity.

If he doesn’t respond you, doesn’t have many pictures of the item, has bad reviews as a seller or a combination of all 3 things. Then click away. It’s not worth it trust me.


Final Words

I know most of these tips mostly apply to people in the states. but some may also prove useful to try out where ever you may live.

I hope this article helped you answer some questions on how to buy cheap shoes and if it did. leave a comment down below with your latest purchase on what you got for cheap. I’m interested in hearing about it.

If you have any questions regarding my article then please leave them in a comment below and I will happily get back to you!

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