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Whats the worst fallout you´ver ever had with your brother?

Was it about a toy? a video game? or maybe a girl? Well for two brothers in Germany back in the day it was about a brand and when they couldn´t come to n agreement about it one of them deiced to leave that company and start his own.

The name of the company the brother left was Adidas. And the company he went out to form was Puma.

Puma is one of those lesser hyped brands who are on the same level as Asics, Vans, Saucony etc. But despite them not being in the same league as Nike or their big brother Adidas. They still manage to create some good looking shoes at a rather fair price point.

And that’s what I’m going to present today. I´M going to present 4 great options that YOU have when buying Puma shoes for men.

The criteria I have for the shoes are as follows.

– They must be widely available.

– They must have a variety of options when it comes to colourways.

– They must be affordable when compared to the rest of the shoe market.

These criteria are to ensure that the most basic needs of the average consumer are meet when it comes to Puma shoes for men.

But enough talk, let’s see some of the best that Puma has to offer!


The Puma Suede

Right of the bat, we start off with the all-time classic and also one of Pumas most iconic shoes. The Puma Suedes.

Originally releasing back in 1968 the Puma Suede still keeps their popularity going even 50 years after its initial release. The simple look of a sneaker combined with a wonderful suede upper. Makes this shoe a must-have for any shoe collecting fanatic or just a casual wearer.

The Puma Suede also comes in a variety of colours. Since this shoe is Pumas flagship shoe. They’ve made sure that its available in any colour that you can imagine so that you can choose your favourite colour to go with this good-looking sneaker.

Puma has also in recent years included the Puma Suede in some nice looking collabs with different celebrities like Big Sean and Tyakashi. So there also an option for buying some unique versions of the Suedes.

I think that I´ve already established how much Puma cherishes their Suede silhouette, therefore it should come as no surprise, that Puma makes sure that the Suede is available EVERYWHERE. If you go into a Puma store that doesn’t have Suede then they are no legit Puma Store.

Pricing is also a point that Puma hammers home with the Suede. Coming in at only 65$ for a retail pair. Makes the Puma Suede one of the most affordable classic sneakers that you can buy on the market right now.

All in all, if you were to buy a pair of shoes from puma I would highly recommend the Suede. It looks good, It’s cheap and it’s sure to have some compliments thrown your way.


The Puma Ignite Evoknit

In recent years Nike and Adidas have tried to innovate athletic footwear by creating powerful running shoes who have a more casual lifestyle look. Most companies won´t try to imitate this direction since Nike and Adidas have more money to further advance their shoe technology. But not Puma are willing to enter the competition. And they´ve done it with the Puma Ignite Evoknit.

The Ignite Evoknit is their take on how an athletic lifestyle shoe should be and while they don´t focus heavily on the casual look they have created a rather good looking training shoe in my opinion.

The Evoknit series had many shoes but the one we are looking at here is the Ignite model constructed in a sock-like manner which comes in complete Evoknit.

When it comes to the Evoknit series they are rather hard to come by since they are regularly switched out. And the Evoknit Ignite is on its way out as well. You are most likely to see it at sales racks or maybe a Puma outlet. But they have been released as a regular shoe so quantities may differ from store to store.

The Puma Ignite also comes in a variety of colours although they are mostly dark colours. They are some few brighter ones like white and yellow. But if you are not into those colours then that’s too bad.

The pricing of the shoe isn´t too bad either coming in at 130$ retail. It’s definitely more than what you would give for a Puma Suede. But when you compare it to other shoes in the same class as the Adidas Ultraboost or the Nike Vapormax. its a fairly good price.

As I’m writing, this Puma actually has a sale going for almost all their Ignite models. So if you´re lucky. You might actually get them a half price., and if not. Then I’m sure that you will be able to find this model marked down whether you are going to an outlet or a regular Puma store.

All in all, I think its a great shoe. I would definitely pick a Suede over the Ignite any day of the week. But when you think about that this is competing in the same league as the Ultraboost and Vapormax. I would say that Puma did a good job here.


The Puma Thunder

First, it was athletic lifestyle shoes. And now its the rebirth of dad shoes.

Dad shoes have seen a comeback with the likes of the Yeezy Rat 500 and the release of the newer Balenciaga models. And also, of course, the Nike Air Monarch. Puma hasn’t let this new trend pass them by though as they´ve released their own type of dad shoe. The Puma Thunder.

The Puma Thunder comes in different versions, like The Puma thunder Desert, The Puma Thunder Electric and most recently The Puma Thunder Spectra. Chances are if you´ve seen any popular dad shoes from Puma popping up on your feeds. It’s most likely the Thunder Spectra and there’s a good reason for that.

The complete blown out proportions of the shoes combined with a rather good quality leather and mesh upper, Makes the Spectra look rather special. And it’s safe to say that the Spectra is the most popular of all the Thunder shoes.

Not saying that the rest suck but if I were to choose a Thunder shoe. I would definitely go with the Spectra.

The availability of the Puma Thunders is rather difficult to pinpoint.

Online you see that Puma states that they are mostly sold out of any thunder shoes. But people on the internet state that while they may be sold out online. They are still able to find Thunders in stores and at a rather high quantity level.

So if you don´t manage to find your size online I would suggest going to your local Puma store or just sneaker store in general.

Colour is also something that I think the Thunder shoes do right. They combine a bunch of colours for the Electric and Spectra models. But despite this, they never seem to be out of place and they actually fit the shoe in my opinion. Even if you don´t like multiple colours. Their Thunder Desert series gives you the option to pick a thunder shoe who only utilizes one colour all throughout.

The retail pricing of the Thunder shoes is just like the Evoknit Ignite relatively high. Coming in at 120$ for a pair. But unlike the Ignite which competes with other athletic lifestyle shoes, The Thunder competes against dad shoes and paying 120$ for a pair of dad shoes is rather high, considering you can get Monarchs for half the price.

And if you are willing to throw in another 50$. You can get one of the best dad shoes out there. The New Balance 990v4 which will last you a lot longer than any Puma Thunder shoe

I would say. If you like the model and the colours that you see, then go buy them. But if you are looking for the best dad shoe. Then I would suggest looking into the Nike Air Monarch or maybe the New Balance 990v4.


The Puma RS-0Sound

I know that I said that the Puma Evoknit Ignite was Pumas take on the athletic lifestyle shoe. But when comparing it to this final shoe. The Ignite comes off as more of an Ultrboost imitation while The Puma RS-0Sound is Pumas true take on the athletic lifestyle shoe scene.

The Puma RS is one of Pumas longest running shoe models. Which have seen many changes throughout the years.

Starting off as a regular running shoe. The RS-0Sound has now been changed into an affordable athletic lifestyle shoe which focuses on comfort and simple looks.

Coming in a great looking leather upper with a traction sole for a firmer grip and a midsole utilizing Puma RS cushioning technology.

The RS-series has always been a big deal to Puma meaning that the new releases of the RS-0Sound models should be highly available anywhere that pushes Puma products. The website is also filled with different sizes and a good amount of stock.

When it comes to colours the is unfortunately for now rather limited. Coming in two blue and white/black schemes, two lighter pink and red schemes and the classic full black and full white colours. The shoe is still rather new and I’m sure that more colourways are bound to release in the coming months.

The price of the RS-0Sounds is also rather nice coming in at only 100$ retail. It’s significantly lower than any other shoe in the same class and you wouldn´t even be able to tell when looking at it.

All in all, I think the RS-0Sound is a good choice if you are looking for an athletic casual sneaker which doesn’t exceed 150$ and with more colours on the way. You are bound to find a pair that suits you.

Final Words

Well, that’s all I had for this shoe inspiration article. I hope you found some new interesting shoes you want to buy and if not, then I at least hope you had a good read.

Leave a comment down below with whatever Puma shoes you are going to buy or want to buy or if you have a suggestion for my next list!


  1. I love all the history and details you give about the shoes and why they exist in this post. I mainly read this post because I work at a second-hand store where I come across Puma shoes all the time, and am never quite sure what to price them for. Are they good shoes? How good? Where do they stand with other brands? All your details and explanations went a long way toward answering my questions. Thanks!

  2. I really liked how you started off your review of Puma products with the story! That was really cool, I’ve never heard that before.

    Your imagery is really nice! It is nicely spaced out with these images, short paragraphs. It is written quite readably. I had no problem keeping on reading through. It definitely kept my interest up.

    Obviously the different features of shoes are important – but almost just as important for a lot of people are the colours that they come in!

    A nice site! Definitely a go-to site for considering my next shoe purchase. Keep up the good work!

  3. great options. Came to read about some shoe options and even got some history about the origin of Puma.

    Very interesting story and had no idea that was how it was formed.

    Anyways, thanks for some great info about the different option. Love the Puma Suede design and style so think I will go for that.


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