Sneaker Releases (Week 34)

Its that time of the week again.

It’s time to look at some of the releases that are going to drop this week.

While we approach the end of summer. We are seeing some rather regular releases that don´t have to much hype surrounding them. And you know what? That is okay.

We can´t have full on hyped and fire releases every week. Otherwise, those special releases wouldn´t be so special now, would they?

Never the less I´ve done my best to gather 3 interesting releases. that I think are the best of what the world of sneakers are going to offer us this week.

So grab a snack or maybe some coffee, and let’s see what kind of sneaker releases we are going to be treated to this week.


Nike Air More Uptempo EU City Pack

The Nike Uptempo has been a surprise for me. When I first saw that Nike was planning to re-release this old school shoe. I thought that Nike had lost their mind and that this shoe wouldn´t sell at all. But boy was I wrong.


The Nike Air More Uptempo City pack contains 3 different shoes that all represent a different city in the EU, those being Milan, Paris, and London. For the Milan pair, you´ve got the shoe representing the flag of Italy with its red, white and green colors. For Paris, you´ve got the shoe comes in a black colorway with a golden finish and glossy details. And for the London pair, you´ve got the shoe coming in different bright watercolors.

All pairs got the iconic “AIR” branding on the sides, alongside a stitched representation of the respective country of each city.

Name: The Nike Air More Uptempo EU City Pack

Date: August 25th

Price: 160$

Location: Footlocker and

Cop Difficulty: Green

Seeing that the pack had an early hreælease online and that this release only covers the rest of the world and in store. I think that these shoes will be easy to buy if you are interested. I would personly go for the London pair. The watercolor scheme is just spot on in my opinion.


C.P. Company x Adidas Samba Pack

C.P. Company has delivered high quality and comfortable Italian sportswear for years and is now teaming up again with Adidas to deliver a collaboration between them and The Adidas Samba

The Samba is one of Adidas good looking casual shoes that a lot of football fans love to wear. When you look at it kind of resembles a football boot or at least how you would imagine a football boot to look if you turned it into a casual sneaker.

The pack consists of two colourways a gray and navy blue pair. Both shoes come in a nylon and suede upper alongside a strong gum outsole, with Adidas iconic 3 stripes on the sides.

Name: C.P. Company x Adidas Samba Pack

Date: August 24th

Price: 109£

Location: EU Only –

Cop Difficulty: Green

The pack doesn’t seem to have that much hype surrounding it just like the previous mentioned Uptempo city pack.

And considering that there are some hyped releases scheduled for next week, I say that purchasing any shoe that’s part of the C.P. Company x Adidas Samba Pack won´t be too difficult. So if you like what you see then don´t worry chances are that you are going to get them


Nike Air VaporMax 95 OG “Neon“

If you we a part of the sneaker culture back in the 90´s chances are that you know what an Air Max 95 is and even if you weren´t I bet that you´ve seen the shoe somewhere.

Nike Air VaporMax 95 OG in the Neon colorway are set to restock this week and while I personally see this shoe as a monstrosity. They did manage to sell out last time so it only makes sense for Nike to restock the shoe again (if only did would do this with the OFF White Chicago ones) so that more people can enjoy the hybrid that is the Nike Air Vapormax

The shoe itself comes with a classic Air Max 95 upper in the iconic neon colorway but switches the bottom out with the sole of a Vapormax to create a fusion between a classic sneaker and technological innovation.


Name: Nike Air VaporMax 95 OG “Neon“

Date: August 24th

Price: 190$


Cop Difficulty: Yellow

While I personally can´t fathom why people would buy this shoe. I can´t deny the fact that it did sell out last time. Considering the high popularity of anything that is Vaporamx I say that this shoe will be rather difficult to cop. I’m not saying that people will have bots ready to check this shoe out as soon as it releases. But buyer beware and stay ready on our computer for then this shoe drops.


Final Words

As I always do at the end of these sneaker release articles I would like to disclaim that dates, prices and locations may change and that I can´t be held responsible if you miss out on a shoe because of my article.

Never the less if you intend to buy any of the shoes listed above then please tell me in a comment below. If I was to pick a shoe out of all the above-mentioned one I would definitely pick the London Uptempo. There is just something cool about that unique color scheme.

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