Sneaker Releases (Week 48)

Another week means another batch of good-looking sneakers being released. 2018 has been a good year for sneaker releases, and I’m not just saying that because of the fire Jordan releases I´ve spent too much money on this year.

And just because we are nearing the end, doesn’t mean that the releases are getting any colder.

But enough stalling lets see what sneakers releases we are in store for this week!

The Adidas Ultraboost OG 1.0

March 2015. that marks the date where we witnessed the birth of Adidas´s next flagship shoe, The Ultraboost. And even though it been more than 3 years, the model is still popular as ever and to “boost” that popularity even further. Adidas has decided to release the one which started it all. The Ultraboost OG 1.0

As of me writing this, we are entering the 4th iteration of the Ultraboost series, so it is nice to see that Adidas doesn’t just release a 4.0 Ultraboost with the OG colourway slapped on it. No, they´ve actually gone into the vault and pulled out the original 1.0 model for this release. This just goes to show how serious Adidas treats the Ultraboost.

The shoe itself comes in a full-on Primeknit weave upper, with the mandatory Boost sole. The shoe comes in a black colourway with a really loud purple heel tab. And to finish it off, it also has golden aglets at the lace tips.

The Ultraboost OG 1.0 is a phenomenal shoe, not only because it looks good but because it has now carved itself into sneaker history. Not only was this the shoe that grew Adidas into a brand that overtook Jordan brand. But it was also the shoe (and more specifically the OG 1.0) that showed Adidas that Kanye West was a master at selling shoes.

I’m not saying that we might not have gotten the Yeezys if it wasn’t for the Ultraboost series buuuuuuut…


Name: The Adidas Ultraboost OG 1.0

Date: 1st December

Price: 180$


Cop Difficulty: RED

While the OG might not have sold out on release day back in 2015, there is no way that it is going to sit on shelves this time. You better make sure that EVERY single website that drops the OG is open on your tab when this shoe drops. Because there is going to be bots and people galore!

Pray to Santa that Christmas is going to come early this year because this shoe is going to be difficult to cop.


The Nike PG 2.5 “PlayStation”

Did you know that Paul George was a gamer? I’m not talking about casual either I mean A REAL GAMER. Neither did I, but considering that this guy has had a PlayStation collaboration shoe done not once but TWICE NOW, goes to show much much PlayStation means for George.

As someone who´ve dwelled into Marketing law and also learned a bit about how patents and copyright work. I can only imagine what kind of hoops everyone at PlayStation and Nike must have gone through to not only create 1 but 2 Playstation shoes.

The Nike PG 2.5 “PlayStation” is the second PlayStation shoe to release in the PG shoe line. Coming in a grey colour that resembles the OG colourway of the PlayStation one, with small PlayStation details throughout the shoe.

As someone who played a lot on my PlayStation one and even more on my PlayStation 2 back in the day. It really makes me glad to see this kind of shoe is released.

While the PG 2.5 isn´t one of Nikes most hyped models, it’s nice to see it being featured in such a special collab.


Name: The Nike PG 2.5 “PlayStation”

Date: 1st December

Price: 110$

Location: SNKRS app

Cop Difficulty: RED

The first Playstation PG sold out instantly and getting your hands on this one won´t be easier. You better pray to the PlayStation gods that they are on your side. Because this kind of shoe is going to have a lot of people watching the clock tick down for when the shoe drops. And a lot of bots ready to check out instantly.


The Adidas Consortium ZX4000 Futurecraft

A couple of months ago Adidas revealed their new 4D sole technology that looked like something taken out of a sci-fi film. And while it seemed as it would be a one-off thing, I’m happy to see that Adidas implemented the technology in future releases.

The Adidas Consortium ZX4000 Futurecraft utilizes an Adidas ZX Upper alongside as 4D Midsole. The shoe itself comes in a grey colourway with hints of blue, red yellow and tan scattered throughout to give it a more retro look.

I´ve seen people calling this shoe out for being an Adidas version of the Frankenstein monster. This is mainly due to the colourway that they decided to go with. I personally think that it looks great and gives out a retro tech vibe, which seems to be what Adidas was going for.

And I would love to buy these shoes but unfortunately, I DONT HAVE 350$ LYING AROUND TO SPEND ON A PAIR OF SNEAKS ADIDAS!?!?

But all jokes aside, I would love to one day own a pair of Futurecrafts and especially this one. Hopefully, we will one day see a rerelease of this shoe. And hopefully, I will be making more money when that day comes.


Name: The Adidas Consortium ZX4000 Futurecraft

Date: 30th November

Price: 350$


Cop Difficulty: RED

Despite its high price, every single Futurecraft shoe has sold out at release. Even though people are clowning this shoe for not only looking ridiculous but also having a ridiculous price as well. I will bet anything that this shoe will sell out the moment it becomes available.


Final Words

And that’s all I have for this week folks!

As always I would like to point out that I won´t be held accountable for misinformation regarding any of the shoes that I have listed since dates, prices and locations can change even on release day.

If you are copping any of these good-looking sneakers this week let me know in a comment below. I’m personally going for a bit of Ultraboost history this week.

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