Sneaker Releases (Week 36)

Well, Well, Well Its that time of the year again.

The sunshine days are over and the grim and windy months of fall are approaching.

If you couldn´t already tell from these two paragraphs. I´m not a big fan of fall. But one of the good things about the colder months of the year. Is that, I get to wear my Jordans again.

Some might ask why I don´t just wear them in the summer? well for one they are really hot and two, I mostly own high top jordans and high top jordans along with shorts just looks bad on me.

But enough about my shoe closet. Let’s take look at some of the hot sneaker releases that we are being greeted to this first week of September. Hopefully, there is enough fire to keep us warm.


The Air Force 1 Low Canvas Pack

I’m not a big Air Force 1 guy. they are admittedly very sturdy shoes that take some time to beat down but I just can´t make myself wear them, at least not the highs and mids. The lows, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

This week we are being treated to some good looking Air Force 1 Lows in the light blue, sail and black colourway.

And just like the name says. The leather of the upper was been switched out for canvas material. I´m Personally not a big fan of canvas material. They have in my experience not proven to be a very sturdy shoe. But since this is going to be a canvas Air Force 1 Low they might prove to be some of the most durable canvas shoes.

Besides the Canvas upper the Air Force 1 Low still keeps all of its other iconic elements like the classic Air Force sole alongside an imprinted “AIR” on the sides.

If you like the Air force 1 Low silhouette and want a model that’s more lifestyle looking. Then this should be an easy cop for you. My personal favourite is the Sail pair.

Name: The Air Force 1 Low Canvas Pack

Date: 6th September

Price: 160$

Location: Sneakersnstuff,, SNKERS/SNEAKRS app.

Cop Difficulty: Yellow

I don´t believe that people are going to be ready with bots to buy this release but I do believe that since its a different material Nike has only produced a Specific amount because they plan on them being sold out on release day. If you like what you see and want a pair of the 3 colourways then I suggest you be ready to buy your pair when they drop.


The Nike Vapormax 95 “Slate”

I´ve expressed in the past how much I hate hybrids.

I´ve mentioned how I feel that a fusion between a classic silhouette and the Vapormax technology results in something which can only be described as a Frankenstein’s monster.

But sometimes I get proven wrong and this release is an example of it.

I´m not sure why but I actually think that the original “Slate” silhouette combined with a blue Vapormax sole actually looks good. Now I’m not sure if I would buy them on release day. But I have to admit that this pair actually looks decent and not ugly,

Just like the fusion other releases. The Vapormax 95 combines the upper of the classic Nike Airmax 95 with a Vapormax bottom thus creating a fusion between the old and the new.

There is not much to say which hasn’t already been said in other similar releases besides that this one actually looks nice and I can understand why people would buy a pair

Name: The Nike Air Vapormac 95 “Slate”

Date: 6th September

Price: 190$

Location:, SNEAKRS app/SNKERS app

Cop Difficulty: Green

Since this Colourway isn´t an OG. I think I can honestly say that these will sit on shelves even after release day. I would recommend that you wait for these to go on sale or wait for them to go to an outlet. But if you really can´t wait to buy a pair then go for it I do not think these will sell out.


Wood Wood x Vans Era “Vans Fans/Fans Vans“

I have a 50/50 relationship when it comes to Vans.

I don´t hate them. But I don´t love them. Some are okay, others are not and for this release, I’m not sure what to think.

What we are being presented here is the Wood Wood x Vans Era “Vans Fans” a very minimalistic approach to the Vans era silhouette. There isn´t much to talk about since the only change about the shoes is the words “Vans Fans” written at the bottom.

My guess is that Wood Wood took a page out of Virgil Ablohs “The Ten” book and asked if Vans was down to the idea. If it weren´t for the official name I would’ve never have guessed that it was a collaboration done with Wood Wood but they look nice never the less.

If you want a Virgil looking Vans Pair to add to your collection then I say go for it. But I don´t think they are for me. I’m going to be in the corner waiting for my re-release of the Chicago Off-White 1´s

Name: Wood Wood x Vans Era “Vans Fans/Fans Vans“

Date: 6th September

Price: unknown


Cop Difficulty: Red

These Vans already Released instore at Wood Wood and were quickly gone. I predict that now that they are doing online releases bots are going to be on the loose. If you really want a pair I suggest you find an in-store release and if you can´t then pray to the sneaker gods when you go for the drop online.


Final Words

As always I would like to clarify that I won´t be held responsible if there should account for any changes in the release line up.

If you have already spotted a mistake, then please let me know down in the comments below. So that I can fix it before the release date. Thanks.

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