Top 5 Summer Shoes For Men

Summer is upon us and that equals beaches, barbeques, festivals and the traditional sunburn.

Ah yes, summer is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. And it is also that time of the year where I get to break out some of the coolest shoes that I have in my collection, which has been stored up throughout the winter.

But enough about me, let’s talk about YOU for a second. Summer lasts for a good amount of time and I’m sure that you have made great plans already. But most great plans involve people and what are people going to notice about you? That’s right YOUR SHOES.

So because I’m such a good guy, I took the time to write an article about 5 takes on the best summer shoes for men. Don´t worry, I haven´t forgotten about your budget restraints or your style of choice.

For my 5 picks, I made sure that all the shoes meet these requirements.

1. The shoes must be under 100$ or 75£.

2. They must be able to fit well with the ideal summer outfit that being shorts and a t-shirt.

3. The shoe model needs to have a good amount of variety so that the consumer has a lot of options.

4. I can only choose one shoe model from each brand. This is to ensure variety in the choices that are presented.

With these 4 things in mind, I began scouting the entire internet to find YOU the best 5 options when it comes to summer shoes for men. And I’m glad to say that I´ve done it!

This list is in no particular order so remember to keep that in mind. But without further do let’s look at the list, shall we?

This is my top five picks for the best summer shoes for men!


The Stan Smith

The Stan Smith is an old classic from Adidas. it´s a simple and slick shoe that comes with a full grain leather upper with a sturdy rubber sole and Adidas branding on the back tab and tongue.

I´ve already talked about the Stan Smith in my “Best Adidas Shoes For Men” article so there isn´t that much new to say other than. This shoe is ideal for summer due to its simple design and lower-cut. These things make the Stan Smith a great shoe for men to wear during the summer.

The shoes retail price tag starts at 75$ or 69£ and it is not uncommon to find it at prices below this. So buying a pair of Stan Smiths for the summer won´t break your bank account either.

The lower-cut also makes it blend well with your summer outfit and the number of options you get with the shoe colour wise and material wise. Makes the Stan Smith a great summer shoe for men.


Converse Fastbreak Mid

A truly forgotten and underrated shoe from Converse is the Fastbreak Mid. some of you might be asking why I didn´t choose the “Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar” for my Converse pick, Well that’s because that would have been too easy. And I personally think that high top shoes don’t go well with the ideal summer outfit I have laid out.

Never the less the Fastbreaks are a cool shoe to rock during the summer.

Its good leather quality and cool design make it an ideal choice for those warm summer days, and even though it may not be a complete “lower-cut” shoe. The cut is still low enough to go well with your summer outfit.

The retail price of the Fastbreaks is set at 90$ or 75£ BUT I´ve also seen this shoe being heavily discounted online with prices going as low as 60$ and 35£ so make sure that you look thoroughly around if you decide to go with the Fastbreaks.

The variety of options you get with the Fastbreak model is also pretty good since you not only get to choose between the classic colours if you decide to go with the 83` version.

But the Pro version also gives you the option to choose colours that cover the whole shoe. So all in all you get a good amount of options when it comes to the Fastbreak.

Their 83´ and Pro version are the same shoes but they are produced in different series.

The 83´ series are reproductions of the old classic colours.

While the “Pro” series sees the shoe being produced in new colourways that differ from the classics.

But completely model wise. You are looking at the same shoe.


Vans Old Skool

Old school cool covers this shoe very well. Vans was initially created as a shoe for skaters. But has in time turned into a shoe brand that anyone can wear, with a good amount of classics that they can call their own. One of these being the Vans Old Skool.

The Old Skool is a great choice for the summer due to its simple design and overall great looks.

The shoes also carry the smallest price tag out of all the shoes listed here. Coming in at a retail price of 60$ or 57£ and the shoe is frequently found with a discount as if the price wasn’t already low enough.

You also get a different kind of variety with the Old Skools.

While most shoes choose to dwell in their amount of colours. The Old Skool takes the concept of options one step further. And gives you the option to not only choose the shoe in different colours. But in different patterns as well.

Current pattern options include the likes of The white checkerboard options all the way to added flames on the side of the shoe.

Not to mentions the countless collaborations that are made widely available to the public.

In case you weren´t satisfied with these options. Vans actually give you the option to customize your own Old Skool model on their site.

This option works for both the US and UK. The price, of course, raises a little but that is expected when you get to choose exactly how your shoe to look.

My uncle bought himself a pair of Vans with flames on the side and while I at first laughed at him for being a 46-year-old man with shoes that carry flames.

I must admit that he actually looks pretty good in them.

And when I was out having dinner with him last week he also got compliments from teens telling him that it was cool to see grownups rocking that kind of shoe.

So don´t think this shoe is only for young people.

If you want to try out what it means to be old school cool. Then the old skools are a cheap and viable option for trying that out during the summer.


Nike SB Dunk Low

Even though I adore the original Nike SB Dunk. I must admit that its high top cut. Holds it back from being a good summer shoe for men.

But this is where its low-cut little brother comes in.

The Dunk Low is not that different from the original. Coming in the same materials as the original but with a lower cut so that it fits better with your choice of clothes for the summer.


Even though Nike has cut a lot off the original. The Dunk low still keeps the quality intact and creates a good summer shoe from Nike.

Unfortunately, due to the brand, the approachability and quality of the shoe. The price of the Dunk lows is the highest out of all the shoes that are listed here, with a retail price set at a 90$ or 70£.

The overall options that you get with the Dunk low model are also great since almost any high top Dunk has also been turned into a low cut model.

Some lows also have unique collaboration made only with the low version and these while limited. Are still able to be found at retailers for a reasonable price.

Even though they might go over the initial 100$ retail price. But that’s more or less expected when you are buying a shoe that is a part of a collaboration.

Overall the Dunk low is my choice when it comes to choosing a summer shoe for men if you´re looking for a great summer shoe. That carries that iconic swoosh

The Puma Suede

Undoubtedly Pumas best-selling shoe. The Puma Suede comes in as my last pick for a hot shoe. That you want to wear during those even hotter summer days.

The shoe comes in a fine suede upper with a simple rubber sole and a low cut. So that it fits well together with your summer wardrobe.

The price of the Suedes is also a big plus.

Coming in at an average retail price of 65$ or 65£ and is easily one of the cheaper options of this list.

Even though the Suede may be the shoe on this list with the least amount of options when it comes to colours.

The shoe comes in the essential colours of the rainbow and a few unique ones as well.

And while it may have a big catalogue the suede material and price more than makes up for it besides the colours that are available are at least in my opinion enough to satisfy most people.

To be Honest I personally think the suede actually makes these colours pop better than its leather counterparts.


Final Words

And there you have it!

My top 5 picks on the best summer shoes for men. I hope that you found my article useful and that it helped you make a choice on which shoe to wear this summer and if not.

Then I at least hope you had a good read.

If you have any questions for me regarding the article or if you yourself have an example of a better shoe to wear this summer. Then leave it in a comment below and I will happily get back to you!


  1. Hi Lazarus,

    Really enjoyed your review of some great shoes. I would be leaning towards the puma suede as regards great style, but I think they would be hard to maintain.. would you agree?.

    Otherwise I like the Nike SB Dunk Low, they are fashionable and I think they will be easier to keep in good condition.

    Thank’s for some great information,


    1. Hello Dave!

      I would agree that suede shoes are usually hard to maintain. But I used to have a pair of Puma suede that lasted me a long time without me having to take care of the suede part. And in a worst-case scenario, they only cost 65$. So they are relatively cheap to swap out if you ruin the suede by accident

      But I would definitely agree that the dunk lows are a better choice IMO only because you have so many choices when it comes to the colourway

  2. Those are excellent shoes you are recommending. Are there particular materials in shoes that work better for summer than others? What is your take on unlined moccasins? Would those work? My only question is; it is unclear to me what the occasion is for buying the shoe you recommend? Is it strictly for going to the pool? The grocery store? The styles to me don’t seem to be ones that you would wear to the office as part of a business casual outfit? Can you please elaborate on this?

    1. Hello Elan!

      Moccasins aren´t that popular where I live. Here most people walk around in sneakers and rarely use anything else unless it’s for a special occasion or if they are in a business environment. But as I look around the internet for moccasins they tend to be more expensive than ordinary sneakers and for this article I wanted the price to be under 100$/75£ but if you like them I would say go for it!

      And regarding your question on what these shoes go with. You might have missed it. But I talk about what outfit these shoes go with at the top of my post. They are supposed to go with the ideal summer outfit which is shorts and t-shirts.

      You are right when you say that these shoes wouldn´t go well with a business casual outfit, well at least not in America. This is due to the culture that is present and that part purely depends on where you are in the world. For example, where I live I can wear the listed shoes together with my shirt and pants and no one would bat me an eye, and I work in a corporate environment.

      I might make a guide for what shoes to wear in a business environment. To show people that they have other options than just the same leather shoes when it comes to their business outfit

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