Sneaker Releases (Week 37)

Here we go again, folks!

Another week means another bunch of sneaker releases an oh boy do we have some heat going for us this week to keep us warm during this transition period!

not only do we have some great releases this week but it seems as one of my most anticipated drops of the year, the Adidas x Dragonball collection are dropping this month as well so make sure to come back and check for more updates on that if you are as hyped for it as I am!

But that’s enough stalling lets see what we can look forward to in sneaker releases this weekend!

The Air Max Deluxe Black/Dark Grey

To start off this list we are going to look at an ordinary release. But despite that, this is no ordinary shoe.

The Air max Deluxe is one of my favourite Air Max silhouettes right after the 98 and this time it’s releasing in an almost completely black colourway.

The Air Max Deluxe had its comeback this summer. And just like its older brothers, it seems like we can look forward to lots of new colourways in the coming months. We´ve already seen the shoe being used in a Skepta collaboration a couple of days ago and who knows what the future might hold.

The Air max Deluxe comes with a classic Air max 97/98 sole with a 90´s futuristic upper. All incomplete black with a bronze coloured backtap to finish off the shoe.


Name: The Air max Deluce “Black/Dark Grey”

Date: September 15th

Price: 180€/200$

Location:, SNEAKRS app/SNKRS app, SneakersnStuff, Solebox, Endclothing

Cop Difficulty: Green

With all the heat dropping this week. And with a bunch of other Air Max Deluxe releasing this week. I say that buying this shoe will not prove to be a challenge. So if you want to sleep in before buying a pair, I would say go ahead.


ACRONYM x Nike Air Presto Mid 2.0 Pack

Back in 2016, we saw the release of the first ACRONYM and Nike collaboration. This we are going to see the second!

created on the backbone fo the Nike Air Presto Mid. The ACRONYM Presto back releasing this weekend across most sneaker sites and in stores.

coming in 3 different, good-looking colourways the ACRONYM x Nike Air Presto Mid 2.0 Pack is sure to be one of this week’s hottest releases.

The first ACRONYM x Nike Air Presto collab was at first received with some mixed opinions. But after some time people agreed that this was one of 2016s hottest releases and now they are back at it again!


Name: ACRONYM x Nike Air Presto Mid 2.0 Pack

Date: September 20th

Price: 200$/200€

Location:, SNEAKRS app/SNKRS app, SneakersnStuff, Solebox, Endclothing

Cop Difficulty: Red

Just like the release of 2016 I expect bots to be on the loose so prepare yourself for a hard cop. While not saying these are going to be impossible to get online I would wager that you would have better chances of buying them in stores.


The Adidas Yeezy Boost 700

Sweet baby Jesus this is the release that we have been waiting for! The second drop of the Yeezy Boost 700!

As someone who is a part of the sneaker community and who has witnessed the surprise high interest in dad shoes, the Yeezy Boost 700 stands as the king of all dad shoes.

Some say this shoe ignited the interest in dad shoes, to begin with, and while some may disagree. no one can deny the hype surrounding this wonderful chunky look pair of sneakers.

I’m not a dad shoe connoisseur myself but I can respect this shoe for what it is and this weekend we are going to see it drop once more.

To be honest, I think it’s nice that we finally get to see more than just V2´s getting dropped and this weekend it’s your chance to get a hold of properly the most popular dad shoe of the year


Name: The Adidas Yeezy Boost 700

Date: September 15th

Price: 300$/300€

Location:, Yeezysupply, Solebox

Cop Difficulty: HIGHLY RED

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is a Yeezy. And just any Yeezy but a rare Yeezy. And I think I speak for all when I say that we can expect heavy botting on all fronts. If you really want o buy this shoe I would suggest either getting a bot or enter all, and I mean ALL raffles possible and at the same time go for the in-store release because this shoe is gonna go quick!


Final Words

To finish off this weeks sneaker releases I would like to again point out that I will not be held responsible for your missed opportunities or misinformation as information regarding sneaker releases can change on a day to day basis. I encourage any of my readers who are expecting to buy sneakers this week. To look into exact time stamps for the releases and also more sites.

If you would like to talk about which releases you look forward to this week then please leave that in a comment below and I will happily tell you mine!

I wish the best of luck to all of you who are looking to cop Sneakers this week and I will see you next time with next weeks roundup!


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