Sneaker Releases (Week 35)

We are nearing the end of the summer but that doesn’t mean that we are finished with the awesome releases just yet.

Even though we knew it was inevitables it’s still a bit hard to go back to the routine whether we are talking work or school.

But fear not because there is always light a the end of the tunnel and when we get to that tunnel on Friday. Then there will not only be a well deserved weekend but some great sneaker releases as well!

so sit back, relax and let’s see what awesome sneaker releases we are treated to this week!


The Air Max 90/1 “Laser Blue”

I do not like hybrids.

That’s just my personal take on the matter. I think hybrids are completely unnecessary due to the fact that I do not see any reason why you should go and change up a shoe that is already amazing.

But sometimes I get proven wrong. and sometimes one hybrid release that makes me go ” you know what? that actually looks pretty cool” and today it is the Air Max 90/1 “Laser Blue”

Combining the cool looking upper of the Air Max one together with the bottom part of the Air Max 90. You get a rather amazing looking hybrid and one that I would proudly wear.


Name: The Nike Air Max 90/1 “Laser Blue”

Date: September 1st

Price: 160 €

Location: EU – app

Cop Difficulty: Green

like all Air Maxes, This one is going to be a GR. So expected a high number of pairs available. And since Air Max doesn´t carry any kind of hype unless its a special collab.

I don´t expect these to sell out quickly. They may sell out online but I will bet anything that you can go into a sneaker store on release day and buy a pair no matter how late you are to the party



The Air Max Uptempo “George Town”

Last week we talked about the Uptempo EU City pack. Well, it seems as Nike ain´t going to stop releasing Uptempos anytime time soon because this week we are looking at another Uptempo Release called the Uptempo “George Town”.

Some people call this the “Hoyas” but I personally think that we can all agree on that his this is without a doubt a George town colourway. Coming in a grey silhouette with navy blue added to the letters and to the midsole of the shoe. The Uptempo Georgetown makes an exceptional addition to the already big Uptempo family.

I’m not into Upteempos at all but I can imagine that someone who loves this shoe must feel that Christmas came early this year.

Name: The Nike Air Uptempo “George Town”/”Hoyas”

Date: August 30th

Price: 160 $

Location: US – app

Cop Difficulty: Green

Just like with the Air Max 90/1 Laser Blue. I do not think that these Uptempos will sell out on release day since they are a GR. Therefore I believe that you can expect them to be ready for you at any given time on release day if you intend to buy them.



The Supreme x Nike SB Gato

Okay, now that we´ve covered some GR shoes for the classic sneakerhead its time to dive down into this weeks mot hyped release, The Supreme x Nike SB Gatos.

Despite Supreme dropping the ball hard on their last release. They seem to have gotten their head together and are actually releasing a rather nice looking shoe pack if I have to say so myself.

The Nike SB Gato was created as a skateboard shoe and a casual soccer shoe since both types of sports requires soles with a rather firm grip. Nike deiced to fill out that Need with the Gato.

Well, a couple of years later and we are now seeing the skater brand Supreme releasing their own Gatos with their iconic special touch.

The classic silhouette will be releasing in a light blue, white, red and black colourway with the words ” World Famous” stitched on the back.

While I may not be a big supporter of Supreme I can admit when they do release something cool and the Gato collab is definitely cool looking

Name: Supreme x Nike SB Gato

Date: August 30th

Price: 110 $

Location: & Supreme Chapter stores

Cop Difficulty: Red

As with any supreme drop, pairs are going to be VERY limited and bots are going to be on the loose since these shoes do carry the name of some hype beast supreme overlord. If you intend to buy them then mentally prepare yourself for a loss since chances are that you most likely won´t succeed in buying them online.

If I were to recommend a strategy to acquire these shoes then I would suggest going to the store release. At least there you are dealing with people instead of highly trained AI bots.


Final Words

Thas it for this week let me know in a comment below if you intend to buy any of the shoes listed above and I wish you the best of luck this weekend!

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