Timberland Shoes For Men

When it comes to outdoor footwear and making it not only mainstream but also fashionable. One company stands out from the rest and that company is Timberland.

Created back in in 1970´s Timberland has proven itself to be a powerhouse in the shoe industry, on the same level as Nike and Adidas.

While the before mentioned companies dominate athletic footwear. Timberland dominates in the outdoor scene. Creating shoes and boots that not only functions extremely well for people who spend a lot of their time out in the wild. But at the same time makes those exact shoes and boots fashionable. So you get the technical side of an outdoor shoe but also have the mainstream look of a classic sneaker.

For this article, I’ve compiled a list of 4 different shoes that I think really shows off some of the best examples of what Timberland has to offer. And to help me find the best candidates. I, of course, have my usual list of criteria that I´ve used to help me differentiate between what Timberland has to offer.

They are as follows.

1. They must be widely available for the average consumer.

2. They must come in a variety of options.

3. They must be relatively affordable.

4. They must be relatively easy to wear. 

With the intro and the metrics we are going to judge these shoes by out of the way, it is time to look at what Timberland has to offer when it comes to Timberland shoes for men!


The Timberland Trail Mixed-Media Sneaker

Before we are going to talk about the elephant in the room when it comes to footwear from Timberland. I thought I would be appropriate to shine a light on some of the more hidden gems from Timberlands catalogue.

The Trail Mixed-Media is one of Timberlands more interesting shoes in my opinion. While taking its looks from the highly popular Ultraboost, The Trail Mixed-Media does manage to turn the design into its own things.

I’m not sure why, but the Ultraboost has seen many fakes ever since its initial release, and the bad ones always try to carry this pretendish vibe and try to come off as genuine.

Its hard to explain but I hope someone out there knows what I’m trying to say.

Never the less, what I’m trying to point out is that the Trail Mixed-Media doesn´t do this. It has a familiar silhouette, yes, but it merges it with the elements that Timberland is known for, being the outdoor aspect. If you take the branding away, I would say that the shoe looks like an outdoor Ultraboost. And the reason for that is, that The Trail Mixed-Media is exactly that!

Coming in a full-grain leather upper and knitted synthetic mesh, alongside an Aerocore midsole for extra cushioning, and a recycled rubber outsole to finish the shoe off. The Trail Mixed-Media really is The Ultraboost of the outdoors. An easy to wear sneaker, with a good amount of resistance to the outdoor elements.

When it comes to availability The Trail Mixed-Media (and most Timerbland shoes for that matter) proves to be a special case.

I say this because you properly wont´find this shoe sitting on shelves unless you are looking inside one of Timerblands physical stores. This is of course only if you compare it to other brands like Nike or Adidas which have their stock sitting in almost any store that carries sneakers.

This does not mean however that the shoes are limited. I would bet you that if you looked inside a Timberland store or their official website. Chances are that there is going to be plenty of stock and definitely also a pair in your size. But just remember, that not all shoe stores carry a huge amount of different Timberland shoes.

When it comes to the variety, I must admit I’m kinda split on this one. The shoe itself doesn’t come in a bunch of different colours. It actually only comes in 4 as far as I can tell, and all 4 being in darker colours. But then again if you remember, this shoe was made with a focus on the outdoors and that may be the reason why you won´t find it in any loud colours.

But to its defence, I must say that the colour combination that are present with the model all look good, at least in my opinion.

The Trail MIxed-Media comes in at a retail price of 115$ which is rather nice to be honest, considering that this is a shoe from Timberland. Most Nike and Adidas shoes are easily more expensive than this and tend to wear out quick. And considering that the Ultraboost starts at 160$, maybe investing in a pair of Trail Mixed-Medias isn´t a bad idea.

If you like what you see and want an easy to wear sneaker that has some high-quality elements to it. Then I would highly recommend that you consider the Trail MIxed-Media. It looks good, it feels good, and its a lot cheaper than its inspiration.


The Timberland Cupsole High-Top Sneaker

If you´ve been following this blog for a while, you know how much I am a sucker for high top sneakers and the Cupsole is no exception.

It is arguable that Timerbland again takes some inspiration from another popular release, mainly the Nike SF Air Force One. I’m mainly making this point due to the fact that both have a militaristic feel and both come in almost the same exact colourways.

Never the less, we have to clearly distinguished differences, those being that one shoe is made by Nike and the other by Timberland. And if I had to choose between the two of whom to make me the best military sneaker. I think its safe to say that I would choose Timberland.

The Cupsole comes in a premium leather and canvas upper, with Timberlands Aerocore midsole for extra comfort and also a rubbery outsole to top it all off.

Besides the obvious difference of the Cupsole being a higher cut than the Trail Mixed-Media. The Cupsole also comes with a buckle closure and the shoe itself is also sprayed with Timberlands Defender Repellent System to resist against stains on the leather itself.

When it comes to availability the shoe suffers from the same fate as most Timberland shoes. That being, that the stock isn´t limited but the amount of places to buy a pair is. And the Cupsole takes this one step further, being an online exclusive on Timberlands website only.

This makes it a bit hard to judge because pairs are technically available for the consumer but only through their own site.

Colour options are also limited when it comes to the Cupsole because it is only available in the colours of black, dark green and wheat. Timberland does these colours very well I might add, but if you want more loud colours or lighter colours. The Cupsole may not be the shoe for you.

However, the price of the Cupsole is where the shoe shines the brightest, at least in my opinion.

Coming in at a retail price of 120$. its only 5$ more than the Trail MIxed Media, and considering that not only do you get more shoe for your money, but you also get the stain resistant spray too. Which is nice if you consider taking these bad boys outdoors.

All in all The Cupsole is more or less a more affordable version of the SF Air Force. And is in my opinion, easier to wear due to its simplicity, the SF just has too much going on and the materials on it is mostly synthetic.

So if you want a militaresque quality sneaker. Then I highly recommend looking into the Cupsole.


The Timberland 6-Inch Boot

This is the shoe we´ve all been waiting for. The one shoe that comes to mind the moment you utter the name “Timberland”. The iconic and also Timberlands most popular shoe. The Timberland 6-Inch Boot.

Being released for the first time more than 40 years ago. The 6-Inch has become one of Timberlands all-time classics. This Boot is mostly what made Timberland into the titan that it is today.

Combining the aspects of a high-quality functional work boot, with a simple design. Timberland created the most Iconic boot on the market. A title that the 6-inch still carries to this day.

The 6-inch boot is properly the only Timberland shoe that you will be able to find in any major sneaker store. Even though the 6-inch is a boot and not a sneaker persé. It really doesn’t matter because people are buying the boot and Timberland knows it.

The shoe itself comes in a premium leather upper, alongside a thick and durable rubber sole. Don´t be fooled by its simple design.

The 6-inch comes with a complete waterproof build due to its Primaloft insulation, a second midsole layer for extra support and comfort, rustproof hardware, anti-fatigue technology and I could go on but I think you get the idea.

The 6-Inch is Timberlands flagship shoe, and therefore they made sure to make it as available as possible in every single store that peddles Timberland products. If you see the iconic tree logo in any shoe store, chances are that a 6-inch boot is nearby.

One of the things that makes the 6-inch stand out from other Timberland shoes. Is the amount of options you get with the boot itself when it comes to colour.

I´ve seen the boot being available in almost any colour imaginable, and Timberland even gives you the option to design your own boot at their website. You can even choose a varsity option for your boot if you are into that.

Just like most premium and high-quality items, pricing is going to be rather high and the same goes for the 6-inch boot.

Coming in at a retail price of 190$ the 6-inch is one of Timberlands most expensive products. But unlike other brands, that money is spent on a quality product.

If you want a good quality boot for this fall or winter, then I would highly recommend looking into the Timerbland 6-inch boot, if you haven´t already bought yourself a pair. It’s the only boot you will ever need.


The Timberland Cross Mark Oxford Shoes

To finish off this list I wanted to highlight a different kind of shoe.

One of the things that Timberland does well, is making sure that the leather quality of their shoes is top notch. That’s why I thought it would be appropriate to highlight their take on a classic shoe model. The Oxford shoe.

If you´ve ever worked in a corporate office, chances are that you´ve either had to wear a derby or oxford shoe. Both are similar shoes and both go under the umbrella of “dress shoes” and both are also mainly made of leather.

That’s why I wanted to highlight this interesting dress shoe/sneaker model that Timberlands has going on.

The Cross Mark Oxford comes in a premium leather upper with an Aercore midsole and a rubber outsole. What caught my eye was the clear fusion of a sneaker sole and dress shoe upper hybrid.

When being a person like me who constantly reads about and sees a lot of shoes, it sometimes becomes a bit boring because you feel you´ve seen everything. That’s why this shoe interests me

The availability of the Cross Mark Oxford is comparable to the one of the Cupsole High, meaning that this shoe is only available online at Timberlands website.

This is a bit annoying since I would love to see this type of shoe available anywhere that sells Timberlands products, or at least in their physical store. But I’m sure they got their reasons.

When it comes to colour options, as of writing this Timberland only offers these shoes in a blue and wheat colourway. I find this strange since I have been able to find these in other colourways on other sites. But it might be older models, and the ones that they offer on their own site are the newest model.

The price of the Mark Cross Oxford is however just like the Cupsole, really great. Coming in at a retail price of 115$, it is easily a great price for a sneaker that utilizes high-quality materials.

I´ve mentioned in older articles how some people want a more “high quality” look in their sneakers instead of all the synthetic leather and meshes.

If you are one of those people I would highly recommend that you look into this shoe because not only is this a great combination of classic and new. But it may well be the best hybrid shoe I´ve ever seen.


Final Words

And there you have it. my 4 four picks on what the best Timberlands shoes for men are.

I hope my article helped you ease some of your decision makings, and if not, then I at least hope you had a good read.

If you have any questions or maybe a suggestion for a future article. Then I suggest putting it in a comment down below!

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