Sneaker Releases (Week 39)

As we are approaching colder and colder months, I’m happy to say that we are NOT getting any cold releases this week!

If I had to say so myself I honestly believe that we are being heavily spoiled when it comes to sneaker releases and honestly have been for the past few weeks

But enough talk lets dive into this week’s hot sneaker releases!


The Undercover x Nike React Element 87 Pack

When it comes to Japanese fashion, Undercover is a name that you can´t escape. Having established themselves as one of the go-to fashion brands in Japan, Undercover is now ready to present their own take on one of the most popular shoes this year, The Nike React Element 87.

We saw the first two colourways from this pack release back on the 13th, those being the “Volt” and “Lake Side” colourways.

But this Saturday we are being presented to the two remaining colours for his pack, those being the “Green Mist/Linen” and the “Light Beige Chalk/Signal Blue”.

And while we wait for these two to get a better nickname, in the meantime we can appreciate the overall look of these sneakers. Both shoes come in a deconstructed look with the Undercover brand on the sides alongside a see-through upper.

This is the reason why I love sneakers. When you think you´ve seen it all, someone releases this and you remind yourself why you fell in love with the culture in the first place.

And while I may not be able to get myself a pair this weekend (due to stupid bots and Nike not doing anything about it) I’m happy that I can still appreciate these from afar


Name: The Undercover x Nike React Element 87 Pack

Date: 29th September

Price: 180$/140£

Location: SNKERS/SNEAKRS app,,, END, Noirfonce,

Cop Difficulty: RED

It is no secret that these shoes are a limited run collab done with one of Japans most respected fashion brands. and due to this factor and the fact that the last release sold out immediately. I don´t believe this is going to be easy.

If you really want these I suggest trying out all methods. And by that I mean to try all raffles, go to physical stores and be ready online.


The Adidas x Dragonball Z Yung 1 “Frieza”

You have no idea on how long I have been waiting for this.

This is one of those collabs you only get to see once in a lifetime and I am happy to be alive to witness this.

Adidas announced earlier this year that they are going to release a line of Dragonball Z inspired Adidas shoes. And while many hoped to see some boost infused releases, I’m happy to see that Adidas has the balls to use their other silhouettes for his collab. Because let’s face it, there are WAY too many Boost releases right now.

The Yung 1 Frieza utilizes Adidas´s Yung 1 silhouette and come in a combination of purple, pink and also white. The exact same colours as the Dragonball Z supervillain Frieza.

Besides having its colours up to par with the villain it is inspired by, The Yung 1 Frieza also sports a rather nice detail at the bottom part of the laces with what looks to resemble a Dragonball.

This is one of those releases that any Dragonball Z fan is going to want in their collection and you can bet that I’m hyped for it.

But despite Frieza being one of my favourite villains of the Dragonball Z franchise, there is one shoe that im more hyped for and which I’m going to try to spend my money on and that’s the last shoe I’m covering this week.


Name: The Adidas x Dragonball Z “Yung 1 Frieza”

Date: 29th September

Price: 170$/160£

Location:,,,, END, Stoy, Solebox.

Cop Difficulty: RED

Just like the original Dragonball, these shoes are going to be one release that everybody is going to want to get their hands one. The amount of nostalgia that the show carries for us who grew up with it is indescribable.

And you can bet that if it ain’t for nostalgia reasons people are going to buy this, it’s going to be for the resell price so bots be aware and try out every single possible site, raffle and store who is going to have these on release.


The Adidas x The Dragon Ball Z ZX 500 RM “Goku”


sorry, but I can´t hide my excitement.

The ZX 500 RM Goku is the shoe that im going to do everything i can to buy this weekend.

IM almost considering breaking my golden rule of not using bots. But im not going to do that because that’s not what Goku what´ve wanted.

while im not a huge fan of the ZX silhouette I can again appreciate that Adidas did choose one of their more popular mainstream boost models to represent Goku´s shoe.

The ZX 500 RM Goku comes in an orange and blue colourway with great looking denim like details on the side, alongside small stitched pictures of Goku´s flying nimbus on the lower part of the laces.

It’s amazing to see how well Adidas has done this shoe justice, the overall look and the small details are breathtaking and this is sure my favourite Adidas release this year. and you bet that im going to be ready on Adidas´s site to snatch these bad boys!


Name: The Adidas x The Dragon Ball Z ZX 500 RM “Goku”

Date: 29th September

Price: 170$/150£

Location:,,,, END, Solebox,

Cop Difficulty: RED

Just like with the rest of the shoes on this list, there is going to be bots.

Enter raffles, try physical stores and be ready online.


Final Words

As always I hope that you enjoyed my picks for this weekend sneaker releases.

And as always I would like to note that dates can change, prices may vary and overall changes to each individual release can change so do not hold me responsible if you miss out on one of them.

Please feel free to leave a comment on what release you´re personally looking forward to this week!

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