Sneaker Releases (Week 44)

Its that time of the week again folks!

A new weekend means a new bunch of sneakers being released and I must say, things are getting pretty cold and I’m not just talking about the weather.

I think we are finally beginning to see some of that all wonderful fire being slowly put out because I’m not feeling this week’s releases.

Never the less it is time to look at what this weeks sneaker releases have to offer.


The Adidas Pro Bounce 18 “Unicorn”

I love basketball shoes.

Most of my sneakers were originally created as basketball shoes and most of my favourite sneakers are basketball shoes.

That’s why I think it’s nice to see people like Adidas who isn’t the biggest producer of basketball shoes, trying to create some pairs of their own.

The Adidas Pro Bounce 18 “Unicorn” is Adidas ´s latest take on a basketball shoe and it is also a PE exclusive, given to soon to be all-star Kristaps Porzingis. While Porszingis has unfortunately not been playing due to a serious knee injury. Adidas makes sure that you don´t forget this superstar.

The Adidas Pro Bounce 18 “Unicorn” comes in a black, blue and orange colourway that pays homage to the unicorns own team. Alongside that comes an icy outsole with a depiction of a white unicorn.

While I appreciate Adidas’s attempt to be creative here I personally think that they did a bit too much with it. The unicorn detail is nice and everyone loves an icy outsole( until it yellows that is) but the strange patterns on then Pro Bounce itself is just going overboard. At least in my opinion.

Never the less I appreciate Adidas´s attempt to make it in a Nike dominated market.


Name: The Adidas Pro Bounce 18 “Unicorn”

Date: 1st November

Price: 160$


Cop Difficulty: Green

While I appreciate Porzingis as a player, I just don´t see this shoe being sold out on release day. There is no hype, no history. And the player it is supposed to represent is out on an injury. Maybe in the future, this shoe will become a sought-after shoe. But for now, I think you can easily sleep on this one


The NASA x Vans “Space Voyager” Pack

Now, this is what I’m talking about!

did you really think I wasn’t going to pick the most fire releases this week?!? If you thought so you must be crazy because the next two shoes on this list are definitely some interesting and extremely fire releases.

To start it all off we got The NASA and vans collaboration paying homage to the moon mission years during the 70s and 80s. The pack consists of two vans models, the old skool and the SK8-Hi 46 MTE DX respectively.

Both shoes are being released with full on NASA patches and text in a white and orange colourway for the old skool and a black and white colourway for the SK8-Hi 46 MTE DX.

I don´t think we are going to see a more interesting release this year. We are talking about the OGs of space flight!

Both models have had their soles changed by making it thicker and also giving it some cosmetic changes to make them look more like a moonboot sneaker. As I said before, the Oldskool’s have been detailed with different NASA texts while the SK8-Hi 46 MTE DX have had NASA patches sewn onto them.

I think you know what I’m going to cop this week!


Name: The NASA x Vans “Space Voyager” Pack

Date: 2nd November

Price: 110€ – 130€


Cop Difficulty: Yellow

Due to it being a vans release, I think the stock is going to be more spread out and not be centred on their website. That’s why I think you will be able to find these shoes stocked throughout the day on different websites.

So if you want to buy these shoes, I recommend that you open as many stores as you can and be ready for when they drop. And most importantly DON´T SLEEP!


The Air Jordan 1 “PSG”

I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed in this one.

When I saw the first pictures I was hooked. I wanted the shoe so bad. But now that we are entering the release weekend and I have seen some more pictures of the shoe. And I have to admit that it is pretty bland and I think that Jordan brand could have done a whole lot more with the shoe.

And if the PSG 5s are anything to judge by, they are also going to be a bad quality release as well.

The PSG 1 comes in a black canvas/leather upper with small details on the outsole and on the tongue. I’m not saying that they look bad because I don´t think there exists a bad Air Jordan 1 simply because the model is so classic. I’m just saying that the model looks bland and it looks like they either weren´t allowed to do anything with it or were just lazy with it. although I side more with the former rather than the latter.

I´ve heard there was a more exclusive PSG 1 that was supposed to drop in France, an FnF pair. Hopefully, when it surfaces, it looks better than this.


Name: The Air Jordan 1 “PSG”

Date: 3rd November

Price: 160$

Location: Selected Jordan retailers,, Surprise drop?

Cop Difficulty: Red

Okay finding information about this shoe was weird because its seem like nobody knows ANYTHING about this shoe. It also surprises me that there is not going to be an official Europe release?…..for a shoe from a French soccer team?……WHICH IS PLACED IN EUROPE?!?! This is why I rate this as red because getting this shoe is going to be difficult.

If you remember the way they did the PSG 5 last time, they did it as a surprise drop in the SNKRS app so make sure to check your phone for any drops on the 3rd!


Final Words

as always I would like to point out that I won’t be held responsible for sold out releases due to any misinformation throughout my article as dates, prices an locations can change, even on the supposed release date.

I hope you enjoyed this weekly round-up of the hottest sneaker releases and please feel free to comment down below which shoes YOU are copping this week. As for me, I´m getting a pair of those black SK8-HIs NASAs!

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