Scholl Gel Insole Review – The Comfortable Solution For You?


I´ve briefly mentioned in one of my articles, how I´ve owned a couple of shoe insoles throughout my life and how they changed my everyday walks from normal, to rather comfortable.

I bought my first pair of insoles together with a pair of shoes that were one size too big for me.

At this point, I had never tried wearing insoles before but not only did these insoles make me fit into my new shoe perfectly. They also made my everyday walks sooooo much comfortable.

With time insoles tend to wear down. That’s just a fact with almost anything, but when it happened to my insoles I actually didn´t go out and look for a new pair right away.

It wasn’t until I faced the same problem again that I bought myself a new pair of insoles. I had bought a Pair of Air Jordan 6´s and while they were bought in the size I normally used.

They were still too big, so I thought back on the last time I faced the same problem and fixed it by buying myself a pair of Scholl Gel Insoles and the question is now. Are they something YOU should buy?


What Is Scholl?

Scholl is an American company that deals in products that take care of your feet. Whether we are talking about simple things like making your walks more comfortable or more difficult things like how to treat dead skin. Scholl got you covered.

Now, let’s say you are looking for insoles for your shoes, what makes Scholl so special? Well, they are a company that has existed for 110 years, so they have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to taking care of feet. Not only do they sell products for your everyday feet problems.

They also publish a lot of information on their website about the best ways to take care of your feet, and also what options are available for your current problem.

All that sounds pretty good but how well do their Gel Insoles stack up against the competition and are there any downsides?

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The Pros

Is The Comfort Worth It?

Talk to anyone who´ve ever purchased an insole for their shoe and I guarantee you that 9/10 will say “oh yeah, it´s definitely worth it”.

At the time of writing this review, I´ve owned Sholl Insoles for about 9 months and used them primarily to help fill out my Air Jordan 6´s. And not only do they do the job.

But the extra comfort that comes with walking on Gel insoles are well worth the price. Even if you don´t end up buying insoles from Scholl. You should definitely look into buying some insoles from another company your feet will love you for it!



One of the things that many people might ask themselves when looking to buy insoles is “are they going to fit into my specific shoe?”.

Well one of the things that Scholl has going for them is offering three different types of gel insoles for different types of occasions, those being everyday, sports and running.

I´ve only tried out the soles meant for everyday use so I´ve had to research what the difference was between the models and found out that there were two things that make the soles differ from each other.

1. They have a slightly altered form to compliment the shoes that are worn for the specific purpose

The everyday sole fits best into everyday casual shoes like sneakers and leather shoes.

The sports sole fits best into shoes made for athletic performance.

The work sole fits best into shoes and boots that are made for the working environment.

2. They have a slightly different shock absorption patterns. This is done to better compliment the different areas that are going to be heavily exposed when you use them for your chosen activity.

From what I´ve read there isn’t THAT big of a difference between the models. But it is still nice to have options made available to you.


One Size Fits All

When I say that one size fits all it doesn’t mean that the insole will alter itself magically to every size (although that would be pretty impressive).

What I mean by one size fits all is that you don´t have to worry about buying an insole for your specific size, since all Scholls Gel Insoles comes in a size UK 7-12 for men and in a UK size 3.5-7.5 for women, and then asks YOU, to cut down to your specific size.

Some may call this busy work but its pretty standard with almost all insoles on the market, and it is nice to see that it is also used here so you don´t have to worry about buying an insole in the right size. You just buy the insole and then cut it to fit the shoe you want to use it with.


Turn Bigger Shoes Into Your Size

I´ve already mentioned the benefit of the insoles adding an extra size if you own a shoe that is too big for you.

But I can´t understate the joy of going from being let that down over your shoes being too big, to then having them fit perfectly. It´s like something taken out of a Cinderella movie.

It’s a really effective and cheap solution if you have bought a pair of shoes that you absolutely adore and want to wear but unfortunately, are a size too big.

And the added comfort is just icing and an already delicious cake.

Now that I´ve mentioned the good parts lets get down to the parts that are really interesting. The bad ones


The Cons


As I´ve mentioned I´ve had my Scholl insoles for about 9 months and used them primarily for my Air Jordan 6´s. I´ve had these shoes in a rotation of 3 and only used them for everyday walks and by now the insoles are pretty much worn out.

I would say that I´ve used these shoes less than the other two in the rotation and I have also worn other shoes than those 3.

If I had to give an estimate of the lifespan you can expect from these insoles I would say that you are looking at around 5-6 months of everyday use before they become unusable, maybe less if you intend to use them heavily due to long work hours.


Problems With The Sizing

Even though Scholl marks the back of the soles with sizes, so you know how much you need to cut to hit your specific size.

Many customers have reported that the size marks shown on the insole can be inconsistent. And this can become a problem because once you´ve cut down and found out that the soles are missing a bit on the end, it’s already too late.

So if you intend to buy, I would recommend you stop at around one or two sizes above your own and then slowly try out each size before cutting further down.

Scholl does offer to help you out though if you experience a problem like this. You just have to get a hold of customer service and then prove your purchase. It´s nice that they do this but I still think it is an annoying hassle to go through if you have followed the instructions on the box accordingly.


The Price

One of the great things about the Insole market is that there are various companies to choose from. This, of course, leads to healthy competition and results in greater prices for the consumer.

Scholls Gel Insoles are definitely not the cheapest on the market, with prices ranging from 10-15 £ or 10-20$ online.

That price may also be higher if you intend to buy them at a retailer.

The cheapest price I could find online was at at 10.66£ and at at 10.88$.

If you think this price is too high in your opinion, then as I´ve stated before there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there.

Final Verdict


While it may not be a perfect product it serves up to its intended purpose and it does it very well. I would say that if you work long hours where most of that time is spend either walking or standing up I would say that buying a pair of Scholls Gel Insoles is a no-brainer.

I´ve personally worked at a fast-food chain, where we were running and standing up a lot during our shifts, and it just made my hours more bearable that I had switched my ordinary soles out for Scholl insoles.

If you just want a little bit of extra comfort in your everyday life.

I would suggest you try these out. In my opinion, they are well worth the asking price, just make sure that you can actually take out your insole if you intend to use them with a shoe in your normal size since they do fill up quite the space inside your shoe.

If you want to buy them cheap at Amazon then click here for men sizes and here for women sizes.

I hope you found my review useful and if you have any questions regarding the insoles in question or about insoles in general. Then leave a comment down below and I would happily get back to you

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