Sneaker Savings: Cheap New Balance Shoes

New Balance is a name that carries a lot of weight in the world of sneakers.

Being one of the few companies left that still value high-quality products and classic designs over flashy trends and the constant race for new sneaker technology. New balance has found themselves being in a spot where the can excel at what they are good at.

That being, creating comfortable sneakers that are made to last.

New Balance has in recent years seen ar rather surprising rise in popularity due to the dad shoe trend that we are seeing in the world of sneakers. And it so on happens that one of New Balances all-time classics IS a dad shoe, the New Balance 990v4.

But as with most high quality shoes, they tend to be rather expensive and New balance is no different. Due to their focus on keeping as much of their production domestic as possible. They find themselves needing to up their price to keep that image going, and thus many New Balance shoes are rather expensive when compared to their competing counterparts.

That’s mainly the reason why I´m here, because on Sneaker Savings we scout out the best sites with the best deals when it comes to sneakers, and pull these hidden gems out in the light so that you can save some money on your favorite brands!

And on our first article, we are presenting a site which can save you a lot of money if you love New Balance!


Joe´s New Balance Outlet

No, I am not kidding, this is the actual name of the site and they actually peddle real New Balance shoes for extremely good prices.

Joe´s New Balance Outlet is a site that specializes in New Balance clearance merchandise. Which means that while they do have great deals, it’s not on the newer New Balance models, but on the more older releases and models which haven´t been able to sell out in other stores.

This isn´t all bad though since they still offer some great looking models like the 993, the Koze, the 501 and many more. And just because they deal in clearance doesn’t mean that the size range is limited either.

Joe's New Balance Outlet

Almost any shoe is available in the most common sizes and it is also possible to find models that fit people with wide feet. Although I would like to note that if you are looking for a rather specific shoe size, due to you having big feet or wide feet. Then I suggest you go look at the official New Balance website since it may prove difficult to find your size here.


The Savings

If we are making an article with the words “Sneaker Savings” we got to cover how much you are actually looking to save, money wise. And like most things, it really depends on the shoes you are looking for.

When compared to their original retail price the lowest saving percentage I was able to find was 7%. But since it was on the New Balance 993 it amounted to about 10$. This is, of course, an example of a specific low saving. Most shoes on the site are discounted by at least 20% and can go as high as 60%.


So you are looking at some rather big savings on shoes from a brand that you already like.

Joe´s New Balance Outlet also have some specific categories like “Best Valued” and “100 styles for under 50$” if you are looking to get the absolute biggest bang for your buck.

They also have daily deals going on so you have an incentive to check back daily.


The Smaller Things

Joe´s New Balance Outlet also offers other things than just shoes, like t-shirts, shorts, jackets, and even underwear. It should be noted though that these things are clearance items, so expect some of it to be a bit dated.

Personally, I don´t really care about how old a piece of clothing is or if it is “out of style”. if IT looks good, I look good.

They also have free shipping on orders over 100$ so maybe consider grabbing a t-shirt with your shoes if you are bound to be hit with a shipping charge anyway, might as well get most out of your money, right?


Things To Be Aware Off


Now like most things that are too good to be true Joe´s New Balance Outlet isn´t perfect.

Before making this article I, of course, wanted to make sure that they were a legit website before I began promoting it.

As far as I can tell they, are a legit website that sells authentic New Balance products. The products are of course as I said not the newest models since the site sells clearance merchandise like most outlets stores.

And just like most outlet stores, they don´t provide free return shipping as a part of their policy. This is done to keep their prices low and making sure that the customer gets the best savings. If this turns you off from the site then that’s completely fair. 

That’s why I recommend making sure that you know your New Balance size before buying from the site. Because if you want to return a shoe because of the wrong sizing. You are going to have to pay for shipping.

This may just be a small thing. And some people may say “its an online outlet store, of course,e they don´t do returns”. But this complaint is the most common one when I look up reviews for Joe´s New Balance Outlets.

But if you are the kind of person that knows what they want. And know their New Balance shoe size, you shouldn´t experience problems with buying from this site.


Final Words

If you are the kind of person who is looking for some cheap New Balance shoes, whether it is for running or maybe just to walk in. Or if you want to look for some older models that you can´t seem to find in physical stores anymore.

Then I would suggest going to Joe´s New Balance outlet store. They are cheap, they have a pretty good variety. And if you are a fan of New Balance you should at least go check it out.

Hope you found my article yourself. This is the first one in my new series of trying to find great places for people to save some money on sneakers.

If you have any suggestions for similar sites that I should cover or if you have a general comment to the article. Then feel free to leave it down below.

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