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I´ve already talked about the best shoes for men when it comes to buying your first shoe from Jordan brand. But let’s say you didn´t like any of them, what other options do you have? Well as you properly know there are two big companies in the shoe market right now, those being Nike and Adidas.

Both of them have managed to create shoes that are just wonderful to look at and at the same time feel comfortable. Some of which have the look of a casual shoe but at the same time has the technology implemented so that they can be used as an athletic shoe.

That combination is no easy task but somehow both these giants have managed to create this synergy for a lot of their products.

A look that is easy on the eyes and a comfort that that is pleasing to wear. This combination is what creates a classic shoe that people will wear to the end of time and today we are going to look at some of Nikes classics.

For this article, I came up with 4 different shoes that are widely available, relatively cheap, comes in a variety of colours and are easy to wear. So let’s sit down and look at some great choices when it comes to Nike shoes for men.


The Air Max One

Now if you´re a bit of a more mature feller like me, you´ve most likely heard of the Air Max series.

Since 1987 Nike has released different versions of the popular Air Max shoes.

From 1987 all the way to today the Air Max is a classic that will not die. And while there have been later releases of the Air Max that were a bit more flashy than the original Air Max One.

This shoe is a must buy if you are looking for something that is comfortable and retro that isn´t too loud.

One of the great things about them is that they are a “General Release” this means that it is massively produced, unlike most Jordan models.

So finding a model at any store that deals with shoes for casual wear or sneakers in general, is going to be easy. The shoe itself comes in a variety of colours and materials.

So if you are are looking at this shoe and thinking that you already like the model but not the colour that is displayed, no need to worry.

The Air Max One comes in a variety of different materials like suede, leather, and canvas and at the same time in all of the colours of the rainbow.

It may be difficult to find a pair in the exact color and material that you have in mind (since there are so many) but if you look online or go to your local shoe retail store, I’m positive that you are going to find at least one Air Max One model, that you like.

Now the price of the shoes is another great plus since most Air Max One´s come with a 110$ or 99.95£  retail price tag. While that may be a bit high for some people it is one of Nikes cheaper shoes.

But I can understand if the price may still be a bit too high for you. If you like the look of the shoe but think that the price is holding you back I might have some good news for you.

The Air Max One hit its 30-year anniversary last year and to celebrate this Nike decided to release some old school colourways and overall up, the production numbers for the shoe.

This means that the Nike Air Max One had a lot of pairs produced and are most likely hitting sales racks so that retailers can get rid of them.

So remember to keep a lookout, for any dates of a future shoe sale at your local shoe retailer because you might be able to buy this shoe at a ridiculously low price.

Fun fact. The Air Max One was the first Nike shoe to release with a visible air bubble.


The Nike SB Dunk

The Nike SB Dunk is another great shoe from Nike. Its first iterations released back in 2002 and were created to target the ever growing skateboard market. While the shoes were primarily made for skateboarders.

You don´t have to know how to do the different tricks if you want a pair of Nike SB Dunks. The shoe itself is rather simple, with the iconic Nike swoosh on the side alongside a sole with Nike Air Zoom technology.

This shoe is another great example of Nike shoes done right.

The Nike SB Dunk also comes in a great selection of colours and materials. From the good old classic leather version all the way up to the more newly released Flyknit version.

And just like most good Nike shoes, The Dunk has a lot of colours to choose from.

One of the things that just adds to the overall freedom of choice, when it comes to the Dunk. Is that you can buy it in either a high or low model.

The price may differ and it may not be such an important feature to some, but I personally think that a little thing like this adds to the overall consumer choice.

The price of the Dunks is a more uncertain topic, with pricing starting at 90$ and at some stores may even hit 250$! Depending on the store and model in question.

But like with many of Nikes shoes, most Dunks are general releases, so you have a good chance of finding a pair at a shoe sale or on clearance.

Another thing to consider if you are going out and buying Dunks at retail is that. To gain access to the Nike SB Dunk shoes as a retailer, a store must´ve sold other Nike shoes for at least 2 years before they can begin to sell Nike SB Dunks.

They also need to buy a certain amount of stock before Nike will let them get the shoes.

This problem, of course, varies depending on where you live and how long your local shoe retailer has existed.

But it’s a good thing to keep in mind if you intend to go out and look for Nike Dunks at your local mall.

Should you find yourself in that worst-case scenario then fear not, they are highly available to buy online.

Just buy a pair in the same size you use for other Nike sneakers.


The Nike Flyknit Racer

The Nike Flyknit Racer is Nike’s answer to Adidas´s Primeknit technology.

Nike first introduced the Flyknit Racer in 2012 at the London Olympic Games and while it may at first have been meant as an exclusive shoe made for running.

The Racer found itself an audience that likes to use it as a shoe for casual wear.

And if you like the look of it but know if this new technology is for you, then don´t worry because it comes with some huge benefits.

For starters, Flyknit doesn’t crease. Most shoes that are made from synthetic leather tend to leave creasing marks.

I personally don´t mind them but some people think it ruins the overall look of the shoe. One of the great things about Flyknit technology is that it doesn’t crease since the material itself is made from special synthetic weave that allows the shoe to keep its looks but at the same time lets it mold to your feet.

The material is also very light and comfortable. Since the shoe was made for runners, Nike made sure to keep the material as light as possible to maximize performance, which resulted in the Racers becoming some of the most lightweight shoes Nike has ever released weighing in at about 160 grams or 0,3 lbs for a UK8/US9.

Since the shoe is was primarily created to be the next big running shoe, you can expect to find it in some rather loud colours but that doesn’t mean there aren´t more neutral colours to wear.

One of the more popular colours The Flyknit Racer “Oreo” (as seen right here) comes in a simple white and black colour scheme, so don´t dismiss the shoe altogether just because you think they only come in “loud” colours.

The Flyknit Racer is also widely available to anyone who lives near a mall or store that sells Nike shoes, with a price point coming in at around the 150$/129.95£ mark. They also have a rather high production number so you are almost sure to find them at a shoe sale or at a Nike outlet.

Another great fact about the Flyknit Racer and with Flyknit technology in general. Is that it is highly environmental since the process of producing a shoe with Flyknit technology reduces waste by 60% when compared to an ordinary cut and sew shoe.

Nike has reported that from 2012-2016 the Flyknit technology has helped reduce Nike’s waste by 3.5 million pounds! That’s not too bad for a running shoe.


The Nike Huarache

The Nike Huarache is a shoe with a rather difficult name, in case you were wondering It’s pronounced   “Hu-ra-chi”. But never the less it’s another classic from Nike.

Seeing its first release in 1991 and then getting a rerelease in 2012 this good old classic stands as another popular choice of footwear for many.

The Nike Huarache is a special shoe, to say the least.

Its looks may sway you away from buying it, with its odd choice of caging the upper and the back alongside its rather funny looking sole.

Never the less the Huarache is a very comfortable shoe since it was also meant to be a running shoe, although I wouldn´t use it as a running shoe today, mainly because there are so many better alternatives on the market right now.

Besides the Huarache looks more like a shoe made for casual wear than for running, at least in my opinion.

Even though it was originally meant as a running shoe. The colours of the Huarache are rather limited when you compare it to the other shoes on this list.

With most models coming in either a black or white colour or more darker iterations of normal colours like dark green and dark blue. If you prefer those colours anyway then I guess this won´t be a dealbreaker for you.

The price tag of the Huarache is one of the lower ones on this list. With a retail price coming in at around 110$/99.95£ only beaten by certain Nike SB dunk lows at around 90$.

But don´t be fooled by the retail price because the huaraches are the first ones to go when the store is looking for shoes to put on sales racks and don´t even get me started on Huaraches at outlets.

One of my friends once told me he got a pair for 40$! and he wasn´t even shopping for shoes he was shopping for button-down shirts!


My Personal Recommendation

If I was to give a recommendation on which shoe you should go out and spend your hard earned money on. I would suggest that you go for the Air Max One.

Mainly because it is one of Nikes best-looking shoes in my opinion and the impediment of a classic. It´s a shoe that your friends or kids WILL comment on, I can guarantee you that. But I know that to some they may be expensive or maybe not their style and I respect that.

I hope I guided you in your search for some Nike shoes for men or at least gave you an interesting read. If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below and I promise I will get back to you!


  1. My 14-year-old son will only wear Nike shoes, so I am quite familiar with their lineup. His problem is that he has flat feet that are thicker than most other feet. It’s difficult to find shoes that fit well in length without squeezing the sides and top of his foot. We have found that leather shoes squeeze the most, so something like the knit shoe that you featured here may work for him. Thanks for giving me new ideas!

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