Sneaker Releases (Week 46)

With me taking a bit of a hiatus last week, I AM NOW BACK! ladies and gentlemen to tell you about his weeks fire hot sneaker releases.

We are actually approaching a Jordan heavy release week but as always I ONLY like to bring light onto the most interesting or best-looking releases and I’m sorry but the Union LA Jordan 1 is not one of them.

But that enough stalling lets get right into this week’s awesome releases!

Golf Le Fleur x Converse

When talking about Tyler the creator, music is the first thing that pops into normal peoples heads. But if you know a little bit about sneakers, you know that the Gold Le FLeur sneakers are just as important as Tyler’s music because they provide some very needed variation to a very saturated market.

If you google the history of the Golf Le Fleur x Converse line, you will find some very interesting pages talking about how Tyler made this collab happen. I mean the guy basically took his own logo and name. And then proceeded to blaster it all over one of Converses classic models to the point where you can’t even tell if it’s a Converse shoe.

Never the less the Golf Le fleur line has seen some great releases (which I haven´t been able to cop but that’s another story) and this week we are treated to another one.

Coming in a sail and hemp colourway with so-called “parchment” canvas materials, and utilizing the One Star and Chuck 70 HI silhouette. This release is way different than what we have seen previously with the other Golf Le Fleur releases, which had a bigger focus on bright colours, to make sure you stood out from the crowd.

I guess this colour change is appropriate now that we are in the middle of fall but I would´ve liked the hemp colourways to be a bit more smooth like the sail, instead of their current rough looks.

Never the less I’m still not sure if I should go for the sail or not.


Name: Golf Le Fleur x Converse

Date: 15th November

Price: 100$-110$


Cop Difficulty: Yellow

up until now, there have only been a few pairs left after a Gold Le Fleur release. This is mainly due to Converse making sure that there are a good amount of pairs available to the public.

That being said I wouldn´t sleep on these if you really want them. Because chances are that people are going to wanna buy them and if you are lucky, you are left with a few pairs left. And only if you are EXTRA lucky, one of those pairs will be in your size.


The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 “Zebra”

It happened ladies and gentlemen, I have confirmation on that Yeezys are now SITTING ON SHELVES! They are dead ladies and gentlemen, they have now become an easy to obtain shoe and to be honest. I think its a good thing.

Kanye promised everyone Yeezys years ago and it has finally happened. Everyone and their mama are now able to buy real Yeezys for retail and the number of Yeezys available is only going to increase with this weeks “Zebra” restock. And to think that when this shoe initially released people were paying 6-7 times retail because there was a supply problem.

“Well if they are so dead why are you talking about this?”. Well, that’s because I have been awaiting this day. The day that Yeezys died and become just another retail sneaker.

I don´t think I have to say too much about this sneaker. Even if you aren´t that much into sneakers you know this shoe. And this is not a new release, its a restock, but this time its a restock that is going to add another Yeezy to the sneaker stores shelves.

And if you one of the few people who didn´t have money to pay for a resell pair of Zebras. Then I guess Christmas came early for you this year.


Name: The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 “Zebra”

Date: 16th November

Price: 220$


Cop Difficulty: Zzzz

sleep, just sleep


Air Jordan 1 “Rookie Of The Year”

I said this was going to be an Air Jordan heavy release week, but I´ve limited myself to only talk about one Jordan, and that is this Jordan 1.

The Air Jordan 1 “Rookie of the year” pays tribute to Michael Jordans first ROTY award that he got on the 30th of April 1985 for his outstanding performance during that season. Averaging 28.2 points and also making sure that the Bulls went to the playoffs, made sure that MJ went home with this reward.

The shoe comes in a gold harvest and black colourway, which look very similar to the colours of the shirt that Michael wore, during the award ceremony where he got his statue.

This is an important Jordan don´t get me wrong but I honestly think that they could´ve done more with such an important Jordan.

It does look good, and the colours go well with the colours of autumn that we are having. I just expected more from a shoe that carries such an important name.


Name: Air Jordan 1 “Rookie Of The Year”

Date: 17th November

Price: 160$

Location:, SNKRS/SNEKRS app,,,,,,

Cop Difficulty: RED

It’s a Jordan 1 release and there is a bit of hype around it. And even if there wasn’t it still holds a title that means a lot to many big Michael Jordan fans, so scalpers are guaranteed to be there to snatch them up so they can resell them for a profit.

If you really want these shoes I suggest going to your local sneaker store and camp. Because getting these online is going to be a hassle. And if is your only way of getting these, then I wish you good luck.


Final Words

as always I would like to point out that I will not be held responsible for any changes regarding these releases whether it be the date, time, price, region etc.

If you are cooping any of the above-mentioned shoes please feel free to tell me which one in the comment section below!

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