Sneaker Releases (Week 42)

It’s that time fo the week again.

It’s time to see what this week has in store for us who hungers after some hot sneaker releases.

October has been good for us so far. We´ve seen the likes of the Waverunner, a new Adidas 4D and my personal favorite the Asics x Overkill collaboration.

This week, however, is more of an interesting release week than a completely burning fire week. This may just be my opinion but enough talk, let’s see what this week has in store for us sneaker release wise.

The GYAKUSOU x Nike Zoom Fly SP Pack

We´ve seen a bunch of Japanese collaboration this October and if this pack is anything to judge by, I don´t think they are ending anytime soon.

If you remember one of the most anticipated Nike shoes this year was the Undercover x Nike React Elements 87 and now the same guy behind those (Jun Takahashi) is back with another hot release in the form of the Gyakusou x Nike Zoom Fly SP Pack.

The back itself consists of 3 different colorways which are a black, a light blue, and what seems to be some kind of midnight blue or purple.

The shoe itself comes in a what seems to be a plastic-like upper that is also see-through, a trend that we have seen storming fourth with the past Nike releases. Maybe we are looking at the next big sneaker trend going into 2019?

The shoe also comes with the traditional Nike logos but also adds Jun Takahashi´s signature crossbones over the heel part of the shoe, with the Gyakuso name on the heel itself.


Name: The GYAKUSOU x Nike Zoom Fly SP Pack

Date: 18th October

Price: 190 $/180 €

Location:, SNEAKRS/SNKRS app,,,,,

Cop Difficulty: RED

I don’t think I have to mention how hard the previous releases similar to this were to cop, and I don´t believe that this will be any different.

If you really want to and cop these without the use of bots. Then I suggest you scout out a physical store and try for the physical release because your chances online are going to be slim.


The Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 “Menta“

I’m not sure if Virgil is spying on me or what because I recall mentioning in the last Off White collab that I covered that I wish he would release and Off White version of the air max 97 and lord and behold he actually did.

Jokes aside I think it was pretty inevitable that we would see and Off White x 97 collab sooner or later. And I’m happy that it turned out looking this good.

The Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 “Menta“ comes in a gray colorway with Virgils signature quotes plastered on the side of the shoe along with a rather unique looking rainbow colored swoosh.

I said that I would be hyped for an Off White x 97 shoe being released but I got to be honest and say that I feel kinda “meh”

I’m not sure if its the gray base but this shoe just doesn’t do it for me. But I´ve heard that there is also a black Off White x 97 on the way which could be interesting too see.


Name: Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 “Menta“

Date: 18th October

Price: 190 €

Location:, SNEAKRS/SNKRS app.

Cop Difficulty: RED

Its an Off White collaboration do I really need to address how difficult this will be to cop?


The BBC x Adidas Hu Collection

At first, when I saw this title I was like “the BBC? The British Broadcasting network? why are they getting a shoe?” until realized that it was a collab done between Pharell Williams Billionaire boys club brand. IM not sure if that was just an accident or if it was intentional.

Never the less, Adidas was in recent weeks been steadily releasing different Pharrell collaborations in the form of the Holi pack, African pack etc.

Now we are seeing a collab done between Adidas and one of the musician own brand Billionaire boys club and I must say that this is, in my opinion, one of the better ones.

The shoes themselves come with a regular Primeknit upper and either a boost or a rubber sole. But the devil lies in the details because the shoes come in a really nice looking multi-color scheme with the NMD having a B on the back of it and also the words “Heart” and “Mind” stitches on the right and left shoe respectively.

The Tennis Hu sports the iconic BBC helmet logo on the back while also rocking a variety of different vibrant colors.


Name: The BBC x Adidas Hu Collection

Date: 20th October

Price: NMD: 250$/250€ – Tennis HU:130$/130€


Cop Difficulty: Yellow

While I do think that these shoes are really good looking. from what I´ve seen from the latest HU Collection releases these won´t be impossible to cop. Now mind you this is a yellow ranking which means that you won´t be able to sleep on these, but I predict that if you are ready one the site at the time of their releases you will be able to cop these especially if you are buying the Tennis HU


Final Words

as always I would like to point out that I WILL NOT be held accountable for any of you missing out because of misinformation in my article.

This is just meant as a way for me to talk about this new releases and therefore shouldn´t be taking a 100% fact since circumstances regarding sneaker releases can change even on the release day itself.

I encourage you so wither look further into these releases or go to the sites that I have listed as location sites.

I wish all of you who are trying to cop any of these shoes listed good luck!

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