Sneaker Releases (Week 41)

My my, today I saw some of the upcoming releases for October and in case you haven´t seen what Adidas has in store then I would suggest you go look because they are ending this month with a bang.

But we are not talking about the end of October yet, we are barely scraping by the first week and thus we need to look at what is instore for THIS week and let me tell you The SNeaker gods are definitely not disappointing us mortal this week.

The Nike Cortez Basic Slip x Kendrick Lamar

The kendrick lamar name has been seen on alot of sneakers. classic leathers, ventilators, and Cortez’s have all seen a Kendrick Lamar release and today we are treated to another great Kendrick release in the form of the Cortez Basic slip

the shoe itself comes in a full-on velcro upper with the words “house shoes” printed on the tongue of the shoe and adjustable tightening laces at the sockliner.  I’m not sure that I would use these instead of my indoor slippers but I like the overall look and the fact it is a slip-on is also a plus.

I’m personally more at Ventilators guy myself but I can appreciate when rappers try to make their shoe releases stand out and this one is no exception.


Name: The Nike Cortez Basic Slip x Kendrick Lamar

Date: 14th October

Price: 100$

Location:, SNEAKRS/SNKRS app,,,,

Cop Difficulty: RED

like every other Kendrick Lamar release, these are going to sell out and this is mainly due to a combination of limited pairs and hype so be ready on your keyboard to check out the moment they drop and also prepare for bots.


Adidas Futurecraft 4D x Daniel Arsham

this week we are seeing another 4D release in the form of the Danial Arsham 4D and let me tell you that this is one of the most exclusive releases this year.

coming in full on primeknit upper and the famous 4D printed Adidas sole. This shoe is going have sites crashing and people shoving. not only because the 4D series in on itself is a piece of sneaker history but also because resel prices are going to be sky high!

I’m personally not that much into the 4D series but I can appreciate when a big shoe company tries to do something different and that’s something you can´t take away from the 4D.


Name: Adidas Futurecraft 4D x Daniel Arsham

Date: 12th October

Price: 450$/450€


Cop Difficulty: RED

As I said this shoe is not only going to be crazy expensive at retail, but it is also going to be crazy limited. You are most likely only looking at maybe one or two pairs of the same size I stores and there is no way of telling what to expect online (except for bots).

If you do however try to get a hold of these then all I can say is good luck because you are going to need luck, a prayer and a sacrifice to the devil if you want to cop these sneakers.


Atmos X Solebox X Asics Gel-Lyte III “Camo“



I’m sorry for the caps but words can´t describe how hyped I am for this shoe to release.

The Atmos x Solebox x Asics Gel-Lyte III “Camo“ comes in a full-on leather and mesh upper alongside the iconic GEL-Lyte infused sole and while this may not be a Jordan it is still a beautiful shoe to look at

I don’t usually get overhyped for shoe releases. Last time I was this pumped was when the Air Jordan 1 shadows dropped back in April. but this time my blood is boiling for the Atmos X Solebox X Asics Gel-Lyte III Camo and I will be damned if a bot is going to stop me from getting these.

Unfortunately, they are going to release as a Solebox exclude sp what I’m hoping for is essential that everyone forgets that this shoe is dropping this weekend.


Name: Atmos X Solebox X Asics Gel-Lyte III “Camo“

Date: 13th October

Price: 170€




Final Words

as always I would like to note that I won’t be held responsible for instances where you miss out on a release.

information regarding a release can change up until release day and I can´t thus be held responsible for any changes regarding any shoe release that I have mentioned here.

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