Sneaker Releases (Week 33)

So this is my first post of many in my new segment that is Sneaker Releases. I will be covering a couple of interesting releases that I think any sneaker enthusiast should look out for and should consider buying. I will try to deliver information that is as accurate as possilbe but keep in mind that this is very difficult due to the fact the relese information has a tendency to change even in the weel up until release but enough talk about that lets tlak relases!

Sneaker releases this summer had been crazy!

We´ve seen the likes of the Air Jordan 1 Off White UNC, The Van Gogh Vans collection, The Yeezy 350 v2 Butter and many more.

This week we are looking at 3 high profiled releases which i´ve picked out as the best releases this week. This is solely my opinion and if you disagree with me that is fine. I will also display where to can buy them, the time and date, the price and also the Cop diffulty.

For those of you who don´t know what Cop difficulty is. It basically means how difficult it is going to be to buy the shoe in question. and it will be displayed in a Green, yellow and red category where green is easy and red is very difficult and also an explanation why.

The reason for this may be that they are a special release that everyone wants, or that the numbers are VERY limited. But enough talk lets take a look at this week’s releases



The Nike React Element 87 “Dark Grey/Photo Blue”

Nike has since the beginning of the summer released their new shoe silhouette The Nike React Element 87 in two colourways which were sold out at release and it’s easy to see why

the unique look of the Reacts with their deconstructed upper and the futuristic-looking midsole. Makes this shoe one of the more interesting releases this year and is a welcoming addition to change up the pool of releases from Jordan brand and Adidas which we´ve seen many times before.


This time The React element comes as the name states in a blue and dark grey colourway and even if it isn´t something that falls in your taste you can´t deny that the concept of this shoe at least looks interesting.

Name: The Nike React Element 87 “Dark Grey/Photo Blue”

Date & Time:

US – August 14th, 10:00 AM

EU – August 16th, 9:00 AM

Price: 160$/160€


US: Nike Store/ SNKRS app,

EU: Nike store/SNEAKRS app, Overkill, Sneakersnstuff, 43Einhalb, END

Cop Difficulty: Yellow

Nike has up until this point released two colourways already both being a black and beige pair. Due to this and it being later in the month I don´t think that it will be impossible to cop these shoe, However. I advise that if you like what you see that you stay ready to purchase them the moment they drop because I think they will sell out within an hour of release.



The Air Jordan 4 Raptor

It is finally here.

After much talk about the relationship between Drake and Nike. The Air Jordan 4 Raptor is finally going to release this Saturday.

Paying homage to the NBA team in the city where the rapper si from. The Air Jordan 4 Raptor comes in a majority black colourway with parts of the shoe being painted in both purple and red. The same colours that the Toronto Raptors used to play in.

There have been many rumours surround wether these shoes would release or not. But it seems that Nike has pulled through and we can look forward to the Raptors releasing this Saturday.


Name: The Air Jordan 4 Raptor

Price: 190$

Date & Time:  August 18th 10:00AM

Location: Nike Store/ SNKRS app, Sneakersnstuff, Solebox, Size, Finishline

Cop Difficulty: Red

The Air Jordan 4 Raptors are a very anticipated release, which means that there is going to be a lot of people ready to bey them the moment they release and so are resellers. There is with out a doubt going to be bots so prepare yourself for a defeat because your chances of getting them at retail are slim.


The Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu “Solar Pack”

Its time again for another Pharrell x Adidas shoe to drop.

We have for some time now seen this collaboration drop many pairs here including the “Human Pack”, “Holi Festival Pack” and the “China Exclusive Pack”

This Saturday we are treated to a different kind of NMD, the NMD Hu trail model. up until now, we´ve predominately seen the Pharrell x Adidas collaboration drop shoes using the NMD silhouette and quite frankly the two models don´t have that many difference besides one of them being made for a more hike friendly environment.

One of the many questions that surround this release is why would Adidas switch the silhouette? My guess is that the NMD Hu isn´t selling that well and maybe including it in a Pharrell x Adidas collaboration may help push the silhouette a bit more.

Whatever the reason may be. no one can deny that these shoes look interesting, to say the least. taking inspiration from African culture the NMD Hu solar pack is definitely another colourful addition to the Pharrell x Adidas collaboration

Name: The Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu “Solar Pack”

Price: 250$

Date & Time: August 18th 00:00 AM

Location: Adidas´s website, Sneakersnstuff, Solebox,

Cop Difficulty: Yellow

Due to the fact that the 18th will be the release of the Raptor 4s and that fact that we´ve seen a lot of Pharrell Adidas releases and also the price. I personally think that these will not be impossible to buy. But if you like the shoes you should be ready to purchase them the moment they drop.



Dates, prices and locations are prone to change. This article is meant as an overall information piece on this weeks sneaker releases. I try to deliver information as accurately as possible but due to a big portion of misinformation being out there I won´t take responsibility if you miss out on any of these releases because of my article. if there is any misinformation in my article then please point it out in a comment down below and I will fix it as soon as I see it.


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