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I love my shoes. They are one of the best things I have in my wardrobe and they are one of the things I love to look for. No feeling comes close to the one you get when you buy yourself a new pair of shoes and open the box to be greeted with a pair of fresh looking kicks and that fresh new shoe smell. Complete euphoria I tell you.

That being said I also have to admit that sometimes I make impulse buys that I regret later and sometimes a shoe just loses my interest and that’s okay.

Taste is subjective and sometimes it changes rapidly while other times it stays the same for years. But what do you do when you are left with a pair of shoes that you paid good money for and But don´t want to wear? You sell them of course!

But what if you don´t know anything about reselling and want to know the best ways on how to sell your shoes?

Throughout my years as a sneakerhead, I´ve sold many shoes and I was also once a reseller that made a continuous profit on buying good looking shoes for cheap and selling them off at a profit.

So I know a thing or two about selling footwear and today I want to teach you a couple of things that about how to sell your shoes!


Second Hand Groups & Apps

In today’s day and age, it has never been easier to sell off things to strangers that you don´t use. Have a jacket that you can´t fit anymore? Put it on eBay. Have a bracelet from your ex you want to get rid of? Post it on facebooks marketplace. Want some extra money so that you can buy yourself a new car? Put your old car on craigslist.

The opportunities you have access to as a seller, to get rid of stuff you don´t want anymore is almost endless. Not to mention that new platforms are created frequently so the number of ways you can go about selling your unwanted shoes is ever growing.

If I had to list the best platforms, in my opinion, it would look like this


1. Specific Facebook Groups

By specific facebook groups, I mean those second-hand groups that are made specifically for your kind of item, for example, let’s say that you want to sell an Adidas Ultraboost shoe. I would then search for specific groups that deal in second-hand shoes and type in words like “sneakermarket” or “Adidas sneaker market”.

These groups have members already interested in these kinds of shoes so chances are if you make a good post and ask for a fair price, you are going to get make some money.


2. eBay

I don´t think i have to explain to much about this, chances are that you already know eBay. you couldn´t ask for a better platform. Every day people look up all kinds of things on this platform from keyboards to wine bottles to diving equipment. And if you put your shoes on eBay, chances are that somebody is going to see them and hopefully buy them.

3. Facebook Marketplace

This type of platform is rather underrated in my opinion since you are literally posting to people in your area which means that you can meet up with them easier and you don´t have to worry about shipping your shoes out and the risks that it involves.

These are just my top 3 platforms that in my experience works best for me. But I would still recommend that you try out as many as you can. Because you only need that ONE person who wants to buy your shoes, for you to make some money. And the more exposure you have, the better are your chances.



Use Paypal


As someone who has experienced being scammed throughout his career as a reseller. I can´t stress how important it is to use Paypal if you intend to either buy or sell a pair of shoes.

Paypal gives both parties a sense of trust because as long as you keep the transaction going through an invoice. The transaction can always go back if someone doesn’t uphold their end of the bargain.

I know that invoices cost a little extra and it is more of a safety switch for the buyer. But as a seller, you need to establish trust with a buyer. And if you can show that you have no bad intentions, chances are that the buyer will trust you more and you will make a sale.


Sell Fairly

In my experience, there are 3 types of sellers when it comes to reselling shoes.

1. There are those who think they know what kind of shoe they are selling and are therefore selling it at an outrages high price.

2. There are those who know what kind of shoes they are selling and are therefore selling it at a fair price

3. There are those who don´t know what kind of shoe they are selling and are therefore selling it at an outrages low price

(As a sneakerhead I love finding people who fit the criteria of person number 3)

What you want to aim for as someone who sells shoes is number 2. Do some basic research and know what kind of shoe you have. Look up on sneaker groups or second-hand platforms and see what people are charging for the same shoe and match that price. Maybe go a little lower or maybe a little high that’s up to you

But for god’s sake don´t be person number 1. NEVER be person number 1


Use Your Network

You don´t have to exclusively sell to strangers on the internet. Sometimes the best buyer is your friend or coworker that you see everyday.

You already have some kind of trust build up. And who knows maybe the person is looking to buy some new shoes but don´t want to pay full retail. Becuase lets be honest, no one wants to pay retail.

It might also be possible that they know someone who is looking for shoes! The possibilities are many and worst case scenario, that they tell you no. So don´t be afraid to ask if they are interested or are looking to buy shoes it might just end up in a sale

And also DON´T be that kind of person that rips off his friends. I´ve seen it before and it sickens me every time.


Final Words

That’s all I had regarding my guide on How to sell your shoes. I hope that some of you can use the things I have listed to help you make some money on shoes that you have lying around and if you yourself have something to add to the list then leave that tip in a comment below

And if you just have something else to say be free to leave that in a comment below as well and i will happily get back to you!


  1. Hello I hope your day is productive and happy

    A very interesting article, I never really thought of selling any of my shoes, however I am not into shoes as you are. I like the way your article flows and it feels like you have a passion for shoes. That is awesome and I can see now how being a reseller of shoes you have gained a position of authority on the subject. The knowledge you share to help others do the same is on point. If I were to be selling any of my shoes i would definitely utilize the information you gave as a guide to be successful.
    In this niche market would video of shoes be helpful?
    Have you made a group on Facebook with your niche market?

    Great work, I wish you continued success

  2. Hi Lazarus!

    I have to confess I have a hard time departing with my shoes. But I like to shop with the #3 people on ebay. Lol…
    Maybe one day I will get the guts to put a pair on ebay and see how it goes.

    For now I think I want to keep the ones I have and search for the # sellers to get the best deals on name brand shoes. I’ve only used ebay but I see that I can also use FaceBook.

    1. glad that i could help! And trust me i know the sad feeling of departing with your beloved shoes. Its though but sometimes you have to do it 

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