Sneakers For Women

Up until this point, I´ve mainly focused on different kind of shoe brands for men. And then today it hit me.

I haven’t talked about sneaker options for the everyday women!

it’s not that I haven´t thought about writing an article that targeted shoes for women specifically. But I just didn´t know what kind of sneakers women prefer to wear. And if there even are differences between the two genders.

But today we are going to change that!

I´ve been talking with a bunch of my female friends, scouting out what women like to wear in my city and also done some research online to find out what the best choices are when talking about sneakers for women.

It may have been overkill. But I can´t make an article that recommends a shoe. If I don´t have a good amount of data to go by, that’s just the kind of person I am.

Nevertheless, I´ve compiled 5 great options when it comes to sneakers for women.

This article is going to be a bit different content-wise since I’m not looking at the best a brand has to offer. But rather, what are the best sneakers for women out there.

I do still have my criteria. But I’ve added an extra one to accommodate the women aspect of this article. The criteria are as follows.

  1. The shoe must be widely available
  2. They must have a good amount of colour options
  3. They must be relatively affordable
  4. They must be available in women sizes

I also want to note that this is taken from personal experience, and from the experience of what I´ve seen, read and heard.

I do not claim to know anything about sneakers for women. But what I do have is a good idea of what women prefer to wear and what looks good on them.

But enough talk lets get into some great choices when it comes to sneakers for women.


The Converse All Star Chuck Taylor/Ox

I know they are by name two different shoes. But let’s be honest, one of them is just a “low” version of the other.

I´ve talked about the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor in my “Converse Shoe For Men” article I wrote some time ago. And how the Chuck Taylor All Star still looks good even though it was first introduced back in 1917! This shoe is over 101 years old!

But despite its old age, the look of the Chuck Taylor Allstar still holds up to this day and it’s easy to see why.

The simple combination of a canvas upper alongside a simple rubber sole. Makes this shoe the most iconic sneaker in the world. And it is also the most frequent shoe I´ve seen a woman wear.

I’m not sure if its the look or the number of options you get with the Chuck Taylors. But those women I´ve talked to can all agree that a pair of Chuck Taylors is something that you NEED in your shoe collection. And if my personal experience is anything to judge by, it seems that most woman can agree to that.

The Chuck Taylor is also a rather easy shoe to recommend to anyone.

It is a Flagship shoe for Converse, so if your local retailer carries Converse products changes are that they have Chucks instore.

As I´ve also mentioned in my other article, the amount of options you have with the Chuck Taylors is amazing. Not only do you get to choose from all of the colours of the rainbow. But you also have frequent collaboration releases which are actually produced in decent numbers. And are affordable.

And even if you don´t like the high top cut of the Chuck, don´t worry because the Converse All Star Ox is basically, as I´ve mentioned before the same shoe (as long as you search “All Star Ox” and not “One Star Ox”) but with a lower cut.

I mentioned that the special releases of the Chuck Taylors were affordable. Well, the original shoe in question is also quite affordable coming in at a retail price of only 55$/55£ and the low version at 50$/50£.

Even though its listed as the first shoe, if I were to choose a shoe to buy on this list it would be the Chuck Taylors. There is nothing that beats a classic.

If you are reading this around the time that this article is published, and are considering buying a pair of Chucks or Ox´s. Then you are in luck because converse has just released some extremely good looking colourways for the fall season. And also some good looking leather versions of the Chucks and Ox models on both their US and EU sites.

They are indeed more expensive than the originals but I think they look amazing! And I’m definitely buying a pair of the black Converse Chuck 70 Trek Techs for my collection.


The Fila Disruptor II

This is one of those shoes I have to admit I do not understand.

Don´t get me wrong, I love sneakers and I do respect other peoples choices when it comes to footwear. But just because I respect it does not mean I understand it.

This particular shoe was mentioned by one of my female friends and then agreed on to be a good sneaker by my two other female friends.

The Fila Disruptor II is a throwback shoe from the 90´s that comes in a leather upper with a chunky midsole to finish off the model.

I have no idea how this shoe became popular. But from what I can gather they had their rise to fame by being released around the same time as the famous Balenciaga Triple S.

A designer shoe that takes the Chunky part of a 90´s shoe to an extreme by including 3 DIFFERENT SOLES IN ONE SHOE. Oh, and did I mention that a pair costs 850$?

The Filla Disruptor II apparently got a boost in popularity because a lot of fashion articles say, that this shoe looks a lot like the Balenciaga Triple S. I don´t really see it but that may just be me.

Despite my inability to see why people like this shoe so much. I can´t deny that women seem to like this sneaker and some even dare to call it a must buy sneaker for women in 2018 if you were to believe most Instagram models.

If you do have seem to like what you see, then you are in luck because the Fila Disruptor II is considered a general release, meaning that it is highly produced.

Since Fila doesn’t have that big of a presence as they used to. They don´t have official stores filed with Fila products. But most clothing and shoe retailers like urban outfitters, JDsports etc. carry the Disruptor II.

But what about colour options? Well The Disruptor II is no Chuck Taylor so don´t expect to find it in all of the colours of the rainbow.

That being said, the Disruptor II does come in an acceptable amount of colour variation, ranging from the traditional black, white and grey. To more lively colours like navy blue and even pastel colours.

Again it doesn’t come in all of the colours. But I would say that they have an acceptable amount available

Remember I said that the Balenciaga Triple S costs 850$?

Well, fortunately, the Disruptor doesn’t. Coming in at a retail price of about 65$/80£.

This price does, however, fluctuate with different “premium editions” but for a popular shoe in 2018 I would say that it is affordable.

So if you like what you see then I suggest you go ahead and buy a pair.


The Puma Suede

ah yes, another classic sneaker.

The Puma Suede is without a doubt Pumas most popular shoe and one that I praise highly in my article about Puma shoes for men.

The Puma Suede comes in a good-looking suede upper with an ordinary rubber sole to finish it off. And just like with most classics. It’s this simple and yet amazing look that makes The Puma Suede into the classic that it is today.

I´ve personally owned a bunch of Suedes in my lifetime and I´ve loved every single one and so has those women I´ve talked to.

They told me that The Puma Suede is one of those shoes you can wear with almost anything. The simple look together with the fine suede upper makes it easy to match with most outfits.

And while I don´t worry too much about how my clothes match with my sneakers. I do agree that The Puma Suede fits with almost anything. That’s one of the indicators of a sneaker being a classic.

It’s no secret that the Puma Suede is Pumas most popular shoes and you are bound to find a pair in any shoe store that sells Puma products.

It is also one of those shoes that gives you a lot of options. If you just want a Puma Suede in your favourite colour then Pumas got you covered, because the Puma Suede is more or less available in any colour that you can imagine.

And if you want a unique looking Puma Suede then Pumas got you covered as well, because the Suede is a highly used shoe model, for Pumas collaborations. With possibly the most popular one being the one done with Rihanna.

The shoe is technically called The Puma “Creeper” but it’s honestly just a Puma Suede with a thicker sole.

Price is also something that the Puma Suede has going for it, coming in at only 65$/65£ at retail. A great price for a classic shoe if you ask me.

So if you´ve never owned a pair of Puma shoes before, then I suggest looking into the Puma Suede for your first purchase.


The Asics GEL-Lyte III

I´ve also recently made an article about the Asics brand where I mention the Gel-Lyte III and how amazing the shoe is.

The suede/mesh upper alongside that GEL infused midsole. Makes this shoe a beauty to look at. And it is severely underappreciated and underrepresented in the sneaker community.

This is also taken from one of my female friends who told me that the GEL-Lyte III´s is her other favourite sneaker to wear, besides the Converse Chuck Taylors.

She told me that the comfort you get with the GEL-Lyte III´s is amazing and the overall look of the shoe is also a huge plus.

While my other female friends in my group didn´t know how to feel about the GEL-Lyte III´s since they hadn´t owned a pair. I agreed that the GEL-Lyte III´s are amazing and deserve more recognition than they have because they are truly a magnificent piece of Japanese footwear at its best.

The GEL-Lyte III is both a hard and easy shoe to find. By that, I mean that if you can find a store that peddles Asics products. You are bound to find the GEL-Lyte III since it is one of their most popular shoes. If you aren´t able to find a physical store though then I suggest looking online.

When it comes to colour options for the GEL-Lyte III´s, Asics knocks it out of the park. Because the GEL-Lyte IIIs have some of the best colourways that I´ve ever seen on any shoe model. Asics didn´t just decide to make the GEL-Lyte III´s available in full on rainbow colours. But they also decided to create amazing looking colour blocking combinations for their shoes.

I´ve never seen a company release so many different versions of the same shoe and making almost all of them look great.

The GEL-Lyte III´s is truly an example of a shoe model being treated right and I promise you that if you like the look of the shoe. You are without a doubt bound to find it in a colourway that you like.

The price of the GEL-Lyte III´s is rather high when compared to the other shoes on this list, coming in at 110$/85£ retail. It is as I mentioned a lot higher than the other shoes on this list. But believe me when I say that it is money well spent.

And if you still think its a bit too high, then I suggest you go looking at listings on eBay, where you can get some pretty great deals on some used pairs,


The Air Max 95

Just like with the Fila Disruptors, women seem to really love the Air Max 95. I’m not saying that women can´t wear the shoe or that it is exclusively a men’s shoe. But what I am saying is that I don´t understand why its the 95 specifically?

I´ve seen a bunch of women wear this exact shoe and almost none wear any other Air Max model. Not even the more commonly known Air Max 90 model. And definitely not my own favourite the 98 model.

Whatever the reason may be, I can´t deny that they do look good on their feet and I guess that’s just the result of a shoe model done right.

The shoe comes in leather upper with the traditional EVA midsole with a Nike Air Unit.

Fun fact, the Air Max 95 was actually the first Air Max shoe to feature visible air units on the front foot

The availability of the Air Max 95 is pretty good considering the other Air Max classics that Nike wants to keep releasing. The 95 has a steady chain of new releases almost every month so stores that carry Nike products should always have some Air Max 95s available but if not then you are sure to find them online.

As I mentioned before Nike releases Air max 95s frequently, that goes for re-releasing classic colourways too and also introducing new ones. So colour options are not something that the 95 lacks

The price for a pair of 95s at retail is rather high, coming in at 160$/130£ it’s the most expensive shoe on here but remember that these are just retail prices.

If you were to poke around on the internet, I bet you that you will find deals and saving that brings that price down heavily. Outlets are also a great option to consider for some cheap 95s since most models are heavily produced and are bound to hit outlet stores.

But if you don´t like going outside to look for deals then there is always eBay.


Final Words

I hope you found my sneaker for women article interesting and I hope it helped you ease some considerations for what shoes to buy next. And if not, then I at least hope you had a good read.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more articles like these which focuses on women’s shoes and also let me know what shoe on this list is your favourite!

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