Vans Shoes For Men

When it comes to personalized style you won´t find a company that fits that description better than Vans.

Despite not being one of the “Top Dogs” in the shoe industry. Vans still manage to be popular with the kind of people who like simple and cheap shoes. But who also wants something that makes them stick out from the crowd.

Wearing and Adidas Ultraboost or an Air Jordan is fine but if you really want a sneaker that’s truly unique. Then you should properly look at what Vans has to offer, and that’s exactly what we are doing today!

Today we are going to take a look at 5 different shoes from Vans. And in my opinion, 5 different shoes that show off the best of what Vans has to offer. the criteria I had for this list are simple

1. they must be widely available to the general public

2. they must be relatively affordable

3. they must include a somewhat satisfying amount of options

While looking simple it can sometimes be hard to find numerous models that fulfil all these requirements. But I’m happy to say that this wasn’t the case with Vans and I’m happy to present these 5 awesome shoes for you. But enough stalling lets see the best of what Vans has to offer when it comes to Vans shoes for men.


The Vans Old Skool

To start this list off we begin with the old time classic, The Vans Old Skool. starting off as a humble skater store back in 1960s Anaheim California. Vans wanted to appeal to the ever-growing skateboard crowd who were dominating the concrete streets of Anaheim.

They had a rough start due to stock, not meeting demand which is due to their philosophy of only producing a pair when someone ordered one. But Despite this, they´ve experienced a great deal of growth and success. And you can´t be a successful shoe company without your own line of classics

The Vans old skool doesn’t seem to look of much. The shoe consists of a rather simple canvas and suede upper. Alongside their iconic waffle looking outsole. And to finish it off, the noticeable stripe on the upper.

To some, this may just seem like any ordinary shoe. But to skateboarding people in the 1970´s. This was everything they needed. A simple and yet good looking shoe with just enough personality to make it stand out.

The Vans Old Skool is one of Vans´s flagship shoes. You will be able to find this in any official Vans store and due to its high popularity. You will also find it on almost any shoe vending site.

The selection you get with the Old Skool is also remarkable. Not only do you get the options to choose any colour you want. But the Old Skools are also featured in numerous interesting collaboration from the likes of Van Gogh to The Peanuts. This fact also goes for almost any shoe on this list.

The price of the Old Skool is also rather impressive. Coming in at only 60$ for a retail pair.

So not only are you looking at a shoe with personality and uniqueness. But it all comes at an affordable price. Although I should note that with some collaborations prices do seem to increase by 5-10$.

But its nothing that will break your bank account and if you like what you see I would suggest you go out and get yourself a pair.

Personally, I think that anyone should have a pair of Vans in their collection due to the fact that they are cheap, good looking shoes. That you can wear with almost anything.


The Vans Sk8 Highs

No, it’s not a typo they are actually called that.

The Sk8 Highs are an interesting looking shoe. obviously taking inspiration from the Old Skool. The Sk8 highs are made of the exact same suede and canvas material like the Old Skool. But the shoe adds a higher upper for better ankle support.

These shoes do as the name state. Resonate with the skateboarding crowd. But like I´ve mentioned with other skateboarding shoes. You do not need to know anything about skating a board, to rock these. Vans keeps the look simple and only adds a higher upper. it doesn’t ruin the shoes and in my opinion, only makes the shoe look better.

The Sk8 Highs offer the same colour options as with the Old Skools. And sometimes even more.
Due to its higher popularity in the skateboarding scene. The Sk8 Highs tend to receive better collaboration pairs than any other shoe on this list.

I believe its due to the fact that they can do more with the higher upper. But whatever the case may be. I do agree that the Sk8 Highs has some of the most unique looking pairs out of all the Vans shoe models

The Sk8 highs are also one of Vans´s most precious silhouettes so you are bound to find a pair in any official Vans store or any Shoe site that peddles Vans products

The price is a bit different from the Old Skools though. Coming in at 65$ for a retail pair. This is obviously due to the extra materials which are used for the upper. But despite this, they are still very much affordable, to the average consumer.


The Vans Slip On

Don´t you just hate laces?

Well somebody at Vans did because why else would you create something like the Vans Slip On?

The Vans Slip On is another great example of personalized simplicity.

Give the people the options to choose the look of the shoes.

But make the model look as simple as possible.

The Vans Slip On is one of the most popular models amongst young sneaker enthusiasts. I honestly do not know why, but for some reason, they tend to shoe off Vans Slip Ons when they are taking photos for social media.

Never the less The Vans Slip On is an iconic shoe. Coming in a canvas upper with elastic accents on the side and the iconic waffle sole.

Their popularity with the younger crowd. May also be the reason why they are often sold out. Because The Slip on, at least in my experience, is the hardest shoe to find in stores. And when I do find them. They are usually only available in a few colours and rarely available in my size.

Despite my own experiences, the Slip Ons are available in the same amount of colours as the other models that I have mentioned. And are also widely available due to their popularity.

That being said, the Slip Ons tend to be the model which is least included in Vans´s special collaborations. So just keep that in mind when looking for unique Slip Ons.

Despite their lack of collaboration. They do have a better price than the other above-mentioned shoes. Coming in at only 50$ for a retail pair.

I would say that if you want to try some Slip Ons and want to see how it feels to have them as everyday shoes. Then go for a pair of Vans Slip Ons.

They are only 50$ so in case they aren´t for you. You won´t go broke because you decided to buy an extra pair of sneakers this month.


The Vans Era 59

The Vans Era 59 is a rather special shoe in my opinion.

If you took away the Vans logo. I do not think that you would be able to tell that these shoes only cost 60$

They have that special look that most higher tier sneakers have. And I think that these go well with a more business casual look, even though most Vans shoes are made for everyday clothing.

The devil lies in the details. Despite having the look of a Vans Authentic. The New era 59 comes in a double-stitched canvas upper with metal eyelets and leather accenting for the heel and tongue.

They´ve also switched out the ordinary flat laces, for more high quality looking rope laces that almost any dress shoe has.

These small tweaks give it a more pristine look. And I think it works very well.

The New Era isn´t as popular as the rest of the above-mentioned shoes.

This is not saying that it isn´t widely available but chance are that you are going to see an Old Skool or a Sk8 High before you see a New Era 59.

The model also comes in fewer colour options than the others. And they are mostly dark colours.

If that’s what you like then good for you. But people trying to find a New Era 59 in bright pink may have some difficulties finding a pair. Unless you order it custom made, which is something that Vans pride themselves in.

The price for a pair of New Era 59s is as I´ve already mentioned only 60$. Despite having a more high class look it keeps the same price as the Old Skool.

If you are looking for a more high class looking sneaker. But you still want to maintain your budget. Then I suggest looking into the New Era 59 and selecting a colour that suits you.


The Vans Varix WC

The latest sneaker craze as of right now is chunky, bulky dad shoes.

I do not know why but I appreciate the diversity of the sneaker game and the Vans Varixs are Vans´s take on the popular trend.

I like that brands are coming up with their own take on popular trends.

It shows the different creative process that lies in each individual company. And the Varix is defiantly what I would call creative.

Coming in a Canvas, suede, mesh and leather upper. Alongside the iconic waffle sole. The Varix comes off as a dad shoe designed for the ageing skateboarder. and to be honest, I quite like the look of this model.

The Varix is set to be a general release meaning, that this shoe will be available in any Vans store or shoe retailer that peddles Van’s products. Ao finding a pair shouldn’t be an issue.

The amount of colours is another story, however. Due to Vans properly not knowing if this shoe will be a hit or miss and since it only released yesterday. The Varix WC does for now only come in a multiple colour colourway and a completely black one.

It’s possible that there may be more colours on the way. But for now, the options are rather limited.

The price is also rather different.

When compared to the Vans´s other models. The Varix comes off as expensive by having a retail price of 100$. It’s definitely lower than some of the other dad shoes on the market. But as a Vans shoes, it’s expensive.

Despite the Varix lacking behind its older brothers in some categories. I still believe that the shoe looks amazing. And is definitely one of the best looking dad shoes out there.

It is also a pair i´m definetly going to buy, once they release in Europe.


Final words.

And there you have it. 5 great options if you are looking for Vans shoes for men. I hope that I helped you in deciding what shoe from Vans you are going to get and if not, then I at least hope you had a good read.

If you have any suggestions on what I should write about next, or if you want to tell me which Vans shoe is your favourite. Then please leave it in a comment down below and I will tell you my favourite.

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