Jordan Shoes For Men

When it comes to Jordan shoes for men it can difficult to choose which one to go with. Sneakers are expensive especially those from more well-known brands like Nike, Adidas and in this case Air Jordan.

When you first look up the different Jordan models it may seem overwhelming at first when you look at the 32 different models! but I’m here to tell you that it’s actually not that difficult to choose a model to go with and today I’m going to go through some of the best Jordan shoes for men

This article is primarily for people who want to use Jordan casually. This is not for people who are looking to see which Jordan shoe is the ideal one to use on a basketball court

One of the first things you need to know about Jordan shoes is that a lot of people who enjoy sneakers from Jordan brand can agree that any Jordan after the Air Jordan 14 is not worth mentioning. Michael Jordan himself left basketball after the 14th shoe and for some reason, Nike decided to continue creating new Jordan shoes.

The Problem with this is that most of the talented team behind the Air Jordan 1-14 either left Nike when Jordan stopped playing or moved on to other projects, so both the looks and focus switched and that’s why most people in the Air Jordan community don´t talk highly about any Jordan after the 14th.

So you really don’t have to worry about any Jordan shoe that came after the Air Jordan 14 but if you decide to look them up anyway and feel that they are actually cool and want to buy them, then more power to you


The Air Jordan 1 – Can´t Beat A Classic

The Air Jordan 1 was Jordan’s first shoe to bear his name. Most of the Design itself is heavily inspired by the Nike Air Dunk but small details like the higher cut, different sole and different placing of the swoosh make this shoe different enough that you can spot it a mile away when you see it down the street.

It’s also one of two Jordans to bear the old school wings logo, something that you only find on the air Jordan 1 and 2.

The shoe comes in a high top cut with a full leather upper and A traditional rubber sole at the bottom, with Nike branding on the tongue.

it’s obviously not for everyone, it was initially created as a basketball ball shoe hence the high top cut for better ankle support. But many people including myself find this detail to be more of a positive thing since it really makes the shoe stand out when you compare it to other more low cut sneakers

Another thing to note is that most Air Jordans are not possible to buy new, while you may see other Jordan shoes on shelves. The Air Jordan 1 High models typically sell out on release day, and since Jordan brand don´t mass produce these shoes, it’s only possible to get some specific pairs by buying them second hand.

If you choose to go with the Air Jordan 1 and you want to get them at retail prices you are in luck because the Air Jordan 1 is actually cheaper than other Jordan shoes with a retail pricing coming in at 160$ while any Jordan model after that comes in at 225$.

If you want to buy the Air Jordan 1 at retail pricing you have to be at either the Nike website or your local sneaker store at the time of release because these shoes sell out fast and the only way you will have a chance to buy a pair is if you put in the effort.

You may be thinking that this is a lot of hassle to go through just to buy a sneaker but it’s not an impossible en devour and at times it can actually be fun. Just make sure you are on the Nike website at the time of release if you are looking to buy a pair of Air Jordan 1´s then you should have a good chance of getting it for retail

If you are reading this and have already decided that you want your next shoe to be an Air Jordan 1. The next big release of the Air Jordan 1 is the Air Jordan 1 shadow and it releases on the 14th of April 2018 on Nike’s website. Good luck if you intend to go for it!


The Air Jordan 4 – Taking Flight

The Air Jordan 4 is the 4th shoe in the Jordan line and it´s also one of the most popular models too. With a great story behind the shoe itself and alongside a very great looking design. The Air Jordan 4 is regarded by many to be the best low cut Jordan shoe out there

The Air Jordan 4 itself is a low cut shoe that comes in a full suede upper alongside a sturdy rubber sole. The shoe itself has a lot of small details like the side “wings”, the netted padding on the mid of the shoe and the back tap that either display “Nike Air” or has a Jumpman logo depending on the year of release.

The Air Jordan 4 is another great Jordan shoe to buy if you like your shoes to be low cut. It’s a great sneaker to use in the summer alongside shorts since I personally find higher top shoes goes badly with shorts. And like many other Jordans, the Air Jordan 4 comes in a bunch of different colours so you are sure to find a pair that you like

One of the drawbacks of the Air Jordan 4 though is the midsole paint. The shoe itself uses and acrylic leather paint coat and since it’s located on the midsole itself. It’s inevitable that it will begin to crack with time because of the pressure that is put on it.

It’s not really possible to avoid this since it would require you to walk in a really careful way that is almost impossible in everyday life. But luckily while it may be impossible to avoid the paint cracking, it’s actually something that you yourself can fix! And it’s a really easy process too, that is mentioned in my previous article

A fun piece of trivia about the Air Jordan 4 is that this shoe was made famous because of a shot that Michael Jordan made which was creatively named “The Shot” try googling it and see what you get


The Air Jordan 3 – The Jumpman

The Air Jordan 3 is the 3rd shoe in the Jordan line and is another big favourite among sneaker enthusiast. Many people debate whether the Air Jordan 3 or 4 is the best low cut sneaker and while most people tend to lean towards the 4, there’s a good reason why the Air Jordan 3 is beloved by so many

The Air Jordan 3 comes in a low cut, with a full leather upper alongside a rubber sole and back tab that either display “Nike Air” or the Jumpman logo depending on the year of release, just like the Air Jordan 4.

Alongside that comes a unique detail which is the elephant print that you will find on the back and on the front of the shoe. To most people, something like this may seem a bit too much but it really makes the shoe stand out from the crowd

Another great thing about the Air Jordan 3 is that it’s the most durable of the bunch. The guy behind the shoe is named Tinker Hatfield and when he was creating the shoe.

He had Jordan’s basketball style of playing in mind. Jordan himself was a menace on the court and he played hard, so Hatfield made the Air Jordan 3 a lighter and more performance-focused shoe that would be able to handle this way of playing

This resulted in an Air Jordan that’s really durable and that lasts longer than its counterparts. Another great reason why the shoe itself is so popular

But the Air Jordan 3 also comes with a hefty price tag of 225$ this is of course not anything unusual since all Jordan except for the Air Jordan 1 and grade school exclusives come with this price. But if you had to choose an air Jordan that you want to last you the longest. The Air Jordan 3 would be an excellent choice


The Air Jordan 5 – For The Cold Winter Nights

The Air Jordan 5 is the 5th shoe in the Jordan family. The popularity of this shoe is not as high as with the other ones that I have already mentioned but the Air Jordan 5 is still a rather special shoe because it has some benefits that the others don´t

The Air Jordan 5 comes in a high top cut with a full suede upper alongside a thick rubber sole that is a lot sturdier than its other family members. On the back, you will either find “Nike air” branding or a Jumpman logo and in the middle of the shoe you will find spiking details which are usually painted in a different colour than the midsole itself

The Air Jordan 5 is without a doubt the most chunky out of all the shoe couple that with a high top cut and you get a shoe that might sway people away because it looks way different than what they usually wear. But one of the shoes biggest strengths is without a doubt the fact that this is a comfortable and warm Jordan

While the other shoes have a more slick and “thin” design, The Air Jordan 5 makes up for it bigger looks by being the best Air Jordan that you can wear in the winter

The inner workings of the shoe itself have a cotton/wool type of mixture sown into it. This makes the inner parts of the shoe a lot warmer and it also adds to the comfort.

While the Air Jordan 5 may not be as popular as the other Jordans that I have already mentioned. It’s still a great sneaker and an ideal choice of footwear if you are looking for something that will keep your feet warm and at the same time look retro and cool

This doesn´t mean that the Air Jordan 5 can´t be used in the summer as well, I would although recommend that you don´t use your thickest pair of socks if you intend to wear these on the hotter days of the year.


Which Jordan Should I Choose?

It’s really not my business to tell you which shoes you should wear.

Taste is subjective and it differs from person to person. The Air Jordans to me is some of best-looking sneakers you can buy. Not only do most of them have a great design but almost all of them have a story to tell and that’s why I personally like them so much.

These 4 shoes are just some of my personal favourites and if this is your first time buying a pair I would recommend that you go and look up other models before deciding which sneaker to buy because these are some expensive shoes and they tend to get even more expensive if you buy them from a reseller

Sometimes you might get lucky and find a pair at a great price. I would say that any Air Jordan from 1-14, in great condition and for under 100$ is a great deal in my book. But I understand that everyone’s economic situation is different, so you may not agree with my statement and that’s fine

But if I had to recommend an air Jordan I would say go for the Air Jordan 1. It’s simple, it’s cool, it’s timeless and you can never go wrong with it. The high top may differ from what you usually buy. But remember, this shoe is a classic for a reason

I hope this article helped you in deciding which Jordan sneaker is going to be your next and if you have any question regarding Jordan shoes, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you


  1. I am amazed to know how well informed this author is about Air Jordan Nike Tennis Shoes, and now how well informed I am! I did not know that one tennis shoe was made to be warmer in the winter. Thank you for this excellent read!

    1. hey janice!

      i thank you for the kind words
      the air jordan shoes were actually made for basketball but i suppose if you were up for it you could use them for tennis

  2. Your content is very informative and detailed, a lot of thought and research has gone into this website. Although I am a woman and don’t really know about these shoes I am sure that I would be persuaded by your information to take a really good look at them. Keep going hope to see some photos soon

    1. thanks pamela!

      i might make another post about the best jordan shoes for women later down the line so that no one gets excluded.
      and don´t worry pictures will be coming soon enough

  3. I love the jump mans! theirs just something about that design that suits me to a tee! I will have to pick them up once I have the funds together, I’ve wanted them for a while!

    Thanks for the great review:)

  4. It took me a bit to find the comment box. Seems a bit odd to have to go through all the other comments before you get to it. Just an observation.
    I like your site and man you really do your research on the product. Well done.
    I agree that 32 different choices is too many. when i go to the store I get overwhelmed by that many choices and leave with nothing more often than not.
    Jeans and all the different choices for them always gets me. Nice clean looking website.

    1. thanks, man appreciate it

      I´ve looked into getting the comment box above the actual comments but it looks like I have to go into the direct code and change it there.
      but i can see what you mean and i will look into it

  5. I like the site, I worked a small bit at and you definitely would of did well there. Maybe that could be your aim with a network, just a thought, keep up the good work.

    1. thanks, man!

      I mean getting a network going with Nike would be the dream! it’s definitely something that i will write down as a goal!

  6. Nikolas thank you for a great review of the Air Jordan Sneakers for Men.

    I know everyone is different and has different taste however for me it has to be Air Jordan 1, I just love it!

    I would like to buy however currently I am living in Turkey and sadly I have not been able to find Jordan sneakers in any of the shops around here. I guess I will have to get on the Nike website and hope they can deliver to Turkey!

    1. Hey Moni!

      It can be hard to get your favorite Jordan at the shops especially, retros. But I would suggest you go on facebook and look at sneaker market groups in turkey. The shoes are used but you should be able to find what you are looking for

  7. Hey Nikolas

    Boy ! you are well versed on this topic. I like your review and it shows a great level of passion and knowledge on Jordan Sneakers.

    I don’t know much about these issues but If ever I come across someone who needs information on Jordan and sports shoes, I will recommend your site for in-depth review and quality information.

    I learned something new about Michael Jordan, he was and still is a great inspiration to many people.

    Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes

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